City Council Disaster Deck Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today righto runs through City Council the disaster deck which is a new little mini expansion just a basically a small deck of cards that radically changes the core game of City Council because it turns what was once a semi cooperative game of negotiation in city building into a fully cooperative game of collaboration and disaster management it’s really really clever what kind of an impact this has had on a game that Jenna and I already enjoyed quite a bit we really like this as a semi co-op with all the negotiation stuff but we’ve been enjoying the co-operative version of the game quite a bit as well and i’m going to show you what all that’s about all the before i get to it i should say if you don’t know how city council plays this video is probably not going to make much sense because i’m just going to go ahead and assume people know how to play if you’re not familiar city council you want to check it out you can hit my run through hit the little I up on the top right corner and go watch that and then you can always come back here and see how it goes from semi cooperative cooperative so if you want to hit that I go in five four three two one okay you’re still here then let’s start cooperating cuz we have a deck full of disasters to deal with alrighty so here’s a game it’s set up where in are we just finished our third round the city’s kind of doing okay but we got our problems all of our white collar’s have fled because our pollution in our crime are up and we only have two playgrounds generating community values so but now and all these blue collars they still need to be put to work as you can see we do have kind of a thriving police station prison thing where we’re trying to keep the crime down but it’s proven to be a problem but that’s not all there is this deck of disasters that’s waiting to strike the city has already been hit by a meteor strike which we were actually kind of lucky because the two things happen turn we would have temporarily lost two medium-sized buildings but when this happened we didn’t have any medium sized Billings so we draw we dodged a bullet although we did have to add to crime cubes and we’re still having to deal with that that’s still proving to be a problem but on the other hand I mean it could have been a lot worse and I suspect what will whatever the next disaster is because it’s coming very soon disasters hit us every other round so in the second round the fourth round the sixth round etc you’re going to get hit with a new disaster and we’re about to get hit with one so let’s go to it now what do you get with this little expansion there’s two sets of cards you get you get these five rolls executive chairman lobbyists employment officer city engineer and treasurer these five rolls replace the Committees of the original game there’s no more transport Treasury election union and executive committee instead everybody gets if you’re playing a five-player game everybody gets one of these roles and each one makes that player have a specific responsibilities that in the previous in the previous game in the semi cooperative game everybody shares the responsibility of planning for the city and laying the city out and activating the city and appeasing lobbyists everybody kind of shares that responsibility and everybody’s kind of in it for themselves now everybody has a specific role one player has this card they are responsible for choosing lobbyists that we’re going to deal with one player is responsible for choosing which buildings are going to be built one player is responsible for actually building those buildings and paying for them one player is responsible for activating the buildings and running the city and then one player this is kind of the cutest when the executive chairman this is the card you give to the Alpha player this is the person who gets to order everybody else around if there’s any disarm you know if the group can’t come to consensus what we’re going to do the executive chairman makes the deciding factor and so this is your alpha player card if you got that now if you’re playing less than five players then players will take on multiples like in a two player game if I recall correctly I think somebody is the lobbyists and the treasurer at the same time and the other player is the city engineer the employment officer in the executive chairman so and ever at the end of every round these roles swap you know they keep on well you can it’s your choice the default rules are you keep on rotating so everybody takes turns in these roles but heck if you’ve got somebody who’s a really kind of a jerk alpha player you probably want to just make them the executive the whole time because although the interesting thing is this game is really flexible about these roles jen and i have found we don’t use them at all we simply just say you know what we we’ll share the responsibility of every decision and that works well because jen and i are both alpha gamers we both speak up neither one of us you know we both treat each other with respect and that’s why we can enjoy co-op games so much so Jen I have found we don’t need these roles but if you have a group who needs them and you and you have somebody who’s just always like you know trying to run somebody over you can say hey there the treasure this is their decision you can’t tell them what to do you got to choose the lobbyists somebody else does this now so that’s what this system is for and it’s not really necessary if you have a good group where everybody is equals and everybody respects everybody and nobody’s a jerk but anyway so you get these and then the other cards you get our the disasters like the aforementioned meteor struck every time you play there are a and B disasters the easier A’s and then the harder bees every time you play one of them is going to be removed from each so you never know exactly what disasters are going to be coming and they hit you every other round and we’re going to get hit so that’s the setting oh one other thing how do we win how do we lose we’re a cooperative game there are two ways we can win we can either weather the storm survive through all these disasters and um you know the insurer the city doesn’t go under before we have made it all the way through the lobbyists deck and so if and so that means if we can run a really efficient city you know just make sure we’re taking care everybody’s needs everything’s in balance and we can effectively deal with the occasional upset like a meteor strike then we can win just by beating the timer which is the lobbyist deck alternatively you can go balls to the wall and just try to make good with lobbyists remember them in the semi cooperative game you use lobbyists you do what they want so that you can score points and whoever is the first to 11 wins in the set in the co-operative version as a group we have to get to 26 points that’s a lot of points as you can see Jen I’ve we’ve been doing pretty well we’re only in our third we’re only starting our fourth round and we’ve already made 12 points when players work together instead of at cross-purposes in a semi cooperative way it’s amazing what you can achieve so Jen and I are trying to get our 26 points before the city burns and what that means is if our pollution and our criminal activity completely fill up if we have no more excess cubes if all of them are on the board we lose that’s how you lose either way and you win if you can get to 26 points or survive the deck that’s the situation let’s go through a little bit of around to show you how it works now if you had broken up the rules are not the rules the roles first up in a given round the lobbyist player pops up and what he does is he draws 5 lobby cards 1 2 3 4 5 so you can see we’re going through five of these every round we’re going through this deck pretty quick so he draws 5 and he is going to pick three and these become goals that you can only do this round remember in the main game the lobbyist cards stick around until you want to use them but in this game you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot the lobbyist show up if you don’t make them happy they leave and you lose your chance to appease them so what do we get alrighty improved social services finish a turn with more community than money that’s pretty tough well let’s say we’re only at 3 bucks and we have two community and a park came out and I think we want to get this built so we can start upping our community because we have a problem we are a blue-collar Haven all our white collars have fled the city because our pollution in our crime are much higher than our community so I think we might be able to go for this if we get that park built and activate it so let’s say we’re going to stick that around cuz remember the lobbyists players choosing 3 to keep now ok there’s no way we’re going to do this improved commercial operation activate three or four or five commercial buildings that’s not going to happen we haven’t even built any so this is out there’s no way we’re doing this and let’s see so we got to pick one more to get rid of activate one two or three Civic buildings when we have been activating this police station pretty regularly so that’s one and this yeah so this is pretty good because we know I’m next up we’ve just been running this pretty regularly although we’re starting to run low on cash again but we do have a lot of goods so we’ll see you know but although we don’t have many ways I mean we have the shop to convert our goods to money we’ve lost our height x we’ve lost our hi I’m so we can’t make money off of there and yeah but this could be a good one to go for residential structure activate a green zone phila greens or residential activate all so well that’s the thing if I’m going to make a park and get this in here i am going to want to activate this residential zone and we’re almost have this filled in fact if i want to do some relocation i could relocate the police station like over here and then i only have one space to fill so that’s a pretty good one and then let’s see transportation demand distribution Depot airpo train station we haven’t built any of those and none of those come out so this is impossible we won’t be able to do that so this one goes out to so these are our three goals that we are going for this round and now because we have filled up two stacks worth of discarded lobbyists these go away and it’s time for a new disaster you ready folks zombie plague that actually isn’t that bad that actually kind of helps us because we have a problem in the city we have too many blue collar and we don’t have jobs for them and we are getting to the point where our criminal in our police station in prison can’t keep up with the crime zombie plays going to help us because it’s going to kill three blue collars in one white collar and we don’t even have any white colleagues now this is going to stick around for this round and the next round some of them just they only hit once and then they’re gone this one’s going to stick around for two rounds so six blue collars and two white collars are going to die before the zombie plague is over we immediately lose two goods but you know what we’ve been really good except we’re a blue-collar paradise we’re producing goods like nobody’s business and we add one more crime no doubt the looting or is a criminal zombie elements so this is our new problem and it’s not just this round it’s next round as well but honestly I’m not to tell be worried because we could afford to lose this we did not have enough jobs so the zombie Vegas we didn’t have any white collars that would be painful to lose one of them but we can afford to lose a few blue collars that actually thanks zombies you’re great okay so now we move on to the next stage which is a stage where normally in the semi cooperative game everybody takes turns oh I nominate we build a federal reserve and here’s why and I nominate we build a dump and here’s why and everybody makes their arguments and then everybody secretly votes and you find out what’s actually getting built now in the co-op game it’s one person’s job to earmark which buildings are going to be chosen and in a two-player game that player chooses for buildings and then you still do the vote to see who’s going to work to see what actually gets built and in a two-player game we can build up to three things per turn and honestly that is the weirdest thing about this entire system because I mean if you’re playing a cooperative game why do you devote you can just discuss it openly and share your information and come to a consensus and then the vote is meaningless but I believe they put it in because I mean me and Jen we can play that way but I can understand how in some gaming groups the voting might be a blessing because you know they always come to loggerheads and nobody can ever agree what’s going to be done and so that’s where again these specific roles can be really really handy it is the city engineers job to choose which buildings are going to happen and then everybody sees what the city engineer chose um and then everybody can vote and if you can’t come to consensus that’s when the executive chairman steps in and is the decider so but again Jen I found we don’t even bother with that we just discuss it and if you have a group that works really well corrupted li you can just discuss it and skip the voting entirely so now looking at what we can build like I was saying we definitely need to build this Park we need more community although it increases our crime to particularly because we need to get our community up so we can get improved social services and score some more points so we’re going to want to build this that’s going to be two bucks and so we’re almost broke and it’s going to come over here so we’re filling up the zone too although we could build it for only one if we wanted to upgrade our playground but if we upgrade our playground we wouldn’t we lose a civic and I don’t want to do that so we’re going to pay to to build it and now we have one buck left we can build up to three things but we only have one buck so that means no biotech factory no federal reserve no church no bank ah yeah no fire department so with one buck we can build a dump a shop or a diner I’m in kind to actually build the dump although here’s the problem a dump is a yellow building and of course the yellow building is going to cost it would cost one plus one more to build in this residential zone because I want to fill this residential zone up to get an extra bonus point so that’s kind of a bummer so although what we could do is we have three actions right if we’re only going to buy to building since we’ve just bought one we’re going to buy one more and that will bankrupt us but we can also move a building so we’re going to move this police station and since its Civic it can go anywhere without having a costly thing we’re going to move it into this residential zone and boom we have filled the residential zone so where am I going to put this dump now we’re actually the dump of the shop or the diner let’s see we do need more money and I’m you’re a diner is a blue collar for money as opposed to shop which is blue cow or Goods and money but the shop can be upgraded the diner well the iron can be too but the dump we have pollution I am worried about this pollution I think we’re going to build the dump right and now of course like I said if you had a group that can’t come to consensus there would have been several things chosen you know selling stuff off we could I could have made some money in fact actually if I want a little bit more money we could sell this workshop because we don’t need to generate any more goods for a while if we uh no but it’s only one so we wouldn’t get any money for it we could sell our power plant because we can’t run it anyway because we don’t have any white collar and we do have a lot of power that’s pretty tempting hmm but I only get three actions remember in a two-player game so we’re going to build the park we need to fill up the rest of this and then our third action would be to build the dump which would which would bankrupt us again or basically we’d be broke again or our third action can be to sell the power plant maybe we’ll sell the power plant next term so we’re going to leave that alone and so that’s it we didn’t have to vote Jenn I agreed this is what we’ve got a police station and now it is the responsibility well actually we voted on what happens and then it is the responsibility of the what is it the treasurer to decide where and win the buildings that have been voted on actually get built but Jen I we just go ahead and we just work on it together as a team so that’s it then it is time for the employment office to step up and it’s their job to activate the buildings and so we’re going to activate the buildings now we still got right so we are definitely all have blue collar we don’t have any white collared put to work we’re going to put somebody to work in the dump declare out some of this pollution we are going to put so oh shoot this is the first time we’re broke we don’t have enough money to run the police station and we need so we are going to be able to clear this crime out gosh darn it that’s us that’s a sorry state of affairs but we don’t have the money I didn’t have to build that dump instead I could have sold that power plant then we would have the money to clear out this crime and it would have generated more money in the prison as well and it would have put more blue collars to work man but Daniel no but okay we’re in for a penny in for a pound so for one round we don’t have any meat anyway to clear out this crime and that’s going to hurt us we’re going to put this guy over here to work in this dump now this dump is in an unpowered zone you know it’s in industrial zone so we will have to use the community plus 1 power to power up this region to use this dump so we’ve done that and let’s see what else do we need to do we still got four people to put to work I don’t want any more crime as we need to start attracting blue-collar workers back so let’s put a blue collar you know person in the park to keep it clean that will be very nice let’s put a blue car to work in the diner to make some money and hey I was going to put two in the workshop but we’ve already made enough pollution let’s just put one to work in the shop um actually that’s worthwhile to it would be good to not have all my blue collar because if they’re all employed we’re going to get two more of these guys and you know it’s good that the zombies are killing them quite frankly so i think we’ll leave one of them alone so instead we’ll have this guy work in the shop to generate some money will generate some money over there we’ll leave one guy out of work so we won’t get as many as much in flux although next turn the zombies are going to wipe us out actually it wouldn’t hurt to get more influx would it but the only other place he could work is in this workshop and I don’t want more pollution so we’re going to leave him out of work all right so we’re done with that and now like always the rest of the game just works normally 30 game hey we see that oh um there’s no white collar’s out of work well this guy shows up hello I’d like a white-collar job I hear you have a high-tech firm that’s sitting fallow and one blue collar is going to show up nobody told him about the zombies the zombies are gonna eat this guy okay so that happened that showed up and you know that was our workforce adjustment stuff based on how many people working there were jobs new people have shown up and now we do it so we clear out to pollution yay oh good for us we make some more money yay and some more money yay and oh this is the important thing some community cubes yay NDA and I see our playground always has permanent community all unfortunately it’s not the safest park in the world so we’ve just made some more crime we need to keep some money around to run the police station next turn to keep or her to keep our our cuz yeah now it’s okay it has to be both if all the red and all the black then we lose so it’s okay if we get all the red out as long as we can keep pollution under control and we’ve got two dumps to keep that under control so we’re doing okay unless some disaster takes our dumps offline all right oh and I forgot though we did to activate this park since it was fully in a residential zone we had to spend some more power and some community from that to activate that um oh hey hey no I couldn’t activate the welfare center because again we had no money to be able to generate some community in the welfare center argh I might end up selling that no but again i can’t sell because i won’t get any money for it anyway so that’s that we have done the activation and now the state government evaluates us let’s see we’ve got one two three four community against one two three four five bad stuff so that’s negative one that’s actually pretty good that’s the best we’ve done in a while nobody left this is the first time in a while we haven’t had the white collar’s leave so hooray for that and um yay but he’s going to get you by zombie so that’s that all right oh and we have min all right so and of course you know these are things we score either at the end of the round or along the way we are at the end of the round now I activated one red building but I didn’t have the money to activate two so he only scored one point for improving safety that was a missed opportunity the residential infrastructure we did activate a green zone and we filled the green zone so that’s two points nice and improved social services did we finish return with more community than money we have two bucks we have one two three four community we did it we have double oh my gosh that’s two points that was our best turn yet we are screaming up it now we’re you know because all the guy do is make it 26 but the zombie plague is still with us that was around we move on to the next round all the roles change hands if you’re playing that way and then the we have to figure out what are the one two three four five what are the new things improve budget management leave five dollars in the budget yeah right we’re never going to see that much money that’s not happening leave five dollars in the but oh well okay well then those are two all right laundering change a man distribution Depot Bank firm we don’t have any of those oh I have two course clear all the buildings out put new ones out maybe we’d get a chance to build one of those things or maybe a wind turbine a solar power plant or both or finish a turn with more oh yeah we’re definitely do this we definitely we are good at producing good so we’re definitely going to score this in fact we might score 23 points off of it so that could be Oaks yeah in fact I should have scored yeah so we might score three points off of that but I’ll have to draw new cards and see if we get a chance to score off of these but because the zombie plague hasn’t gone away because we haven’t released a new one we have to lose three more blue collars and I told you he wasn’t going to make it so he’s dead and now our before we were complaining now I was on our blue collar are done and um let’s see alright and I don’t believe because it only says kill the people every disaster we only had to lose goods in crime once so that’s it now next round the zombie plague will be gone and we’re going to get our next disaster which will be an alien encounter which means we temporarily lose all our power and we lose a light a white collar the next is after after that hurricane carry we lose all of our goods we remove two of our community and we lose two blue collars you can see these are bad and now we start getting into the bees know if there’s one more a tsunami that’s not good and then we get into the bees a tornado remove three buildings from your starting zone just instantly lose three buildings and add three pollution because of a tornado so they get worse and worse and worse but you need to be racing I mean if you haven’t made 26 points or cleared out the second skin we’re clearing out five cards how many more rounds we have one two three four five one round to double your next disaster your next disaster and so we basically have three more disasters to get through if we can survive and right now we’re doing okay because we’re keeping our pollution under control but this crime is really starting to be a problem I mean we got AB miam as well as long as we can keep ahead of the pollution but as you saw some of these disasters can create a lot of pollution but that’s it folks that is a quick snapshot of what the disaster deck is all about and now if you’d like to hear some final thoughts you can little I up in the top right corner of screen in five four three two one

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  1. I'm sure that in a two player game you can only build two plans in the disaster deck rules. (You mention 3 actions at 14:49).

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