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Chromecast gets a new name, an industry legend
passes away, Spotify expands in Asia and more… It’s Tuesday, March 22, and this is Crunch
Report. Google’s streaming media device the Chromecast
got a new name today. From now on, it’ll be known as Google Cast. How big a deal is this?
Well, can suggest broader shifts in a company’s strategy. In the case of Chromecast, Google
had already redesigned the device and launched Chromecast Audio, and it’s even been working
with hardware manufacturers to include Chromecast technology in other devices. All in all, Chromecast
has become a bigger platform than just a streaming TV dongle, and it sounds like Google really
wants to emphasize the idea of “casting,” namely sending media from your phone to your
TV or speakers. The company has launched also a new Google Cast website where you can see
devices that already support the technology, no extra gadgets needed. One of the giants of tech industry passed
away yesterday. Andy Grove was the first hire at Intel, becoming president in 1979 and CEO
in 1987. Even before his time at Intel, it seems like Grove led an extraordinary life,
having been born in Hungary, surviving the country’s Nazi occupation and and Soviet control
before emigrating to the US in the mid-1950s. According to a memorial blog post from Intel,
Grove played a critical role in the company’s shift from memory chips to microprocessors,
and it produced chips like the 386 and the Pentium, which are practically synonymous
with the PC boom. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted, “Andy Grove was one of the giants of the technology
world. He loved our country and epitomized America at its best. Rest in peace.” Grove
was seventy nine years old. Spotify has confirmed plans to go live in
Indonesia at the end of March. Even if you haven’t been anxiously waiting for this launch,
it’s noteworthy because nearly two years have passed since Spotify last launched a new country
in Asia. Until now, its presence there has been limited to relatively small, Western-influenced
markets like Hong Kong and Singapore, but TechCrunch’s Jon Russell suggests that this
could be the beginning of a bigger Asian push, with Japan and India on the horizon. It’s
also worth noting that even though Spotify isn’t currently available in Japan, the company
has an office in Tokyo and it has signed a deal with Line, which is the top messaging
app in Japan. This next story is a little bit of a rewind.
As the last night’s episode of Crunch Report was going live, some big news was breaking
about Apple and the FBI — just one day before a scheduled hearing to discuss the FBI’s efforts
to get Apple to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernadino shooters, the government
asked to delay the hearing until April. The reason? The FBI said it might not need Apple’s
help after all, because “an outside party” demonstrated a way to unlock the phone. The
delay is supposed give the agency time to test that method. If if works, this could
help both sides avoid a difficult legal battle, but of course it remains to be seen whether
this unknown method will pay off. At TechCrunch, we cover acquisitions all the
time, but this one’s got a bit of a twist — it’s the story of a company that *wasn’t*
acquired, at least for now. Ars Technica had reported that Apple was in talks to buy chip
company Imagination Technologies. Normally, you see stories like this and a few days or
weeks later, you hear that the acquisition happened, or it just kind of fades away, and
you have no idea if the deal fell through or if that initial story was just flat out
wrong whatever. However, this story actually sent Imagination’s stock price up 20 percent,
prompting to Apple release a statement confirming that the talks had happened, but denying that
an acquisition was about to take place. The exact words were, quote, “From time to time,
Apple talks with companies about potential acquisitions. We had some discussions with
Imagination, but we do not plan to make an offer for the company at this time.” That’s the report for today. I’m Anthony
Ha. Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. We will
see you tomorrow!

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  1. Perhaps Google also wants to differentiate Chromecast from the Chrome Dongle that puts the Chrome OS on your tv. So you are not casting Chrome on your tv. They may also be borrowing a page from Apple and displaying their brand more.

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