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The new Apple TV is officially available in
stores, Bitcoin’s value is rallying again, Facebook tests a new Local Market feature
that rivals Craigslist, and more. It’s Friday, October 30th and this is Crunch
Report. Some Facebook users in Auckland, New Zealand,
and Melbourne and Sydney. Australia, have spotted a new feature being tested in the
iPhone app called “Local Market”… sometimes in place of the “Messenger” button at
the bottom center of the screen. Local Market, as the name implies, is a marketplace aimed
at buyers and sellers, that lets Facebook users either browse or post items to sell…
things like autos, appliances, furniture, clothing, household, kids stuff, and books.
The section is being populated by pulling in items from Facebook’s “sale” groups
in a given geographic region… sale groups is a popular way people are using Facebook
Groups already. In fact Facebook said earlier this year that it hosts tens of millions of
groups on its site, and sale groups were one of the most popular categories. So, let’s
say Local Market becomes a public feature… it could go up against Craigslist, or Etsy…
as long as people used it. Facebook isn’t currently the place you go to sell your books,
but if it can convince its users to do that, the commerce side of Facebook gets more interesting. Chrome OS, the “cloud” based operating
system that Google runs on affordable laptops, and Android, Google’s mobile operating system
for phones and tablets, may merge into one product… this is according to the Wall Street
Journal. The merge could happen as early as next year…and could be introduced at next
year’s I/O. A few things point to this not being total BS – Android co-founder Andy Rubin
left the company last year, which could indicate changes at foot, and Google’s CEO Sundar
Pichai, who used to oversee Chrome, Chrome OS, Apps and Android, stated that mobile rules
the world during Alphabet’s most recent earnings call. Now, Chrome OS doesn’t have
native apps, which developers love, but it does have Google Apps, which companies and
schools love. And then there’s Google’s announcement of the Pixel C, remember? That laptop-tablet-running-full-on-Android.
The whole thing doesn’t sound that farfetched, really. The new Apple TV, with a brand new remote
and its own app ecosystem, is now available in retail stores. The set top box starts at
$149 at Apple Stores, – there’s a 64gb model for $199 – with Best Buy and Target carrying
the device as well. Although if you really want one, you probably already pre-ordered
an Apple TV when it went on sale online last week. Apple has also redesigned the remote,
which now holds multiple sensors, to allow for more functionality, and a touchpad for
sliding control over skipping backward or forward, and has its own accelerometer and
gyroscope for motion controls on games. Apple TV now supports universal search, voice control
and Siri integration, although it’s a more stripped down than what we’re used to on iOS. Remember when we talked about bitcoin all
the time? Those were the days. Actually, when were those days? Because all year the cyroptocurrency’s
sort of languished well below its former value highs. However! We’ve got ourselves a rally,
because Bitcoin is now at its highest value of 2015, trading for around $320 per coin.
That’s still nowhere near its former highs, but it’s suer a lot better for investors than
when it dipped below $200 earlier this year. Now, bitcoin price is just one way to feel
out the health of its larger ecosystem. Volume, difficulty and the aggregate hash rate – which
as TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm explains to me, has to do with the processing power of the
currency as a whole, based on total coins mined – they all come into play here. But
when bitcoin’s price goes up, people also tend to get more interested in it. And after
a ton of bitcoin-related startups got a lot of money to build their businesses, without
a proven business model, the market may be in a period of self-correction. Daily deals just aren’t the hot thing they
once were. And the latest company to pull out of the space is…Amazon.. The Amazon
Local homepage now informs customers that the platform is closing down on December 18,
2015. At that point, Amazon will stop selling deals via the website and in the Amazon Local
mobile app. Although the company says if you’ve already bought a deal, it’ll still be honored.
The shift away from daily deals is real – local deals platform LivingSocial, which is partly
owned by Amazon, announced this month that it’s laying off 200 people, or 20 percent
of its staff, as it moves away from the deals model to focus on what it calls “experiences.”
And Groupon, the king of the daily deals fad, announced 1,100 layoffs in September and ceasing
of operations in several non-U.S. markets. So, Amazon will no longer directly run a daily
deals platform, but it’ll still offer its Deal of the Day, Kindle Daily Deals, etc via
the main website. Amazon Home Services. That’s the report for today. I’m Sarah
Lane. Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. Happy Halloween,
see you Monday!

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7 thoughts on “Chrome OS and Android Merging Into One Product? | Crunch Report

  1. Now, this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped-turned upside down
    And I'd like to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    I'll tell you how I got FIRST!

  2. This might already be in the works, but I'll share just in case. It would be cool if next week's shows all focused on the Chinese technology space. Of course with a dash of "U.S. based tech news" to keep us all informed on all the happenings stateside.

  3. I'm planning on buying a Chromebook, should I worry that the Chrome OS will just stop getting updates or will I receive the Android Chrome OS merge if I have a Chromebook?

  4. Nice to see Sarah again.. Remember her from Twit. Anyway, this is going to be HUGE for Chrome OS. This changes everything in tech. It's fumble time and anything can happen. MS and Apple better be on their guard. And yeah, its official now, android hits chrome in September as announced at Google I/O.

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