Choosing The Right Ski Goggles

Hi guys, my name is Heather, and I’m from
Just A Colorado Gal, and I’m here today to talk with you about goggles. When you’re making a goggle purchase, there’s
a couple of factors you’re going to want to consider. The first factor we’re going to
consider best cheap ski goggles is lens shape, and when it comes to lens shape you’re dealing with either cylindrical
or spherical. And there are two types of shapes, there’s a cylindrical shape which means the
goggles stretches across your face , but it’s vertically flat, and you still get the eye
protection, but it’s a less expensive lens, so it means you’re going to have to pay less
when you purchase it. The second type of lens is a spherical lens.
And again it goes across your face, so it still covers your eyes, but it’s vertically
curved a little bit and what this does is prevent distortion and prevent glare, so when
you’re on the mountain you can actually get a wider field of view and you can see things
a bit better. The second factor we’re taking a look at is
lens color. And with lens color you’re dealing with either light or dark lenses or for a
third option, interchangable lenses. You can get a lens that’s a little bit lighter and
that’s going to allow more light into your lens and that means on a cloudy day or a day
when there’s flat light you’ll be able to see the kind of the bumps and the grooves
of the mountain a little bit better. Or, you can get a darker lens which is good for days
when there’s a lot of sunshine, maybe a bluebird day, and there’s a lot of glare. And the darker
lens is going to help um protect your eyes and prevent fatigue, and basically it’s going
to act like a pair of sunglasses for your eyes. And finally if you can’t choose, there
are some goggles that have interchangeable lenses that come with both a light lens and
a dark lens so then you have options when you’re out skiing on the mountain. The third factor you’re going to want to consider
is ventilation. Most goggles are going to come with vents on the side of the lens or
at the top of the lens and wider vents mean means that there’s going to be more airflow
through the lens and this is going to help prevent fogging. Or, when you’re looking to
purchase you can also make sure you get lenses that have anti-fog coatings on the inside
because that will help a bit as well. And finally you’re of course going to want
to consider the fit. Women in particular have different shaped faces so you’re going to
want to try the goggles on to make sure they fit your face, rather than your husband’s
or your boyfriend’s. People with prescription eyewear are going
to want to look for over the glasses goggles to make sure the goggles fit over their lenses.
Um, you’re going to want to make sure the goggles fit according with your helmet, because
some of them have brims like this and you want to make sure that they snug right up
against the top of it. Know about how to clean ski goggles And then lastly, you’re going to want to make
sure that your goggles have a good amount of padding and that they’re comfortable, but
not so much padding that they promote fogging, because that’s going to be a pain when you’re
on the hill. I hope you found these tips helpful, and if
you did give us a thumbs up. For more ski-related videos, click on one of the links at the end.

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