China ‘will just cheat anyway,’ no matter the trade deal: Chris Garcia

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100 thoughts on “China ‘will just cheat anyway,’ no matter the trade deal: Chris Garcia

  1. good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods to replace the things when hurricanes and wildfires smashes them every year

  2. Also , Chinese people stick together like white on rice ❗️I work in sales. They will not spend money with non Chinese. Very race loyal. I return the same favor when I seek help when buying.

  3. American owe China over trillion dollar because China was buying up American debt which tell you American is China b*tch not the other way around.

  4. Trust can never be had with China. If we continue working with them, it has to be with the knowledge that China will lie, cheat and steal in any way they can and we have to question everything, never take their word for ANYTHING and go hard on enforcement of the rules with penalties we can enforce such as cancellation of our debts to them, imposing more tariffs and making sure they aren't just moving their manufacturing to other countries, though, this would have the consequence of less work for their own people and more unrest. Maybe they would move workers too?

  5. We know you cannot trust China. But as soon a Trump puts ink on a page all we will hear from you is how great of a deal it is. The whole world will be saved by it. Then when they cheat it you will ignore it until a Democrat is President then SUDDENLY you will demand something is done.

  6. Chinese political rulers don't have to worry about voters so their people can suffer until a Democrat gets in the WH again…

  7. What a bunch of crap.Majir companies sent high tech manufacturing machines that were decades ahead of whatever China had at the time.All in the name of corporate greed.Thats treason giving the enemy of freedom an economic edge.

  8. Silly donkeys. The "No Deal" deal will continue, and no deal with tariffs, bans, and sanctions. They just don't understand that China does not have any reason to make a bad deal that will not benefit them in any way. Trump knows that he has nothing to offer a trading partner.

  9. Just like cheating Trump, maybe they are just playing the rules he made to this game, maybe they are beating him at his own game, good no?, ha ha ha on you Trump supporters…

  10. Hopefully China does cheat on the deal or better yet backs out of it China can survive without us unfortunately the united states can

  11. For the people saying stop buying from China, consider the fact that China owns quite a large portion of US debt. Call me crazy, but if we stop business with them cold turkey, they'll feel mighty tempted to call that check. And that's a check that will be more expensive than any horrid trade deal we'll have with China.

  12. Sound more like Americans want to continued in a bad relationship, meaning China will abused and cheat in every aspect any deal USA offer.

  13. US cheated on native indians, British government, Spain, Philippine veterans and as recent as Kurds. By the way, they cheat mainly on people in the same trench.

  14. A Leopard never changes its spots! Does the USA really have to engage China in trade! There more of a hindrance than a trading partner…

  15. Jesus man wasn't there just another US backed coup in bolivia and another attempted in venezulea and another in Yemen Greenland in on the radar lol Ukraine equador coloumbia chile poanama iran iraq syria libya sna salvador honduras haiti cuba brazil argentina Nicaragua

  16. while we were busy in creating fake wars, China was climbing. Unfortunately all empires have fallen US will not be an exception. Get used to China being the next empire !!

  17. When will the world learn? Is it going to take the destruction of our economy and the loss of our tech industry before we learn to stop dealing with that Lying, cheating, human rights-violating, aggressive country? Just STOP! NO trade with China! NONE! We will survive, it will cause trouble for us at first but eventually, we will recover as other countries take China's place in trade and production. Hell, it is already happening. Companies are leaving in droves for Viet Nam and other countries. All we have to do is wait.

  18. China is a Heathen Nation and is the land of NOD and kills its unarmed citezins that wants a change in China and the emperor of china is a Liar.

  19. Nevermind intellectual property never mind China never mind Russia the only thing we need to be thinking about is how to get rid of trump out of the White House 2020 Bernie Sanders baby

  20. it why it good idea to put Tariffs on Chinese good because they cheat. free trade only work when they other side plays fare but china shown they play dirty.


  22. Much more important to ban Visa's for China and stop allowing Chinese to buy assets and real estate. They'll never stick to anything they sign anyway.

  23. Why do you think Trump keeps saying how we can make that deal with China any old time they want to admit he doesn’t need it now doesn’t worry about it because we are making billions of dollars off of them in trade tariffs so you know yeah they can cheat I will just tear of the hell out of them

  24. Sometimes the two tight ends of a crashing bore each other. Who's going to be well you know the rest for people and kids that some of you that well it could be like the trade war or even something more else about it because well I have to say this you know the rest and one more thing what is a 1 and 2 or 3 what do you know most of you that you don't know

  25. Don't sell them anything and don't buy anything from them there cheaters and they're not our friend there are enemy they're the enemy of the world

  26. Cheating is an integral part of Chinese culture, going back thousands of years. There are ancient records of Byzantine diplomats making note of this fact. Don't be naive.

  27. Dealing with China is important but the punishment needs to be real and used when required hard and very real this will he needed to show were serious unlike in the past were we were stupid and complacent

  28. Puke… when these guys say intellectual property. Travel out US and see for yourself. This dude never been out the country.

  29. From Where do you think the chinese IT, smartphones products they got the technology from it is all from stealing intellectual property n forced transfer technology.

  30. Strange to thing we're going the right direction. Especially when we are negotiating with China to get things back to how they were before Trump. We are losing billions. Winning? Lol reality called and laughed historically then said FU and hung up. Fox is fully propaganda

  31. China is going to keep the tariffs for 20 years. So you can pretend Trump is winning but only right wing Americans believe it. The rest of earth knows we have lost the minute we declared a trade war. China's economy grew by 6% this year. Ours was 2%. Clearly we are losing by all measures. Math is hard to deny but somehow Trumpers still do regularly.

  32. Ever catch your kid with his hand in the cookie jar?
    What is different about warning the kid first – and not warning him at all?
    ANS: the way you can deal with him once he knows clearly when he can expect you to do something about it if he breaches the agreement.

  33. Get a grip

    China already got everything figured out since 08 crisis. The ball is now your court mr trump China already caught up with their neighbors in High tech.
    (Huawei,Xiaomi , Tencent , Alibaba , Baidu ,Lenovo etc.) Owns 6 of the busiest and largest ports in the world excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  34. The USMCA is as twice as big as the US-China Trade deal, so what's the big deal about the US-China trade deal? If China doesn't want to sign the trade deal, fine! We'll continue the current trade and tariffs China seemed to be quite content with. The tariff money on Chinese goods will surpass the $100 billion mark as a result of the new tariffs. The US farmers are also very content with the tariffs because they will get a fair share-about 20% of the tariff money on Chinese goods (over $20 billion) to be used to reimburse the US farmers for their farm produce, especially soybeans unfairly targeted by the Chinese. Last but not least, the US government will have about $80 billion left to spend on next year budget. Besides, the US-China trade deal accounts for only about 0.7% of the US GDP! It's not even worth spending more time talking about the US-China trade deal. Eventually, it's a win-win situation for all. China is happy, the US is happy and the US farmers are happy. That's all folks! China will have to pay more tariffs on Chinese goods if China doesn't follow the trade deal agreements.

  35. Ya China will say Oh we so sorry. We dump 20 thousand kilos of gold backed bitcoin. By by fiat. We loved you long time. Get ready for the asswhopping China will bring.

  36. China cannot cheat against USA President legal trade agreement.

    In a scientific and economic definition cheating is like wife cheats on husband, and husband cheats of wife, and girlfriend cheats on boyfriend, and boyfriend cheats on girlfriend. And China the dragon earns it's lively hood through cheating only. 🤭

  37. China is "BIDEN" their time – waiting hoping BIDEN will become President (when PIGS with PIG FLU FLY!) so they can somehow get their 1.8 "BILLION" back they invested in HUNTER BIDEN after a day's flight to China on Airforce 2. They'll continue to cheat and cheat and this will NEVER stop. Best just to STOP DOING ANY DEALS WITH CHINA – become INDEPENDENT of them and CRIPPLE their CLEAR LONG-TERM INTENTIONS to RULE THE WORLD (using Hwawei face-recognition tech).

  38. China is trying to explain to Susan at youtube that owning a gun and hunting in the woods is a crime. Adults playing video games is a crime. Being honest about politics is a crime, all new youtube standards.

  39. The Easiest way for sore losers to comfort themselves is calling their competitor cheating. The Easiest way for politicians to gather voters is to create a imaginary enemy to divert attention from problems at home.

    America is quickly becoming “land of freeloaders and home of losers.” And some con man managed to convince a half of the country that it is going to great. J

  40. “They’ll [China] just cheat, anyway”

    So, the argument here is that Trump created economic chaos, and burdened US farmers (and other industries) with tens of billions in lost sales an increased costs…
    …for nothing.

  41. They absolutely will they're always going to do whatever it takes to try to beat the US that's their single highest priority to overcome the US as a world power, and it's a very dangerous thing

  42. If you are component makers, be it chips , who do you sell to? All US high tech people have been telling Trump to lay off Hussein, who used to buy US$16bn from US. By now Trump is not doing Huawei any favors with 90 day, 30days crap. Huawei is going forward without US components in the future !

  43. US keep talking the leverage over China… But why bother to talk if they on the upper hand ?? Don't talk and let them meet every US demand… Unfortunately this is mot the case because China is running their own marathon with US..
    The Chinese knew exactly what the American trying to do which so much predictable…. It reminds me of boxing ring as the one talking too much is more likely to be KO and it proven in the statistics.. What's the reason ?? Fear……

  44. Did USA steal technology from Germany? Will USA steal technology from China? China now produces over 7 million scientists/engineers per year, whereas USA produces only 2 million; a far cry!

    Basic freedom/liberty from what? Prison or Poverty?

    USA: 737 prisoners per 100,000 citizens.

    China: 118 prisoners per 100,000 citizens.

    In 1949,

    USA's population: 150 million; Life expectancy was mid 60s.

    China's population: 450 million; Life expectancy was only mid 30s.


    China's population: 1,400 million; Life expectancy is mid 70s (even longer lives span than USA). Literacy rate is now almost 100% (up from only 20% in 1949). China also brought 800 million out of poverty. What have you done? Stop whining already.

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