China pushes back on trade, wants more talks before signing a deal

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100 thoughts on “China pushes back on trade, wants more talks before signing a deal

  1. This is what Trump get for abandoning our Kurdish ally. Republicans are revoking and he will be impeached, removed from office or not getting a second term. The Chinese clearly see this President can’t be trusted and won’t be president for very long. This is all self inflicted by Trump by allowing the Kurds to get butchered by the Turks. After all this we’ll going to get a communist/socialist democratic president in Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to give away the country with their socialist agendas. Sad day for America.

  2. They have being cheating the world for so long, wake up President Trump and wake up Americans! Stop everything with Communist China!

  3. China has NO intention of honoring any deal because they are a dishonorable, dishonest, communist authoritarian, regime. Let’s break ourselves away from these crooks and see how well they do.

  4. china has more credibility than we do ,they dont need us ,we loosing trade deals ,that china is picking up,we loosing they gaining

  5. Time to sign the deal or no deal at all. China needs to be careful what it ask for, it might just not get it and then no deal! China is in a lot worse shape than the US!

  6. China is a leadership of FAKE CREATION through the theft of bright people's ideas.

    Stop buying Chinese products and. Close our economy to Chinese investment.

  7. So China realizes djt is desperate to save face, so they want more concessions. Makes sense since djt worked himself into a losing situation.

  8. IMHO – The Chinese are working with the DEMs to try and derail the TRUMP Admin so that they (Chinese and DEMs) can go back to their status quo – and the People of the United States get stuck with the bill

  9. Wait! What about the farmers who started to purchase a bunch of equipment? Didn't Orange Dulious said to them "you are going to be selling like crazy, ramp up production! Like everything with Orange MOron, it's all smoke and mirrors.

  10. …and I though we were told "trade deals are easy to win"? Don't hold your breath for that December 15 threat. Holds as much weight as a trump tweet.

  11. STick it too them….we don't need china….china needs us….without the USA they are nothing!
    THey are just pulling the same old bs…this time we have TRUMP…and they are stupid not to be scared that he
    will EAT THEIR LUNCH !!! WINNING/WINNING/WINNING…..they are 1000% Crooked !!! Stand your ground TRump

  12. China is in no hurry. They're playing the President just like North Korea, Saudia Arabia, and Russia. He's an idiot and wouldnt know how to make a deal for a Big Mac

  13. Good…time to decouple from China, move the supply chain out of China, i want more Tariffs….forget 30%…go to 50%….go to 100%

  14. China must exercise extreme caution in handling its housing sector because it is showing signs similar to those witnessed during Japan’s bubble period of the 1980s that contributed to the collapse of Japanese asset prices and its subsequent “lost decades” of weak economic growth and deflation

    China’s debt has topped 300% of gross domestic product, China’s total debt is over $40 trillion – 15% of all global debt, China’s economic growth slowed to 6.2% in the second quarter, its weakest pace in at least 27 years

    the trade war is absolutely remapping global supply chains … to the detriment of Chinese manufacturing. The percentage of businesses leaving China was 80% for American companies and 67% for those based in the European Union. More than 50 global companies, have recently announced plans to move production out of China.

    China will face an unstoppable population decline over the coming decades, with fewer and fewer workers struggling to support an increasingly aging society,

    China's National Health and Family Planning Commission predicted in early 2017 that the country's population would peak in 2030.

    The birth rate in 2018 dropped to 10.94 per thousand, down from 12.43 the previous year.

    By 2050, 330 million Chinese will be over age 65.

    More than a third of rich Chinese surveyed “are currently considering” emigrating to another country, according to a report from the Hurun Research Institute, a China-based wealth research firm, and Visas Consulting Group, an immigration advisory firm. They surveyed 224 Chinese people with an average wealth of $4.5 million.

    Many rich Chinese are leaving China for better education systems elsewhere and to flee the country's polluted cities and strict government. They're also looking to protect their wealth. Overseas assets account for an average of 11 percent of the total assets of Chinese millionaires

    Despite China's Fast-Growing Wealth, Millions Still Remain Poor… 30.46 million Chinese live in what their government classifies as poverty, more if you go with non-government calculations

  15. Wtf, this is silly. Why are we continuing to entertain these commies, it’s corporate greed trying to make a quick profit now regardless of how it damages our future and competitive advantages. Bottom line is China has little to no leverage here, we could double tariffs or sanction them completely and in 5 years the economy would be back on track. There are much lower cost countries to manufacture in these days and we can’t keep hemorrhaging our tech industry trade secrets because if things keep up we won’t have a tech sector in a decade or two and we’ll all be out of jobs.

  16. I expected something to give in. China will not accept losing to a Western Country. Especially one that is a main reason in why China is where they're at in today's World Economy.

  17. I guess all the big tech ….lord of the flies and news media can call out all the little bullies real or made up. but……….when the big big big bully "CHINA" bullies, the lord of the flies big tech and little bullies cower like little mice. At lest mice have their place, none of the others do.

  18. China 2019 = USSR 1989 … just wait & see (CCP PLA Theater will collaps soon as a fake business model from Bank of China)!

    Chinese are pround to develop Huawei criminal weapons against the Western World, without to be able to replace the Xi’ Jumbo Boeing B747/USA!

  19. The only reason they are buying pork is because swine flu has devastated their industry and it will take 5 years to get it back

  20. Xi didn't even mention this so called deal. He was busy negotiating with Nepal and India. Everyone in the American media talks like China is a capitalistic country. They are not they are communist their leaders do not have to get elected no pressure to make a deal with the USA. They are communist think about that they do not need to make a profit. There are no shareholders to answer to. Any private companies that complain the state will take over. They do not have the same ideals as the USA.

  21. I am speak to myself and never work to China CCP comment farm. I am a real USA person and Neil is talk shameful, love with the president of China is clear for all USA real people like me know China has golden heart, like the fresh dew of spring. Can it not be the truth???

  22. China is just jerking everyone off. They have no intention of moving forward just making President Trump look bad throughout and until after the election.

  23. I knew it. They just wanted to shaft him again for political points. Just like MSNBC and CNN, all China cares about is the US presidency.

  24. Xi already said it’s going to be a new LONG MARCH, 70 years ago, the red army almost lost the Cilvil war ,the long march help them to revive and eventually win it. Now he hope the new long march works same way and China will be top on US after the long march

  25. China is hoping that the Democrats will impeach President Trump. Then they can go back to their dirty dealings with the do-nothing Democrats!

  26. Maximum pressure = Increase tariffs on ALL imports from China by 5% per month, to a maximum of 200%, until China signs a trade deal. Each month that China stalls is a month that China's pain increases.

  27. China is not going to do any more than they have to or anything that can't be reversed if a democrat gets elected. This is just a tactic to ease their markets a little and stall for a more favorable time for them mainly if trump doesn't win reelection!!

  28. ***I suspect Hunter and the Bank Of China have something to do with the backpedaling of China on the trade deal phase 1.*** He's the inside man in China! All Hunter had to do was get the Bank Of China to refuse to back the purchase of American goods, **and that is exactly what he did.** He learned his role quid pro quo from his father, and is using it against Trump AND every citizen of the United States of America.

  29. The Dems want Trump to fail, no matter what, even if it means, the U.S. gets buried, too. Isn't that treasonous behavior?

  30. Nothing to show? what's this idiot talking about. We taken in Billions of dollars into our treasury since Trump has taken a stand for America when we never got 10 cents from them hahahaha

  31. China wants a Democrat to get elected because they know they can get a better deal with them. China knows that the Democrats have no loyalty to the American Worker. The Democrats are only loyal to themselves and their swamp.

  32. Trump spoke to soon. Don't put your 🍳frying on the stove before you catch the 🎣fish. Trump said the farmers need to buy mor land and more 🚜tractors 😂don't rush farmers!

  33. China will not adhere to the term of any agreement anyway. They never do! Why are we so willing to help them with a deal, when they are carrying out a secret war against us? They've been doing it for decades, yet we close our eyes to it. My question is why!!??


  35. Any country would be out of their minds to think the U.S. would honor any trade deal or pact.
    Our track record for reliability is pretty sketchy lately.

  36. The Chinese didn't honor the last deals , so what make anyone think they will honor any new ones. They are not honorable people. Just look at their history, they've slaughtered millions of their own for the sake of power .

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