Cheating On Your Wife Just Got Way More Confusing and Why Kate Upton Is My New Favorite Person

‘Sup, you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday; welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show! And let’s just jump into it. And the first thing I want to talk about today – one of the most requested stories – also, one of my favorite stories.
(Even though it’s a non-story.) It involves baseball and celebrities–things not at the top of my list. Last night, for baseball Major League Baseball, the Cy Young award was being given out to the best pitcher in the League. And a pitcher by the name of Justin Verlander was expected to win this award; a lot his stats were the the best in the League. Well last night, he did not win, and that was despite him receiving the most first place votes. And the reason for that is the award involves 30 people voting: that being 30 members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. They don’t just vote for who they think is the BEST in baseball, they vote the Top 5 in order. A first place vote is worth 7 points; 4 for second; 3 for third; 2 for fourth; and 1 for fifth. Verlander ended up losing by five points, and it turned out he wasn’t even on two of the writer’s ballots. So, there was a lot of anger from a lot of different people. But the most notable of those people was Kate Upton. Kate Upton is engaged to Justin Verlander, and she came out the gate swingin’, tweeting: “Hey Major League Baseball, I thought I was the only person allowed to fuck Justin Verlander? What two writers didn’t have him on their ballot?” “He had the majority of 1st place votes and two writers didn’t have him on their ballots?! Can you pick more out-of- touch people to vote?” Verlander’s brother also tweeted: “Are you kidding me? Most 1st place votes and doesn’t win? ‘Splain this…” The guy that won – Rick Procello – won despite he getting eight votes for 1st place. And Verlander got fourteen. But Verlander, on the other hand, tweeted: “Just want to say thank to all the officials who voted for me.” And I think the reason I love this story so much is the third most repeated conversation in my home is: “Please, Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey–just don’t say anything.” Because someone can wrong me, disrespect me, do something bad to me, and I’ll smile and then handle the situation… My wife wants to knock on a door and choke a bitch. When something’s messed up, I try to figure out, y’know, how can I move forward, past this in the easiest way. My wife is also for that, but only if she can put the person on crutches first. And that’s also why I love her. I mean, people are gonna say in this situation Kate Upton’s salty, and “Shut up and stay in your place!” Main point being: Verlander, even though you didn’t win the award, it feels like you got snubbed, at least the silver lining here is that if you didn’t know already, you know now that you’ve got a real one. And that is far more valuable than any other award. Even though, technically, you would’ve gotten half a million dollars for winning this award. Still, take this as a win! And from there, I’d love to share some stuff I love today in: “Today In Awesome”. (Brought to you by Squarespace, of course, a fantastic and easy place to go to make a beautiful, professional blog, an online store–whatever! They’ve got this simple, intuitive process where you can add and arrange content and features with the click of a mouse. And so, if you wanna make a smart move like many from the Nation already have, start a free trial: Go to And if you like it, use coupon code PHIL for 10% off your first purchase. And the first bit of awesome is: I want to announce the winner of the MacBook Pro. In a show near the end of October, myself and TLDToday (Jonathan Morrison), said we were giving away MacBook Bros together. (Did I say MacBook Bro?) MacBook Pro! Freudian slip–Just be my friend, Jon!
Main Point: And in advance to the winner, just so you know how lucky you are: Your winning is a 1 in 161,000 chance. AND THE WINNER WAS: LEUlightshows. Congratulations! Depending on how fast John sends these out, you may actually have a MacBook Pro before I do. Congratulations! And to everyone else, good luck next time. Then we got a trailer for “Kong: Skull Island” and I wanna see this really bad. In no way was I like: “I need another King Kong movie.”
Saw this trailer–I’m gonna watch it. Probably not because I care about character development, but I want to see stuff blow up and big monsters. I appreciate the arts, but I’m also a simple man. Then, I have to share the “Adam Ruins Everything” video on marijuana. Whether you’re pro- or anti-marijuana legalization, I recommend you watch it. Then you should know: the future is here! Specifically, the future where Domino’s has now successfully delivered their first drone pizza. Just to avoid any confusion, that is a pizza delivered by a drone, and not a pizza in the shape of a drone. Then, for those of you who are fans of the old “Top Gear” guys, their new show “The Grand Tour” premieres tomorrow. And to celebrate – and this is bigger news, even if you’re just a fan of Amazon Prime: If you wanna get the service, they’re dropping it from $99 to $79 to celebrate the launch. As a side note, at launch, it will only be available in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, and Japan. But in December, it will be premiering in 200 other countries. Which would be great news except for the fact that most everyone in those 200 other countries are going to just torrent it. I don’t recommend you do that, but that’s what people are gonna do. That’s what happens when you put up walls. And the final bit of awesome was a little bit of self-validation. Jon Stewart, who’s one of my favorite people, did an interview with CBS and he kind of echoes a point that I’ve really, really been pushing. This, like, last six months. And remember, if you wanna see the full version to everything I shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all: links as always are in the description down below. And then I wanna talk about Coca Cola and their “innovation marketing”. When it comes to advertising and marketing, every now and then, there’s an agency that wants to do something like really cool and different. We’ve seen examples of that in the past, where Domino’s made their pizza box a projector. KFC made a chicken box that charges your phone. Well, Coca Cola’s swing at this was the “selfie bottle”. You open you Coke, you swing it up to take a swig, the sensor at the bottom of the bottle then realizes it is tilted up and it takes a selfie of you drinking. And looking at the final result, I have to ask: Coca Cola, do you realize what you just did? You have made a device that has just simplified the process of making it look like there is a giant penis on someone’s face. You don’t even have to do any color work! Just blur it and say that he had a rash! *quietly wails in mortification* Even the slogan of the campaign feels like it should be porn: “Taste The Feeling”. Who approved this?! Unless the whole secret part of the campaign is they wanted to get made fun of for all the free press… The answer to that is: No. But that’s definitely the story they should run with. Then, possibly one of my favorite headlines today: “The ‘iTunes of Blowjobs’ Launched Today”. Okay, clickbait headline, I love iTunes, I love blowjobs: You got me. So it’s a new service called BlowCast that is being launched by the adult cam website, CamSoda. So here’s how it works: amateur and professional camgirls are given a vibrating dildo – (specific model is a Kiiroo Pearl) – and CamSoda says that they hacked the device to be able to take in sensory information. So the camgirl does her thing the toy; they get all that data so that they can then simulate it. And they then send that information to an internet connected male-sleeve. Essentially, it’s a high-tech Fleshlight, so it simulates what the girl did. And you also get a video of what the girl’s doing. Aaaaand that’s a thing that’s offered now. But that’s not my favorite part of this story! The worst thing isn’t, as the President of CamSoda says, that “this doesn’t feel like real sex with someone, but it’s the best thing that’s out there yet.” It’s that this service and device may not be secure. Hackers have shown that things like the male-sleeve that’s connected to the internet are susceptible to third-party attacks. Which may be a concern, because essentially, you have men that are putting the most sensitive parts of themselves into a device that has a motor in it that squeezes said sensitive parts. And I don’t think that the President of CamSoda is making the guys that are gonna do this feel secure when he says: “On the CamSoda side we do a lot to protect our users, but the device does use Kiiroo’s network so we’re trusting them to manage their devices.” Or as I hear it: “Uh, if you’re dick gets crushed, that’s not on us, bro.” The main point: the future is here! And a little underwhelming, but also scary. Also, side question to this story, I’d love to know your thoughts: Do you think this is starting to take us to a weird gray area of you may not know what constitutes as cheating? I have the personal opinion that watching pornography is not cheating. But now you’re getting into this weird, over-the-internet connected gray area. Say that it’s not a prerecorded video as it is in its current form. Let’s say that this is a livestream. Guy gets this, puts on the sleeve, the live video’s there, what she does happens to you… For the guys out there, imagine there’s a different situation: There’s a guy doing something and then it happens to your lady… But it’s all over the internet, there’s no human touch. Does that count as cheating, now? I’d love to know your thoughts on this one. And then, really quick, let’s talk about fake news again. It’s been a big story this week. When we talked about it, it was the #2 trending thing on YouTube. There have been a few reactions; I saw some stories, it was like: “This group of kids figured out how to fix Facebook in one day!” And then you look into the story, and they’re like: “Ah, well, the way that we did it does have problems.” Okay, so they didn’t fix it. Then, because, like I said in the Tuesday video, it doesn’t seem there is an end in sight other than being open to other information and people to let you know if something is fake, the site Politifact – which in the past has been a great source of finding out if stories are fake, or if they’re true (Snopes a lot of people go to that one as well) – Poltifact is beefing up their team that talks about social media stories that are going viral because they’re such a problem. And now have a huge new part of their site that’s dedicated specifically to fake news on social media. In the past few days, I had to point out that Bill Clinton with that hooker picture *sarcastic gasp* could be real! The political insider on Facebook–it wrote about it! BOMBSHELL! “The Clintons are Finished Forever After Dirty Picture”
5600 Likes, 5400 Shares! Nope! Just a cropped and lifted picture from contemporary artist Allison Jackson. The full picture has him watching Hillary on TV, but they cropped that out. Y’know, to make it more believable. Oh, well, maybe people are sharing that post because they know it’s fake? Top Comments: “Hopefully the whole family is finished. But old horse face Chelsea will try anything to get into politics and leach off the people like her parents.” “The Clintons are finished!” “Well, it sure looks like him.” “This is to the Liberals: you think this family would have been better than the Trumps? You say Trump is a sexist for saying something 11 years ago? Well as they say, actions speak louder than words.” But, uh oh! What about that other story?? “Denzel Washington Supports President-elect Donald Trump”
3800 Likes, 3100 Shares! “Washing praised Trump, saying, ‘We need more and more jobs. Unemployment is way up here. He’s hired more employees, more people, than anyone I know in the world.” And the thing there is the quote is real, but it is not from Denzel Washington. It just said it was a quote from Charles Evers, who I guess you could confuse with Denzel Washington… if he was like really far away and you had just been punched in the head, like, eight times… and you were squinting, and you couldn’t really see. And once again, a ton of the people sharing it have no idea that this is fake. “Thank you, Denzel, for standing up for America and for your faith. ‘If you profess me before men, I will profess you before my father in Heaven!'” “I hope so. Before when I heard he was for Killary I stopped watching his movies.” And once again, that’s just two examples from the very recent news cycle. Also, fake news has been such a problem that “Melissa Zimdars, a media professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts has compiled a list of fake, false, or regularly misleading websites.” She categorizes them as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Category 1 being websites that rely on outrage by using distorted headlines and decontextualized or dubious information in order to generate likes, shares, and profits. Category 2: Websites that may circulate misleading or potentially unreliable information. Category 3: Websites that sometimes use clickbait-y headlines and social media descriptions. And category 4: Websites that are purposefully fake for the intent of satire/comedy, which can offer important critical commentary on politics and society, but have the potential to be shared as actual/literal news. They are listed because they have the potential to mislead, because a lot of people share stuff just based off of headlines, and not actually looking into the story. I’m most outraged by Category 1 because they know they’re purposefully misleading people. The Category 4 websites, those hurt my brain. When I see someone share something from The Onion and they don’t know that it’s fake, it hurts! Let’s look at some of the headline from The Onion right now: “Biden Forges President’s Signature On Executive Order To Make December Dokken History Month” “Gaunt, Weathered John Kerry Leads Prisoner Uprising In Siberian Labor Camp” “Kidnapped Journalist Forced To Explain to ISIS Captors What BuzzFeed News Is” The list includes 134 websites; some left-leaning, some right-leaning. I’m not saying go there and check out all the websites, memorize them. Just maybe bookmark that page, that list. If you see someone you know sharing something from that website, just, y’know, go to that page–double check. *exasperated grunt* It’s a mindfield out there! And that’s actually where I’m going to end today’s show. And remember, if you like this video, you like what I do on this channel: Hit that Like button! If you’re new here, also hit that Subscribe button! Also, remember you have just a few more days if you wanna grab a DeFranco Holiday Sweater. But that said, of course, as always: My name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been Phil’d in, I love yo’ faces, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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100 thoughts on “Cheating On Your Wife Just Got Way More Confusing and Why Kate Upton Is My New Favorite Person

  1. Its official I'm investing all of my money in marijuana, pizza, and sex robots. IM GONNA BE RICH!!!

    Also hey there Nation. Hope you enjoy today's weirdness. Was feeling way better today. Needed that rest yesterday. 🙂

  2. I have a feeling that the motors in the device wouldn't be stronger than they needed to be for typical use because torque costs money obviously, so the injury risk probably isn't too big.

  3. porcello, verlander, and kluber were all pretty much the same WAR wise so it was kinda a toss up. verlander had the strikeouts, porcello had the wins. britton was the real snub

  4. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer y'all but that fake news site aggregator linked up above, the Daily Dot one, has been proved to be… very tipsy in one direction, to put it obliquely. Melissa Zimdars is not a professor, and was forced to pull down the original posting after some digging was done and it was found that some accurate, if not politically correct, sites were listed because of a difference of opinion. Just look up "Massachusetts Assistant Professor news site list" and you'll come up with a slew of stories corroborating.

  5. "My wife wants to knock on a door and choke a bitch" Hells yeah! I'm usually all for just letting things be and just letting things go if its aimed at me, but if its aimed at my partner or my little brother I will come out swinging! I think every lady has a little bit of momma lion in her and thats okay. Also this just makes me love Lindsay more

  6. I love The Onion and I often share headlines from their page. I've had so many people comment on those posts with complete outrage. One example was a fake news story and video where a teenage girl was considered brain dead and about to be euthanized because all she did was groan and sigh at her parent and stare blankly at her cell phone. And so many people took this as FACT. One of my aunts threatened to write to the rep of that state. 😂 Can you say gullible?

  7. Unfortunately for any guys out there using Camsoda the views vary per girlfriend. Personally I do not believe it's cheating if it is an interactive porn video. But say it's more personal, like a one on one Skype that's where intentions come into play.

  8. i REALLY feel teat freedom of press and of speech SHOULD NOT allow blatant lies to be spread by "news outlets" without and consequences.

  9. As long as I get my future cam toy that's similar but if we're both doing that and not having sex or doing that more than sex with each other than what's the point? I might as well just have a fuck buddy and live by myself.

  10. (Regarding spoof news) The chief of justice in Sweden shared a fake story on marijuana on her facebook page. She'd old though so I understand why she doesn't know how the internet works.

  11. Your wife is incredible! I'm the same way with my husband. BTW, I'm having to catch up on videos. I just had my son two weeks ago and finally feeling a bit human again. 🙂

  12. if youre in a relationship that is monogamous you should not be interacting with other people sexually ie live channels or skype handjobs

  13. I believe that it only count's as cheating if any part of your dick, enters any hole on body of the sex your attracted to. This works in reverse for vaginas.

  14. Not gonna lie, when someone says something to or about my fiancee, there is always at least a three hour time frame after I am informed about it that she has to calm me down and refuse to give me the name or contact information, because apparently "I love you, but you are savage. Sometimes I'm glad we're long distance so you can't physically confront them, and no I won't give you their name because you'll go and find them somewhere online and ruin them with words."

  15. I love watching you, but I often wonder if you ever trip over your words or if you froth at the mouth while you talk. If I ever talk that fast when I am excited about something I usually start to feel like I have forgotten to swallow and feel like I have to much spit in my mouth, probably have spit on some people accidentally as well… know when your tongue slaps the bottom of your mouth oddly and you get this weird (stream?) that just explodes out of your mouth…you kinda hope no one notices but you pause for a brief second feeling awkward, but then you continue talking? No? Just me?

  16. It wouldn't bother me if my man used that CamSoda thing because it just sounds like a glorified flesh light to me, masturbation with bells and whistles so to speak. My only stipulation would be that there is absolutely no verbal communication, like a back-and-forth conversation, because then it treads into emotional cheating. Watching her use the sex toy is fine but I don't want her to see him or hear his voice. That's just where I mentally place the cheating line but what works for one couple, might not work for another.

  17. How can it be in all those countries already…… and then be released in 200 more countries later…… or 200 countries period? Aren't there only 196 countries total or has my education system failed me?

  18. I mean. generally ur masturbatory process is pretty much the same. Prepare genitals, stroke. cum. add in unique nuance for each person. Then the porn is just a visual stimuli, but you have something where this experience is unique to another person. Even if its artificial, I find it crossing some lines that would cause insecurities to your partner. idk, im currently fine with cumming in a sock when my partner isnt available. Simple

  19. So all I heard at the beginning of the video was:

    – Say something bad about Phil.
    – Phil's wife wants to choke me.
    – Phil might be in tow.
    – I get to meet Phil.
    …this sounds like a win for me. So I get to meet Phil by putting him down. Yay!
    *jots note down about making fun of Phil in the future*

  20. Damn Phil, your relationship and mine are the exact same. I try and move past things, but my boyfriend wasn't to rape them with words first. We might have more in common than I first thought. lol.

  21. I think it's cheating. If I was sexting someone who wasn't my significant other, there's no physical touch and but you sure as hell know that's cheating.

  22. phil who cares if THAT is cheating, the real question is if I say "Say 123 For bf" on roblox… is it cheating?

  23. I had a discussion involving cheating with my bf recently. Porn is fine, I watch it too. However, as (to my knowledge) cam girls are live, I consider watching cam girls or anyone you can interact with over the Internet during a sexual act as cheating. Turns out that what started this discussion was a pop up for a cam girl website. So, in a round about way, if you partake in the cam girl thing mentioned here while in a relationship, you are cheating in my mind. Of course, you should always discuss boundaries with your partner and ensure that you aren't going to be betraying their trust.

  24. I think it is cheating. You're technically having sex with another person. Also, if you're that sexually frustrated to put you dong in danger please consider talking with your girlfriend or boyfriend about it.

  25. There was one onion post about a sewer pipe bursting at the olympics and my mom believed it. We then had to explain that that entire website was fake. It was so funny cause she was about to share it to facebook before she stopped her.

  26. I think if you have a subscription to CamSoda and have one if those…things, you probably don't have a significant other. So you don't have to worry about cheating.

  27. In response to the sexy cam girl vibrator excitement, I don't see how this could be cheating, unless if it is on a life feed, and you can actually talk to the person across the screen. If it's just action, this is just technology advancing into the future. There are people that fuck robots, and somehow that is cheating. This is 2017 kids, stop the trigger ridiculousness and realize everyone is sexual in different ways. Your relationship is up to you and your partner.

  28. I know i'm late to the party ….but…"If your dick gets crushed , it's on me bro" tee shirts are out?

  29. Jesus… one movie comes to mind with the sex toy/cam viewing. Demolition Man!!! lol that is bananas. They practically hit taco bell being on every corner and taking over the fast food market. now they crushed it on futuristic safe sex. I'm just laughing my ass off.

  30. Phil always says "links is are always in the description down below" which isn't grammatically but he's great so I don't mind

  31. Not cheating but a huge kick in the face, if I caught my boyfriend having virtual sex with a cam girl I would feel like Im not good enough for him and cut it off immediately
    Guys, youre with a girl for a reason, dont make her feel like shit

  32. If your wife is that badass she needs her own YouTube channel.
    Unless you are afraid of the competition 😝

  33. I'd say it's cheating if it's with the intent of being intimate with someone other than the one you've claimed loyalty to

  34. Hey man if the machine gets hacked and starts squeezing too hard just think about your grandma naked and…wait that won't work for me.

  35. I'm exactly like Lindsay with my boyfriend. Someone pulls a dick move and usually he handles it himself but when I'm told about it I'm ready to slap a motherfucker.

  36. I had a conversation like this with a friend Mary Jean. Her bf cheated on her with someone on Snapchat (she was one of those.. girls that does porn on her snap chat stories but she also sexts guys on there too) he of course was really sorry bc to him it was porn and her a porn star. I told her I was with her that it was cheating bc when you actively go looking for another person to sexually please you that bridge has been built even if you don't come in physical contact with them. It's no longer porn but now an online brothel but a borthel nonetheless. Anyone who has had an online/long distance relationship would agree bc they know their relationship is real regardless of it being online. But that's with a closed relationship there are others who don't mind or don't care. I always believe that a couple's first conversation should be about the kind of relationship(open/closed ect), intimacy(sex), and what they consider betrayal and why(update as needed). Every time my husband and I have these conversions it's helped a lot and that one year we didn't was really rough for the both of us. Everyone grows and change so not being updated left us in the dark and unsatisfied.

    This got a lot longer than i thought it would. Sorry!

  37. Watching porn isn't cheating as long as the person you're with knows and is okay about it, same goes for live pron sex toys and pretty much everything else
    Anyone else agrees ?

  38. I would say in regards to the virtual blowjob that its definitely a gray area, but i personally would go with it being not cheating, as the encounter is purely sexual in nature and a big part of the issue with cheating is the fact you are having a romantic relationship with someone else, not just the sexual aspects of cheating, its the idea that someone who you thought loved you can just go behind your back and hand out that love like its nothing.

  39. Listen if my man decides to watch porn, fine whatever i dont care but the second it becomes more personal like there is a cam girl he is talking to the that is cheating. Its cheating because that woman is seducing your man and he allowing it. Like if lets say a random girl goes out of her way to makeout with my man and he pushes away, then im fine with that i only am pissed at the girl but if its the two people knowing eachother and doing sexual, seductive and flirtatious things then it becomes cheating

  40. I mean, if you are among the greatest players in baseball then $500,000 does not mean really anything… haha, glad he was chill about it!

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