Nice Lance no lens no lens. No All right, here we go we got the cheating lens One two three four guys, this is the dream there cannot be a better hand than this, right It says this has to be one of the best hands if you won’t hand picked your hand and we’ll be close to this Greetings traveler Can double value trade but is this a spot where like all merlocks will go face this you don’t trade this, right? Are you ready for the lens chance Hey Taj, good morning. I tried your Borel to Kate egg, but severs never gave me the perfect card for the kimono I always try Adam two men are left over. It’s a very important that your opponent doesn’t have a board and doesn’t have a weapon These are requirements All right two minutes there we go. There we go guys It’s right 3-1 with weapon then straight a bigger minion Then try the 3/2 So one of the things that the Highlander hunter can do as well, oh you go space that Maddox be correct So this gives me five attack on this one Oh my god, this guy is insane ridic Its explosive or keep in this matchup Hahahaha you baiting me I see We won a game we won a game guys 100% when lens is drawn win rate Thanks, I’m happy you slept 11 hours. Yeah. I had a super nice sleep ice. I slept 11 hours I feel like a new person, you know strong person You see chat what I just did do you see do you see what I see? Yeah, the weakness of this thing is a proactive deck that’s what is best to play against this Future kolento donated $2 don’t sleep on turn eight Turn eight. How do you think quest through this against this guys? Is it like free win for merlocks or do you have like Pretty decent early game still to deal with stuff Maybe the matchup is not too bad. Once you also have cars like star for so many But do you think is better against chief Eldon Highlander hunter or our quest Rhodes Mom Yeah, you wonder huh Kind of all that be nice together at least one blue girl out here Lin donated $2. Hello time When it’s tea time We are doing or tea time together very often at 2:00 p.m. But it’s always fine to get yourself a nice early tea Don’t worry about that. Okay Mr. Lyne death And all of this that guys I’ve seen enough I CHEAT PALADIN DECK 2019 | SAVIORS OF ULDUM | HEARTHSTONE See

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  1. Rate the deck in one word? Take a second to tell us how you feel!
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  2. Umm… this is just the same ol’ murloc paladin thats been going around since the release of Uldum! Funny, because i thought this was an entirely new deck at first when i saw the title of the video as ‘cheat paladin’, then saw thijs decklist.. and yea.. just murloc paladin.. i guess thijs was trying to be funny or something with his deck name… but this deck is super swingy, either you’re able to make that monster board and kill your opponent quickly (game 1) or you dont, not as much and get blown out (game 2)… good showcase of the deck in a nutshell though!
    Good job! Cheers!

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