Cheap Tablet Hybrid – Great Tech Deals #3

hey guys welcome to Tech Best what we are looking at here is a pretty cool little tablet and we are going to be getting one in for review but it is going to take a couple of weeks to arrive and right now it is on sale with Banggood until the end of the week ending second of april 2017 so just wanted to make a quick video to share the details with you guys while we wait for our one to arrive there will be a link in the description below for the deal it is called the Tbook 16 Power so obviously you can tell it copies the design style of the microsoft surface but this one is a dual boot system with both Windows 10 and Android marshmallow so you can get the best of both worlds it has the same Intel x7 quad core processor that is found on the surface 3 but it has eight gigs of RAM which is a lot better than the two or four gig options that you get with the surface 3 64 gigs of storage which is also similar to the surface 3 which has a 64 gig option now 64 gigs is not a lot for a Windows machine but thankfully it does have microSD expansion so it’s easy enough to add extra capacity it has an 11.6 inch full HD IPS display Intel HD graphics the kick stand is multi positional it also has a magnalium cover which is a combination of magnesium and aluminium or aluminum if you’re from the states so it should be lightweight and strong and at the moment when you buy it it comes with the keyboard which I think normally costs an extra forty dollars if you buy it separately it also has a USB 3.0 USB type-c and mini HDMI ports now normally the tablet is about three hundred and sixty dollars and the keyboard is forty dollars so right now for three hundred and fifteen dollars for both it’s a good deal and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one and testing it out so stay tuned for that video also if you like to know about the latest tech deals happening then follow us on facebook we have some cool thing coming up thanks for watching take care and catch you in the next one

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