Changing and Adjusting your Venturi Buckle

I’m Darren from VENTURi Belt coming to you
from Glen Canyon. Today I want to talk to you about how your
new favorite belt works. Now when you get your belt
the buckles are interchangeable today I’ve selected the blue
and today we’re going to use the webbing belt to show you how it works
we’re going to take the non loop end of the belt
and we’re going to insert it into the slot closest to the hook
so we put it in and you bring it back
through the other slot then you go ahead and pull it tight
now I’m going to show you how to loop it through your belt loops
so that’s how it goes if you need a little more
or a little less it’s easy to adjust you just take that and push it one direction
or another pull that tight
and there you go!

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