Chameleon Run Is A Must Play

Chameleon Run is an autorunner where you fly
through the air bouncing off platforms, sea-saws, and slides to make your way to the end of
each level. I Love this game and I am not the only one.
Chameleon Run launched a little over a week ago and has been heavily promoted by Apple.
It cost $1.99 and there is no free version. It’s topping the paid charts at #6 app overall,
#4 game, and #1 in both arcade and racing games. And YES Android fans, you can also
get Chameleon Run on Google Play for $2. Here’s the basic gameplay…you are this
Minecraft-looking cube dude who needs to run, fly, leap your way to the finish. There are
these black coal looking obstacles that will kill you. Then there’s the whole color switching
element. It follows a very well establish gaming dynamic – don’t touch anything unless
you are the same color as it. Basically what you do is tap with one thumb
to jump and the other to change color. This sounds easy but sometimes you feel like your
thumbs have a mind of their own. You double jump when you don’t mean to or switch colors
when you KNOW you wanted to jump. But the skill and coordination needed to play the
game makes it all that more addictive. I played one level for over 30 minutes not
even caring that I kept dying. I was having fun and loving the challenge brain-thumb coordination. There are different level of jumping. There’s
a sort jump, long jump double jump and falling jump. You only get two jump taps in a row
unless you touch ground to reset you count. Hitting solid ground gives you two more and
your head one additional jump. The head tap is key (or can be your doom)
when playing through without switching colors. There are three objective for each level.
The first is to finish it, then collect all the coins or crystals, and arguable the hardest
to finish an entire level without switching colors. The more you play the harder it gets, which
seems normal. But what hooks me is…is even when you make a mistake, you can land in a
different path and keep running toward the finish. I tend to repeat a particular track,
but sometimes when you are thrown off it’s not a bad thing. You might find a fan that
propels you forward or some lightening speed that you didn’t even know was there. Based solely on this name, this game is not
at all what I expected. I mean I get why it’s called Chameleon Run because you change color
as you leap through the game. But man does it not even begin to describe how awesome
it is. When I think chameleon I think 80s which are cool and a lazy green animal chilling
on a sun deck. THIS is way better than any of that. Not to mention Chameleon is hard
to spell. Maybe they should have considered something more like Super Fly 3D, but that’s
just me. Regardless, I highly recommend this game.
It sucks you in… has great visual and sounds effects, and is 10x better than your standard
runner or color switching game. For roughly the cost of a cup of coffee you will be smiling
for hours. Or at least I was.

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