CES 2017 Highlights: Top 10 Panasonic Tech & Innovations

– Welcome to Panasonic’s booth – At CES 2017 – Where Panasonic’s
Future Smart Technologies are transforming your world. – We are gonna take you behind the scenes for a look at our favorite 10 innovations. – Let’s go ahead and check it out (bright pop music) – I’ve been waiting years for this camera this is the Lumix GH5, and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out. – The Autonomous Cabin Concept. This is what driving
could be like in 2025. – The best seats on the
field just got even better thanks to Window AR Projection. Now without taking your
eyes off the field, you can get stats, replays, and other graphics right on the glass. – Smart cities start with
smart infrastructure, so we are gonna take a look at Panasonic’s City of the future. (energizing dance music) – This is not just glass, this is actually a full fledged TV, I’m
really excited about it. You’re definitely gonna
want to check this out, here at the Panasonic booth. – Let’s start cooking, today– – The Chrysler Portal is decked out with Panasonic technologies
and is the perfect way to have a teched-out
car in the near-future. – These Panasonic batteries
power electric vehicles, including the upcoming Tesla Model 3. – Why go to the kitchen to cook your food when you could do it right, at the dinner table? – The internet of things has arrived at 30,000 feet with Panasonic Avionics. – Flag Mapping, projections that can adapt to random movement. This balloon cam is the future of interactive stadium technology, and you can see it right here. – And that’s not even everything, so if you’re at CES 2017 you have to stop by the Panasonic booth, and check out all this tech. And if you’re at home, be sure to follow the
hashtag #PanasonicCES, because we’ll be posting
videos all week long. (upbeat dance music)

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  1. What's up #TechSquad? Which of the 10 technologies features in this video do you want to learn more about? I've got more coming from #CES!

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