CEO Of Umbala Shared About Umbala on VTV’s Startup Show

CEO Nguyen Minh Thao’s Umbala.Tv appeared on the top trending reality television show on VTV Welcome everybody to the honor Vietnam startup-related show on Vietnam Television Station Hi guys, today, we’ll begin the journey with an extremely passenger And are you curious to know who the passenger coming today is? Let’s say this magic word “Umbala” An 8x-er has started his own business since he was eighteen. With bringing an enormous dreaming of changing the world. He owned an information technology million-dollar company at Silicon Valley Minh Thao Nguyen – the Founder of Umbala which was an camera-star platform on mobile phone Now, let’s on air with us in order to discover the startup story of this special passenger The show’s audiences is actually eager to welcome you to this journey. Can you share something about the brand name to the viewers? What does the ‘Umbala’ mean? This is an word coming from At this moment, what magics have Umbala done? Umbala is an application, which helps young people can create their own movies or music clips right away. Those user-created videos are utmost miraculous, which only can be watched in movie all the time. Released since 2014 with the orientation of providing a platform on which young talents have chances to show their real talents by recording videos and join in virtual music-arena on mobile phone Umbala has promptly born an impress and create a hot trend for teenagers in a dozen of big markets, such as American, Canada, Brazil and Germany thanks to editing tools, effectiveness and joyful diapason. How can the Vietnamese succeed in Silicon Valley? What secrets help a national product become a worldwide one? Those secrets will be shown on the next minutes of the show. I have a feeling that I am inviting a passenger who are creating a new young generation that take my generation at risk of unemployment 😀 Indeed, every released product will join in a specific market and not coincide with each other. So, the thought that Umbala have chance to replace TV industry is impossible In fact, Umbala will create a new playground for new generation Specially those who are quite young and “crazy” 😀 Close the company Come to Silicon Valley at risk to startup A smart decision or frivolity ? At that hard time, I felt depresses when people said that “Your Umbala is Snapchat alike” A mobile app was compared with a well-known app in the world That If he want to exist at Silicon Valley where there is no acceptance for less-distinctive idea We learned too many videos on the Internet specially music clips on Youtube then we realized the fact that those things which we have completed utmost accordant with music industry So, we focus our Umbala on music industry In reality, after experiencing the app, users extremely like the challenges to become the winners when they are reward to be a winner, they feel favor so much. So we thought of game show. where they can compete with other users On September, 2016 Umbala has been released with a dozen of breakthrough functions compared with available app in the market But success has not come to him yet There are no American users using our app. As my analyzation, many startup companies don’t reach out to the America market as the first stage. But they approach to the America-like markets with 60% similarity compared to America They choose Brazil market However, Mr Thao has continuously faced with failure in Brazil market. Not giving up, he brought Umbala into Germany and UK market Luckily, Umbala was received too many users’ greetings The amount of users increased rapidly From these users-creating contents, Umbala has cooperated with big companies like Instagram, Snapchat in order to share and rapidly make hot trend for teenagers in Canada and US Standing on enormous companies is the fastest way to move Umbala focused on the value for which they are using Now, young people are using Umbala to create videos to share on Instagram How wonderful it is! I’m also feel proud of it Users are using Umbala to create value and they think those values which can be shared to their friends This is a very wonderful thing! It is called viral value When people realize the wonderful things Umbala has built, more people intend to experience the app they can create a network based Umbala People can share their value on Umbala After the very first success, Umbala has been rapidly invested by a lot of Investor Funds They are 500 Startup, SOSVentures with millions dollars invested Amazon also invested on Umbala with 100.000 USD to support to develop products DigitalOcean sponsored 250.000 USD for infrastructure costs Umbala was ranked one of the most new, great and accordant to community by Apple In reality, Umbala team had three people when startup At the moment, we have five people in team. So many people surprises for the numbers of employees in Umbala And they believe the company is small The most important thing is the company’s vision Less people but Big Vision as many companies

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