Casper’s new mattress for dogs

Casper, a
direct-to-consumer mattress company, wants to make beds for your
four-legged best friend. After 110 prototypes,
460 hours of lab testing, and 11 months of dog sleep studies, the beds are now ready to ship. They gave us one to test
drive so we enlisted the help of this little dude. (bark) The shed-free cover is
removable and machine washable. The inside mattress is made
from a memory foam that’s soft but also durable which
is good for old dogs with aging bones and joints. The raised sides make it
cozier for your buddies that like enclosed spaces. The bed comes in three
colors and three sizes. Henry is 15 pounds, this is a small. Betsy is 26 pounds,
the small is too small. Hi, Henry. Is this bed
better than your other one? Better than sleeping on
a pile of dirty t-shirts? Are you sure? Would you recommend this to your friends? Prices range from $125 to $225 and like Casper’s human beds, these also have a 100 night trial.

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2 thoughts on “Casper’s new mattress for dogs

  1. This was freaking cute. I am going to be buying my little buddy one next week since we got ours yesterday.

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