Casey Neistat’s $25 Million Dollar News Project Revealed! But Is It The Future Of News?

Sup, you beautiful bastards. Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday. Welcome back to the Phillip Defranco Show and let’s jump into it. And the first thing I want to talk about today, the most requested story of the day, let’s talk about Casey Neistat, Beme, and CNN. Casey Neistat, of course, one of the biggest, most influential youtubers on Youtube over the past two years. And one of the last times Casey made big business news is when he sold his company, Beme, to CNN for a reported $25 million dollars. And when this happened, a lot of people questioned the move. “Why would you buy Beme?” Beme was primarily known for launching an app that was Snapchat-like that never really fully took off. But why would they want that? But really what they wanted was Casey Neistat, his influence and his team over at Beme. And as far as what they would be creating, Neistat said: company will be devoted to filling the world with excellent timely and topical video and empowering content creators to use technology to find their voice it won’t be what most people think of as a new is but it will be relevant to the daily conversations that dominate our lives a huge part of my particular audience these news and media has largely broken my dad sees it as the word of god I think the young people and the reason we’re talking about this today, is that there’s been a new update And speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Casey Neistat expanded on what it is exactly that they are making. Saying: “I want to build a news company.” “It’s going to be video-exclusive” “It’s going to be done in a way that penetrates the thick, strong, solid-steel bullshit shield that this generation cautiously holds up in between them” “and everything being thrown at them.” “We want to push that aside by speaking to them frankly and by having it be something that’s extraordinarily transparent.” and on top of all of that, Casey Neistat is reportedly, going to have a daily live show at 5 p.m. It won’t be a T.V. show, even though that’s what Jeff Zucker initially offered Neistat. The focus here is all digital. tech project he’s working on in relation to the nice that then add the building a product now that’s particularly excited about delivering live news feeds from around the world is curated by journalist is 12 different news feeds that are live at that very moment he’s raw unfiltered unedited newsy delivering that without context strips away the noi leaves you with exactly what’s taking place so here’s what I’ll say I imagine this was the most requested story because you have Casey nice that launching his own news network and i have mentioned more and more my personal interest with launching my very own news network in the next 12 years once I get past the hurdles that are in front of me right now side note 2 youtube TV I notice you didn’t have to and then is one of the channels you’re offering i will take half of whatever they are personally asking to be included in your service launched my very own news network on youtube community just throwing that out there even though you most likely will not acknowledge that’s fine but the kc nice that and CNN i am very excited to see what case he does hear those i do not know or think they know the relationship between Casey nice that myself I can speak for both of us I think we both very much like each other we’ve had our public differences like when he promoted Hillary Clinton and said you know each other youtubers have to go and promote her personally disagree with that i made a video on and I talked to him personally but what if you were just people with different opinions i personally think he’s a genuinely smart and passionate guy and far as how to get through the bullshit shield and get people to trust him i think that there is a hurdle there are people that are going to immediately support Casey nice that in this new venture there’s also a large audience out there that thinks that he’s biased and they’re not going to trust Hillary Clinton video is very polarizing in a way we can’t really see the long-term effects for you yes there was a lot of liberal support and love for that video but there were a lot of Trump supporters that felt like they’d be closed the door on villainized them and what Casey nice that is and what he is going to do is going to be locked into this liberal but now that said the way Casey is describing this new news network if it is what it sounds like it might be which is raw unedited unfiltered content curated in a transparent way that is the actual product that will go a long way with combating the allegations of bias and that’ll I’m so fascinated to see what this actually becomes you’re paying attention you know that news is changing when and where and why people are consuming news that is changing and it’s going to be very interesting to see who comes up in this time but on that note I’d love to know your thoughts are you excited for these new properties would you trust something pushed out by Casey yes no maybe so let me know your thoughts on this leave those comments down below from that I want to share some stuff i love today and today and also the first with us when we go to the movie trailer we got a new one for guardians of the galaxy vol.2 and there’s actually a bunch of new footage but keep in mind if you’re one of those people that does not want anything spoil you’re not constantly researching movies do not watch it because part of it will spoil it for and the same can be said for the other bit of Awesome which is the new alien covenant trailer and even with that I had to watch the trailer and I’m so excited then we have the rock put out a new video with logan paul and it actually really good and remember if you want to see the full version is everything I shared the secret link of the day anything at all links as always are in the description down below then click update on youtube TV which if you don’t know what the hell that is watch yesterday’s video want to update one part of my coverage because it is correct but also it’s misleading airport of YouTube TV allows for up to 6 users which is always a huge deal that puts them at the top of the market because all of a sudden six people in the household could split everyone’s watching their own thing it’s good actually not as simple as that can have 6 users which means 6 profiles so that you’re getting recommendations based off of what you personally under user profile consumed but you can only have three simultaneous streams at any given time that’s a big difference not so much if it’s a family that sharing it because a lot of people watch things together if it is a bunch of friends sharing service you’re more likely to run into the problem of people trying to string the same time not the biggest fan of how that part was advertised me versus what it means in the real world to compare that directly allows you to simultaneous streams flowing TV 1 or 3 playstation view 5 netflix to her for the plus UTV near the top but it doesn’t crown and Kingdom and I just something i want to update because I feel like it’s important that if something is not completely true that your updated and then you know what let’s do some clicking it was rolling out some new features this week one of the biggest things that they are expanding on their music featuring of course the one of my favorite features they have a full-on blockiness don’t see the stupid shit that person spouting at you but essentially just becomes them yelling in a room that you’re not in and you they don’t even know it was advancing that where you can just autoimmune certain account you want to meet people you don’t follow people have been confirmed their email confirm their phone number and people who have the default avatar which of course the twitter i cannot be two things we meant to stop harassment from people just creating new accounts because they’re old ones are getting bloggers have a bunch of fake accounts to use to overwhelm people with to you can also remove certain keywords and phrases from your timeline I people talk about the Kardashians struck philip defranco I overrated forgive me for a day 7 days 30 days or forever but they all most likely be using that feature but it’s going to be for spoiler example if I’m not able to see the season premiere of Game of Thrones I’m gonna ban every potential word relating to Game of Thrones for my timeline for like seven days people live the foil stuff from the last bit and this may be the most controversial is that they’re using their attacker may I handle and deal with accounts engaging an abusive behavior before people even report the tweet and give you a better understanding the explain for example this change come into effect of an account is repeatedly tweeting without solicitation non followers or engaging in patterns of abusive behavior is in violation of the Twitter rules and Twitter might limit certain account functionality for a set amount of time for that account such as allowing only their followers to see their tweets that last changes when I think that’s going to leave some people divided some very happy some very annoying one hand left harassment sounds like a fantastic thing on the other end it seems like this could be shadows depression will be used to stop harassment or will it be used to suppress people that are saying opinions but they don’t agree with that i would say we’ll see i love me your thoughts there and we had tech leaks a lot of places reporting that this is what the new Samsung Galaxy S II looks like you’ll notice the minimal front-facing bezels of the lack of a bottom button very interesting and has a lot of fam son fanboys excited if they go at Samsung makes a good product yes they also released the note which would sometimes explode but the put a positive spin on it i think that the note showcases how much people love themselves love Samsung products they loved the experience so much that they got the information that your phone might blow up if you don’t send it back to get a replacement and a large chunk of people were like yeah I’ll risk it at the next level brand loyalty and or laziness then interesting international news we look to spain spanish government has created the new position of sex are their way of trying to deal with their countries declining birthrate all the title of sexes are sounds kind of funny side note the woman feeling this rosette O’Meara better area be silly as it sounds it as easy of an article would be to be local ecology is sick stuff is actually a big issue perspect last year span recorded more deaths than berths for the first time since World War two between 1977 and 2015 reportedly the number of childless couples have tripled the birthrate fallen eighteen percent since 2008 most days i’m very interested to see what they do to try to promote some baby-making although i do want to point out is not a unique problem for a country those that have watched a show for a while you might remember the Danish did this in 2014 denmark they made a campaign called to do it for Mom and there’s a real clip from that campaign and some news that final six weeks if that is a real video also that’s not even the weirdest part of the video this part is gonna continue ski cookies eat a cave as unity thanks mom but even while i am making fun reports have come out saying that there was after this campaign not saying that is 100-percent responsible after this campaign there was a bump in how many babies were made that was a thing then fine we’ll cover this stupid story before losing their damn minds because this picture came out showing Kellyanne Conway taking a picture while her feet were on a couch the Oval Office how dare she ok one are we really at this level of petty who have you forgotten what happened when bill clinton was in that room and three the only thing that bugs the hell out of me about this picture is oh my god is blowing out hopefully was taking a picture for looks at it so they know that they actually got a garbage picture those damn blind compact letting ruining and why don’t trust anyone over the age of 40 to take a proper picture with a cellphone care about the ages you know it’s true then the last thing we’re going to talk about today is Trump’s address to Congress will strap yourself in we’re going to talk about this in two different avenues perception and presentation and then fact-check and the reason for that is your everyday person I i got a job I got school and I’m busy with life their perception of something is their reality or a lot of people that are going to take the next step two factions was appointed try to make last night that got me a lot of liberals hate and from six to his teleprompter he is less scary to moderate / leaner this is his best speech since election or many who agreed and supported but there were all there was so much hate there i make an accurate observation he said some of the responses you would have thought I tweeted pray and be too goddamn around Trump may his term as president only be overshadowed by her second term as president praise be to him but now it’s a fact it may not be the case for his core supporters when down from sticks to the teleprompter many people especially the ones annoyed by Donald Trump’s attack tweets that annoyed by what he’s doing a press conference in going at the press when he stops doing that any fixes helicopter he comes off in a much more positive light I said this during the speech would even ask the speech little outlets like CNN even they agreed with me reported that Interpol seventy-eight percent of viewers at a positive reaction and Jones of course famously on Election i said this this was a white last that same gentleman said this he became president of the united states in that moment the way Donald Trump came off the way that he was perceived by the majority was very very positive even more so when you compare Donald Trump and his speech to the Democratic response they got former Kentucky governor steve Beshear to talk 49 minutes and my takeaway from that is this this is a step above the Democrats just conceding the twenty20 election i’m not sure if it was because this was a premade speech that may be expected Donald Trump to be big and loud and angry and pointing fingers and the hopeless even would come on and he would be this this folksy com voice of reason for myself and I imagine many others he seemed to like this low energy disconnected voice I felt like I was watching a life insurance or medicine that I need to ask my doctor about kind of commercial except instead of being 30 seconds showing old people hugging on a beach it just went for nine minutes and that’s where i’ll stop regarding presentations and perception i think trump won big last night let’s talk about some of the facts and whether they were presented truthfully first let me say this there are a lot of people out there that are under the belief that the Democrats did not stand to thank the widow of a Navy SEAL kinds of headlines reading top Democrats refuse to stand and clap for Navy SEAL widow honored by trout the only wire the blaze Milo twitchy headline showing debbie Wasserman Schultz who i’m not a fan of sitting down among others but this is a false claim that screenshot of top Democrats sitting down is from much earlier in the speech and if you need the evidence all you have to do is go to the White House youtube channel show dangles from cameras that were non mainstream news last night in it you can see one hundred percent without a doubt Schultz and top Democrats standing and applauding link to the part of the video so you can feel yourself the question becomes are all these outlets that are claiming they’re doing this on purpose to mislead people or no they were just confused with a situation although to get that screenshot of Schultz sitting down at least the people that post the original story they have to know that that wasn’t true they took the screenshot and then for all the other places that promoted that falsehood day at the very least you didn’t do their due diligence with a story most you can see the footage is that they stood they clap the first time and the second time everyone stood and clapped again and then people thought it was over and they started sitting again and it looks like they thought it was over some people that got back up because they realized it wasn’t done also if you look at the footage looks like the window thought like that the collapse work done for a second then they came back again a little thing to the defense of some of the outlets that did say that Democrats didn’t stand out if you have now backtracked those claims saying that everyone set up the first time and the second time everyone stood up and said back together is maintaining the Democrats didn’t stand up the second time at all that of all the video and scoured through there’s nothing that shows that means they just didn’t get up at all the second time so that’s just the situation now if you want to debate whether Trump should have done that should not have done that if it was a political move go out i’m not gonna be a part of that argument obviously people could say well as political capital personally care to make someone look good political i personally going to show some damn respect to the family of a fallen soldier the two that know people like Dan guerrilla will respond to this said sorry Owens wife you’re not helping yourself your husband’s memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot up just used you then I would kind of like to ask you to go fuck yourself and then let’s talk some Trump fact-checking from continue to say in 94 million Americans are out of the workforce this is an incredibly misleading number that he has used time and time again we’re talking about unemployment problems in the united states there are a lot of Americans who are out of the workforce don’t use the massive numbers of Trump site and it takes away reality that’s because the number that he’s using includes people that are 16 and older because those high schoolers those college kids you have stay-at-home parents you have people who are on disability you have people who are retired number he’s throwing out there is only going to get higher and higher because the baby boomer generation is getting to retirement age then several fact checking websites hit Trump when he said budget plan will offer one of the largest increases in national defense spending in American history any of the sites contested three times in recent years Congress Ray’s defense budgets by larger percentages and fifty four billion or the ten percent increase that from proposes the base defense budget to buy 40 1,000,000,000 or 14.3 percent 2002 x 37 billion 11.3 person 2003 and by 47 billion or 10.9 percent 2008 but at that point i would have to say this fact checking websites that’s a silly argument you’re basing it off of percentages you are both right and wrong is ten percent is letter to those other percentages but his increase 54 billion dollars is higher than all the other numbers you mentioned– understand if someone gives me the choice between having fifty four dollars and thirty-seven dollars i’ll probably take the 54 because that’s more that is the biggest some being discussed and the terms claim the murder rate in 2015 experience its largest single year increased nearly half a century it is actually correct although some places reported a little bit misleading at being because if you look between 1993 and 2014 even on the population went up twenty-five percent murder rate dropped by 42-percent over two decades the murder rate drops and all the sudden was seeing a little bump the argument there was maybe it was just a bad year or it could be the beginning of a trend when you talk about Chicago shooting said Chicago more than 4,000 people were shot last year alone the murder rate for this year has been even higher and that if you’ve watched a show for a long time we’ve talked about Chicago a good amount that is true you double check the numbers yourself an insurance claim that he’s saving a bunch of money on the f-35 fighter jets and we’ve saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars i bring down the price of the fantastic and it is a fantastic new f-35 fighter jet is debate there about the real effect on Trump and drum criticized the price tag in between december on februari third the department of defense announced as we save 728 million dollars but there are reports that the government and lockheed martin had been in this negotiation for years this is also a point they made when from talked about fiat for General Motors all those company and you know what I just realized this video’s getting too long you’re probably like Phil shut up going to do with the fact checking websites down below the question I want to pack up to you what did you think about last night’s speech you’re happy or angry or annoyed or in between let me know what you were thinking because i always say that isn’t just a show it’s a conversation you don’t have to agree with me I want to know what you think about me this last story the first one or anything in between i wanna know what you think let me know that’s actually where I’m going to end today’s show remember if you liked this video you liked what i do on this channel hit that like button if you hit that subscribe button also be missed yesterday’s Phil DeFranco show you can click a tap right there to watch that if you want to see the brand new vlog and click app right there like that of course as always money and philip defranco you just been phill’d in I love your faces and i’ll see you tomorrow

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