Casey Neistat Sells To CNN For $25 Million, Fraud Allegations, and Horrible Tragedy Strikes Close

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100 thoughts on “Casey Neistat Sells To CNN For $25 Million, Fraud Allegations, and Horrible Tragedy Strikes Close

  1. I hope you enjoy this sleep deprived show. It got hard to finish near the end. Let's try and spread some love today Nation. <3

  2. Casey shouts out for Hillary Clinton…

    Then he stops making podcasts…

    then he is bought for many millions by CNN (pro-hillary, far left tv company)


    This sounds absolutely fair and clear cut…

    Also, Philip… did you really say Buzzfeed is a good news website? You mean that propaganda site, which denunciates men at every corner?

  3. CNN being used to money launder a pay off for a channel created to try and fail to get Hillary in, closed too quickly after Hillary failed. well it is the Clinton News Network 😉 … it will also be part of the 'Fake News' censorship… conspiratorial yes, what the facts show, yes…

  4. How much time was spent noting all the damage CNN and others caused by propagating the "hands up, don't shoot" lie? The ppl tasked with protecting us were killed as a result of this narrative from a fake news story. This is a tragedy with no chance of apology from CNN & company.

  5. Idc how "callous" Trump's Castro tweet was, Fidel was a goddamn murderer. I hope his death was as painful as possible

  6. I'm not sure if it's the comment section not showing the comments, but it's heart wrenching to see the main comments just being about Casey and "left" or "right". While hearing about a tragic story, only seeing one comment reaching out. Understandably, the comments section, as Phil has said, is for a conversation. It's just a little unnerving seeing the main focus was what leaning someone has in politics… Just a thought I had.  Sending my thoughts to Jason and I hope his GoFundMe not only reaches but exceeds the goal.

  7. To Jason: I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words that I can offer that may help you in this impossibly difficult time. My thoughts are with you.

  8. People shouldn't be sad at the death of Castro as he was a murderous cunt. Obviously the argument stands that being sad at a death is bad but I think that that is the least offensive thing trump has ever said.

  9. CNN is as Liberal as they come they must have saw Csaeys PRO Hillary video and said we want him. One of the only real news outlets is Vice News, CNN is probably going to try to follow Vices footsteps.

  10. Phil, when Trump said the election is rigged you and a lot of other people called him stupid. After Trump wins the election all the libtard Hillary supporters riot in the street claiming the election is rigged.

  11. That is really unfortunate about what happened. It is truly unfair and horrifying when the selfishness of others goes to committing such destructive and inhumane acts. I am not a father myself but hope to be one in the future and to give my future family the best home they can have. Thank you for reminding me what I had lost sight of and had taken for granted Phil.

  12. I just can't believe Casey turned out to be a shill. He will be used as an outlet to brainwash his young viewers with whatever mindset the left needs to push their agenda.

  13. My goodness how people are so cruel. My heart goes out to Jason and any good vibes that can help in any way and prayers will certainly be sent out to him. I do not know this man but my god how awful a thing to have happened. I can't even begin to imagine what the pain is like nor the anger. I will never, ever understand how there are such complete vile monsters out there to ever think that is an option. I really hope something will be able to help him. I just have no words for his loss and in such an atrocious manner. Maybe we could start a good letter train. Just have your subscribers possibly send letters of encouragement and good thoughts and prayers to this person since it feel we are all somewhat connected for the fact we watch and are subscribed to your channel on youtube. Anything to help this poor man recover.

  14. Casey Neistat can get fucked. His moronic vlogs are ridiculously stupid and he just shows off how much he gets paid for literally doing nothing.

    The buzzfeed dude needs to stop his cancerous buzzfeed video bs. They are the worst things to hit the internet since child porn.

  15. Phillip, I want to make a parody series of your show called Chicken DePanko. Where I get a voice narrator to comment on news and current events and overlay the audio with a video of a panko chicken. Can I do this or will YouTube's content IV or whatever get angry?

  16. Thank you for being one of the few parents on Social ANYTHING to finally mention the intense FEAR that a parent feels when they have a child (all anyone seems to talk about is the intense love that you feel for your child, and yes, I love my daughter more than my own life, but nobody ever mentions the horrific nightmares that you have of anything ever happening to your baby). What happened to those children takes a piece of my soul away. Being a mother to a small child myself, my heart goes out to Jason, and my prayers for your children.

  17. Newsflash- anyone living outside major liberal states knows that precincts voting 95% democrat are fishy. Take out California(and the bazillion liberal fruitcakes amassed there) and trump absolutely takes the popular vote by millions.

    Add to this the popular vote is meaningless and the electoral college invented to assure that mob rule would not win the day as it would if New York, California, and D.C were allowed to dictate to the rest of the nation.

    Common sense, it seems, is, as always, in short supply.

  18. ohhhh thats why casey neistat voted/promoted for hillary, lmfao, and now in with CNN which also promoted hillary. lmfao ! wow shady shit exposed.

  19. I knew there was something up with Casey getting free tickets on United emirates flights first class also Hillary supporter

  20. Ever watch that show "Dinosaurs"? my favorite quote from that show is:
    "It's temporarily accepted by the masses, so it's the truth."

  21. of course CNN bought him, after the Hillary thing they realize he can be manipulated and just used to promote whatever they want for money

  22. Casey has sold out but for $25M +/- I would too. You are right though, he has boxed himself in as a "Liberal nutcase" who is not trustworthy, I actually stoped watching his videos after this.

  23. Neistat's videos suck ass. They're all the same, fly a drone, skateboard, shower in airport, take a flight. Complete and utter garbage

  24. Casey Neistat is a filthy sellout confirmed JEW selling his channel to CNN and uploading liberal propaganda lies.

  25. So… going on to become the president of Buzzfeed Entertainment Group is supposed to be an accomplishment? Well.. I guess.. if you consider becoming cancer an accomplishment. lol


  27. Never will I watch anything that Clinton News Network no matter who is contributing, Jesus Christ could show up for an interview and I still wouldn't view it. Niestat is an overpaid shill. Hurts my eyes to watch him anyway. Phillip, I love your channel, keep it up!

  28. Maybe Casey is the biggest SELL OUT in history. Why? He does not need the money
    at all! CNN are trying to use him and his app to get trust back in fake news. HE IS
    getting a live daily digital show for CNN, which will run at 5 p.m. Sounds like a new
    way to sell the same old BS!

  29. Way late to the party but wanted to check on the Casey/CNN deal and after that clicked on to another page I had open looking at wrist watches but still listening to you. Kinda heard the CNN/porno fake news and then it happened, that last story made me click back to see your beautiful face a little more worn out because of the weight of the story, a  story that just crushed me! My kids are 27 & almost 24 years old and YOU NEVER stop worrying about them, I felt so sad for this man that not only had a cheating wife but one that was cheating with a neighbor, most likely his friend and the guy does the right thing and starts a divorce and this bitch of a woman kills his kids, what could be worse and through this all your daily vlog had touched his soul enough he reached out to you in his time of need and you didn't let him down! I've been following you a little over a month and watch all the new video and try to go back to some older stuff, thru the process you have become my fav YouTube person and I can see why you've got 5.6M subs or more and what you said in that moment was amazing Phillip, so thank you for the humor and the tears..

    Thanks for keeping it real,


    PS so sorry i'm this late posting but just watched and needed to put something down for my own thought process even though you wont most likely ever read it…

  30. I can't imagine what kind of a person could take their children's own lives so selfishly and it must be even more unimaginable the type of pain that Jason must be going through. I'm not a mother yet but I know that with a child comes the most deepest form of love and care a person can have for another and sometimes people can get so lost in things like politics, money, society and jobs that we don't realize how little that matters in the end. Anyone who has a child or is expecting, please take care of your families and our prayers are with you Jason. Your kids were beautiful

  31. Maybe send enough fontus bottles so at least they have some other source to get drinking water. All places that use hot water as a sanitary aid would have to close like restaurants and hotels. I don’t know you can just tell they’re government wasn’t ready for this issue and delays now could mean lots of death later. If it’s bad enough I wonder if it will be labeled as the first preventable human die off event.

  32. I dig the arguments you bring to the table, but it's verry tiresome to follow you, it seems you are copying the neistat way of speaking..

  33. not everybody that voted for Hillary is a liberal though, some people just didn't want an incompetent individual in office that at this time has been exposed for being a criminal, sexual predator and a Russian puppet

  34. Trump is right ,the system was rigged thousands of illegals voted 10 times and recounting them won't yield a different result. We must prevent this vote corruption and prosecute vote rigging when it is found. Trump is doing that. Jill Stein is not.

  35. I watched a few Casey videos and that's it. Cute but boring after a while. Just a few great video shots once in a while.

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