CapsuleMon, Fight! #5. Homing Needles concpet deck

Turn Based Action PvP Game This is how you should play CAPSULEMON FIGHT! Part #5. Homing Needles concpet deck.
(Kill just a targeted monster) Hundreds of missile! Hit just one target!
If you are this type of play, this clip is for you. Start lightly with 3 combo attacks. Opponent seems to have a Slasher monster.
Slasher monster is a big threat to small monsters which I have. So I will focus to kill Slasher first. Use Mark skill then you can guide your projectiles to that target. Hitting low HP based monster withs this attack is not recommended.
Wasting too much damange. Homing Needles is designed to attack random monsters, See what happens to Slasher monster next turn. Look at that Slasher attacking.
I shouldn’t leave him unmarked. As you can see, a combo attack with Mark skill (marking target)
is showned with white dot line. Now I just need to activate combo action. Activate combo action by bouncing off 3 monsters from ally summoner. Look at that.
All missiles were just headed to Slasher! Just like this,
you can kill off one monster at a time. Wonder what opponent will do next
after loosing one of his main monster. He is trying to gather monsters.
Is he going to use Flame Explosion? Since Slasher is not summoned yet,
I should attack in another way. Use a special potion to low HP based monster Dogtail.
And I will try to kill one monster with Mystic Arrows skill. With Dogtail’s laser skill,
I could make a double kill including Mana Genie which was hiding behind. Where are they go?
Opponent camp is almost empty now. Well, if there isn’t Hog-Stingy,
I should use Homing Needles skill to opponent summoner directly. Well, I will just kill Hog-Stingy
and activate all Homing Needles toward to opponent summoner. First give him a crash damange and activate 3 combo attacks. Hog-Stingy is dead now.
So all Homing Needles are heading to opponent summoner. Wow! I didn’t even know it would work!
I am surprised for myself. Slasher is still scary though.. Opponent realizes the defeat and gave up the game. If you combine skills and monsters,
you can have different variation in your game play. Hundreds of combination of skills and monsters in CAPSULEMON FIGHT.
What kind of play deck can you make?

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