Can You Hack A Smartphone?

– No one needs to hack into my phone to find out how fucked up I am. I put that on the internet for free. – I probably should be more concerned, but honestly I don’t think
I ever think about it. – I’m not actively worried about people listening to my conversations. Like the government tapping into my phone, but I know that, I think it was Steve Jobs covered up the camera on his laptop, but it doesn’t plague me everyday. – I am in constant fear I
am totally gonna get fucked one day, but I’m also
someone who watches porn on their work computer, so I
guess I’m not that concerned. – Yeah – Whoa! – Someone with physical access
to your phone can download spying software from the
internet onto your phone. – I don’t think I knew that. Hence, the surprise in my voice. – But they have to be
physically next to my phone, so I have my phone in my pocket
24/7 so I’m not too worried about that one. – This software gives the
hacker access to turn on your camera, read your text messages. – Including deleted messages,
listen to your phone calls, and find your location. Now that’s scary. – Whaaat? What!? – That’s not good. I have
some texts I would prefer remain hidden. – It is also possible to
get hacked by accidentally downloading “malicious
profiles”, also known as malware. It can be sent to your
phone via a link through a text message, email, or
complimentary Wi-Fi access? That’s fuckin’ rude! – I don’t like when, on my
computer, a pop-up will come up and be like “your computer
is compromised. Click here to download the thing, and
then that’s the thing that’s gonna hurt you, like everyone’s
a fuckin’ liar on the internet. – Malware can track keystrokes
and control the hacking device, including reading
and deleting emails, changing contact details, and tap into phone calls. – Can track keystrokes? Damn! – Come on? You cannot detect
malware on your phone. Okay, so how am I even
supposed to know that my phone has an STD? – Always update your software
to the latest version as soon as you can. I never update. – Some may have found ways
to gain access to information without entering a passcode at all. – Do not click on strange links
that have either been sent to you by email or text, fuckin’ duh. Do not open suspicious emails
or attachments. Bye, I know – Obviously, if you don’t
know who sent it to you, don’t open it. I’m talkin to you, Gramma. – Do not perform sensitive
activity on external, public, or insecure Wi-Fi networks. Well, I’ve already fucked
that up, because I watch porn on my work computer. – Utilize two-step authentication. I do! – Put tape over your camera. – Yeah, man, I need to get
some tap on my camera like ASAP – I feel like that’s silly
to walk around with tape, but I don’t want anyone seeing me.

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100 thoughts on “Can You Hack A Smartphone?

  1. "You cannot detect malware on your phone." Wrong. Possibly not on iOS but on Android there is Avast, AVG, Malwarebytes. And they work. So much for "Apple products are more secure"

  2. when I was younger I thought I was weird for putting tape over my laptop webcam. But now in college I see, that so many people do that.
    stay safe people

  3. 0:53 IDIOT ALERT…… there is no diffrence if they are on the other side of the planet or right next to you

  4. I literally have nothing on my phone that will interest anyone. My bank about has like 30 dollars and my texts consist of memes and asking my friend if they're done getting ready yet.

  5. My friends Grandad always puts tape over his computer camera but one day my friend went to visit her grandad and he had clear tape over the camera 😂

  6. "Someone with physical access to your phone can find your location" Well with the new snap chat update they don't even need to hack you…

  7. you can see if malware/virus is on ur can use antivirus like AVG on mobile(android,not sure about iOS)

  8. By exploiting SS7 vulnerability you have total access to SMS, calls and many more, but people usually use typical android exploits from metasploit to load in their payloads that gives you remote access to the phone. Same thing with Windows PCs but with other exploits and payloads (meterpreter on msfconsole). If I wanted access to somebody's mobile I'd probably use some kind of social engineering technique to find their password and install the pay load without having to exploit any system vulnerability. I'm just spitting stuff out in case you are interested haha


  10. My school uses iPads for literally everything and someone random sent malware to all the devices in the school so we all had to change our passwords :/

  11. If people went through my texts literally all they would see is memes and messages in all caps. Lmao

  12. Can someone answer my question: I'm using a Nokia which is running on the Series 30+, and because my Nokia is a cheap one so I can't install new software or even change the wallpaper, and it doesn't have a camera. But since I put most of my important contacts there, I really worry about this, because the Series 30+ is just an OS with even simpler structure than Android or IOS, so if a hacker get my phone and know how to code, they'll definitely get my data, right?

  13. i would put tape on my camera but if they hacked me already then theyve seen everythingt already and it would be annoying when i wanna take pics

  14. You can cover cameras with the cutest sticker you can find

    I mean its already outdated protection but a holo-unicorn would be easy to joke off

  15. I have a phone case that covers up the lens when i use my phone 🙂 , but i update not that much tho , so im probally screwed

  16. Man if someone wanna watch me poop and watch me jack off, you go ahead. But otherwise, sorry you had to see that.

  17. Now that you have the camera taped. What about the microphone? I mean Black Mirror and Open Windows (Elijah Wood) taught viewers about that. The mic can even be turned on with the phone off unfortunately.

  18. someone hacked my computer once and the light next to my webcam (that turns on when being used) lit up and i freaked out

  19. i immediately got worried about someone watching me through my laptop but i had no tape so i took a tag and one of those sticker things they put on clothes that say the size ( i had recently gone shopping ) and covered it up with those

  20. "Tape over your camera?!" If anyone really wants to watch me eat cereals outta the box while I binge YouTube they are welcome to my double chin action lol

  21. these people hacked all of my friends snapchat accounts and sent links to each other so we didn't think it was dangerous and it was just "from a friend"

  22. You can download a free VPN for your computer or even your phone that disguises what you are searching up or any information you use. It can also get past any restrictions on what you can view using a wifi network. This means you can view websites that your school blocks. Free phone VPNs include HexaTech and OperaVPN but I recommend HexaTech for its simplicity and how easy it is to use. For your computer is much harder because those usually require you to pay for a subscription but you could use the Tor Browser but that makes things much slower but allows you to access the Dark Net. I would recommend using Tor for illegal things but download AdBlock to stop dangerous pop up ads and download some other VPN extensions. Do with this information as you want.

  23. tbh if someone hacked my phone they'd just realise that I'm obsessed with harry potter and Yuri on ice

  24. why am i getting a weird DEJA VU vibes that i have seen this video before a weeks ago, and i have checked the comment section that if anyone else point out that its an old video, but i guess it is just my brain which is DEJA VUing,

  25. 1:35 That happened to me and I told my dad but i didnt really worry about it and i didnt download the think to 'fix' it and ever since then i was fine. I just accidentally tapped on an add.

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  28. pfff hacking into a phone is so simple that i just type 2 two commands into my KALI LINUX computer and the phone is hacked.(I don't talk about Ios because Ios is more than 2 commands x))

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