Can we put Britain back together again? Brexit breakdown part 3 | Anywhere but Westminster

How would you describe Boston
as a place to live or to work? Sometimes I feel it’s a good city,
sometimes I think it’s the worst place in the world. I don’t know. It’s a good little town, isn’t it? Let me guess,
would it be foreigners, immigration, Brexit? With Brexit devouring British politics, we’ve come to a place where over
three-quarters of voters backed it: Boston. This is becoming part
of the national condition now. Isn’t it? Sort of bubbling away
underneath everything else. All the money’s running out. … Mr Johnson said Theresa May’s
blueprint would leave the UK in limbo and called on her to change her
negotiating strategy. I feel nervous. Because media-wise the world and his wife have been here asking these people, about Brexit and
it doesn’t mean it’s not quite important. But also, you know, what
sat under Brexit was not just the fact the people didn’t like
mainstream politicians, you know? And a lot lower than
the mistrust of the media. What is it all about mate? What is it all about? Can you guess why we are here? We are journalists and we work for
the Guardian newspaper. Do you, by golly? The general consensus view here
is that get on with it, we voted, we’ve done it,
get on with it. We want it done and dusted that’s the end of it. The vote in Boston has nothing to do
with the EU as such or the economics of it, it was about immigration. Beneath the usual Brexit talk though, there’s the same feeling
we’ve encountered in very different places, it’s about control again. The powers that be,
don’t want to come out anyway, we are in their hands. They want to be able
to let the multinational companies carry on as normal. Because it’s the multinational
companies that run this world. You sound quite left-wing. No, not left-wing. No, I am not left-wing. But the idea, you know,
that capitalist corporations run the show. Well. I agree. So, it’s a participation sport. We’re just not going to leave,
they’re not going to allow it to happen, are they? It’s like going back
to the banking crisis 10 years ago. When the banks were too big to fail
and they got bailed out. What sort of capitalism is that? If I win, I keep the winnings,
if I lose you have to pay. It just seems
nothing fair about anything. Housing, the job markets. Tell us, tell us, tell us. If you live here, it’s totally different,
you’d realise why this is the biggest place for Brexit. There’s no schools, they’re cutting
the hospital down, the children’s ward in the … I know, I’ve seen the banner. And look, but why? Look, there are a lot of foreigners here,
I thought that was all meant to be at work. There’s a lot of foreigners
walking around here. Thank you sir. When leave won,
around that time, two years ago how did you feel? I felt quite optimistic,
I felt quite hopeful. I thought we’d get …
I thought we stood a chance of getting nearer to how we were, where we were a strong economy
and we had a bit of pride in ourselves. Sorry, I am trying to find
my husband. He dropped me off at
the other end of town … The way we’ll use it is we do a sort of
moving away shot, so feel free … Damn it. It’s a mobility scooter,
they’ll say, ‘ there’s nothing wrong with her!’ Going to a PIP appeal tomorrow … Your claim for PIP was turned down? Yeah, so I’m going to court tomorrow to take them to tribunal so I go tomorrow. I am so nervous,
I don’t think I’m going to get it. Do you blame anyone for that? I think I blame a lot of people who apply for it who don’t deserve it. There’s people in Whitehall making these decisions cutting back the funding for these benefits. It’s them, isn’t it? It’s not other people claiming PIP, it’s the people running
the Department for Work and Pensions. It is but I think the reason
that they don’t believe anybody is because they assume everybody’s lying. God, what hope if we’re all fighting each other? Aren’t there people pulling the strings though? It was lovely to meet you,
good luck tomorrow. She’s not the only one fighting. This is a business which gives
advice and translation services to Polish people in Boston. It’s sort of like a Polish
citizen advice bureau. And as you can see,
it’s in pretty high demand. Well basically the lady had been let off
from the company because she became pregnant. If you don’t know your rights,
you cannot fight if you don’t have ammunition. Everyone we meet is fighting, really? Well, we have to fight. There’s nothing happening
by itself. How has Brexit affected people’s
day-to-day lives? The amount of bureaucracy
we have to deal with is significantly bigger. Even if you’re going to go
to the hospital, they’re going to ask you, ‘do you have your pay slips with you?’ ‘I don’t, I don’t, I broke a leg,
I would like to get a treatment. I didn’t pack a payslip.’
That’s how it is now. You must hear some people locally say, ‘oh the reason that the NHS locally
is in a mess or schools are overcrowded or whatever, that’s because
of people from Europe.’ Try to imagine our position,
when we’ve been invited, basically invited to this country, saying we had people on the
street saying, ‘oh, if you’re looking for work, come to Britain, come to Britain.’
OK? And we’re coming here
and there is no schools, no NHS support, nothing prepared
for that amount of people coming over
and I’m blaming government I’m blaming government. People are buying homes here,
they have a job … Cut us everything, kids are
getting from the school. We don’t know what’s next. If it is Brexit then maybe the boss will say, so we close the factory for you
and you need to go back home. We don’t know. Iga came here with her son
eight years ago. And for them the uncertainty
is also personal. Basically I’ve been working
overtime like crazy during the summers. What were you doing? Oh I was working on Subway,
working 80 to 90 hours a week. It was mental … To save up to pay
for your citizenship application? Yeah, the application was around
£1,000. Then we finally got an answer. I’ve been declined. I was shocked. You’ve been here since
you were about 10? Yeah. And you’re 19 now? Yeah. And you’ve got GCSEs? Yeah … And A-levels? The thing I wanted from the citizenship
was a secured future. It felt more like I wasn’t really
welcome. It made me always think before any
action like I would say paranoid about what actually people think
about me. ‘You don’t belong here.’ Shortly after we leave Boston,
a man who symbolises all the nastiness and division of 2018 arrives in Britain. Another day,
some more noise in London. People are protesting because
they’re angry about a lot of things Like what? Brexit, Theresa May, cuts… I feel that we’re going the wrong way
and that Trump is the kind of face of that. And is there a British dimension of that? Yeah, I think Brexit is. What happens when everyone
goes home after today? That’s the sad thing, isn’t it? That’s the sad thing, it’s just part of the 24-hour
news cycle – it’s gone. I’m now part of the 24-hour news cycle. The reason we’ve been travelling
between towns like Walsall and Boston and London isn’t just about how much the country is divided. The two sides of modern Britain might also have something important in common. A sense that there are powerful forces at work and that ordinary people
have lost control. And there’s a silver lining
to this cloud. If that feeling now cuts across places, classes
and ages there surely should be
some chance of bringing people together to do
something about it. Start small, work within their communities,
talk to people, communicate with people. Something’s happening … Something is happening,
but it’s in a reaction to something, so all of this is in a reaction
to what’s going down. How do you feel standing here,
being part of this? I feel British. Explain … that’s interesting.
Explain what you mean by that. We promote love, equality,
multiculturalism, the community, coming together,
putting your ego to the side for the better good of other people and that’s what today … It’s not really about a job for me,
you know what I mean? It’s about Britain
and it’s about us becoming better people for ourselves,
like this is just a tool. How do you feel about the future? I feel like it is bright I think like in order for good things to happen you’ve got to hit rock bottom first. Outside cities, I go to sort of,
towns in England in particular, where people are very sort
of disconnected and they are aware things
have gone wrong but it’s like the weather …
Do you know what I mean? They just think
that’s the way it is. Yeah, yeah,
but then I think I was speaking to my friend the other day, I was like,
sometimes in life I think the worst thing you can do, is sit on the fence. We put a lot of pressure
on ourselves because of the state that the world is in,
like we just want to change the world now. The mentality we need to adopt
is do what you can and that’s going to change someone else and that person gets …
it’s a chain effect, you know what I mean? That’s going to take a long time. It will not happen over night. Yeah, definitely but now it’s about
how bad do you want it? Do you know what I mean? This is the great political
and social challenge of our time. Whatever happens with Brexit,
how do we take this sense that we can’t go on like this and do something
constructive with it? That’s coming by the end of the year. The campaign to win Walsall North back. Tory politics (…) but the Labour party has not been allowed to challenge them.

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100 thoughts on “Can we put Britain back together again? Brexit breakdown part 3 | Anywhere but Westminster

  1. People are waking up to just how powerless they are in today's crypto democracy were the country is run for the benefit of multi-nationals & banks. Take back control, Brexit is just the start

  2. Farage and Corbyn are still on Putin's payroll. Just as all other anti-EU parties. Arron Banks needs to be investigated for his Russian links.

  3. The Tories cut services in these communities and guess who they are blaming, The EU. We will still have these problems even when they are gone!

  4. Everyone is fed up of Theresa May standing in the way of the British people and the BREXIT they voted for. Understandably, everyone wonders if there is such a thing as democracy, any more. Hopefully negotiations will default to a "no deal" situation. Then, finally, the British people will get what they want and need.

  5. Why does the left think that a population made up of multiple religious and ethnic groupings would be able to arrive at a stable political and cultural settlement? I feel sorry for many of these Eastern Europeans. They were invited here over the heads of popular opinion. New Labour did it deliberately to undermine traditional modes of belonging and prop up house prices. They are essentially pawns of globalist business and naïve ideologues.

  6. One day, someone will explain to me how getting out of the European Union will magically stop immigration. It will stop your economy, for sure.

  7. 4:27 the woman who needs a mobility scooter to get around and was refused a PIP (personal independence payment) is blaming other disabled people instead of the top hatted Tories who bled the country dry in the name of "austerity". This is tragic. The same Tories convinced her that her problems are really the fault of "foreigners"

  8. Yes try hospital parking costs and if your a blue badge or not and blue badgers still have to pay which is a disabled car driver or support worker of a disabled person.

  9. Why are they protesting against Trump??!! Trump has nothing to do with your fricked up, backwards country! He does not govern Britain!

  10. The 'Government' are PUBLIC SERVANTS, the PUBLIC VOTED TO LEAVE – So what part of 'Leave' do they not understand? GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Clearly there's 2 problems the first benefit generation has now had kids and they are multiplying and more and more benefits needed to support more and more un-educated lazy spongers, you then open the doors and dont controol immigration and so end up with even more potential lazy spongers who know they will get MUCH more from the British benefit system than anywhere else… make the fat lazy gypos go back to work in the facotries and let them earn their self respect back, instead of watching jeremy kyle all day and control the immigration coming and going with a points based system… there you go ive fixed it all for you… nothing to see here

  12. The Treaty of Rome – Arguments about enlargement:

    💡 The Treaty of Rome was a ticket to greater economic growth because it started to break down the barriers to trade and investment that had existed in Europe since the 1930s. 
    💡 The Treaty enshrined the dream of a united Europe that would make it impossible for European countries to go to war again. 
    💡 The Treaty was an incredible feat of diplomacy that paved the way for European reconciliation and the spread of democracy.

    💡 The Treaty set out an impossible goal of creating a united Europe – ignoring the cultural and linguistic barriers that divide the continent. 
    💡 The Treaty was fundamentally confused: while at one level it aimed to promote economic cooperation, it tried to do this through an undemocratic and unnecessary political apparatus. 
    💡 The institutions that were created are distant and unfamiliar. In their original form they allowed many decisions to be made behind closed doors thus discouraging open debate and participation.

  13. I live in France. Here if you do not speak and read French, you get no help and you will not get a job. No job, no social security card, no benefits end no sympathy. Is there a problem in France due directly to EU citizens coming here? No, but they would also vote to leave the EU tomorrow…… the politicians would never give the French people this as an option, because they all enjoy the potential gravy train once their domestic political careers have over.

  14. The bloke at 3:00 is why you won't get your brexit. The vast majority of Brexiteers are thickos, oldies, or racists and we won't let them run this country in the ground. If you are the small minority of fair, honest people who voted for Brexit, choose a side, us or him.

  15. The argument that the people who voted for Brexit are ignorant into the outcome of Brexit is a pure fallacy, another tactic pitching by the 'elite' (rich people) in their last ditch in reversing the 'people's vote'. The truth is that, by going to another referendum, the establishment will kill the sovereign will of the people held during the first referendum, and this will resonate throughout society around the world, and human civilization will reverse its development backward. A referendum is "vox populi vox dei" – the voice of the people is the voice of God, the very principle of suffrage. Dismantle that sense of sovereignty, and you dismantle humanity.

    The deal can happen after Brexit, as EU Parliament does not want any deal due to repercussion within EU. Most of them are afraid of EU break-up that they had built for years if Brexit happens, but UK Parliament do not realize this, they are focused internally that they fail to see the position of EU, about the outcome of EU’s break-up if UK leaves. In this context, negotiation will not be appropriate as the EU side will be influenced and bias on their negotiation because of their unwillingness to let go of one of their pillar member-country which is the UK. The best interest negotiation for the UK will not be achieved while political Brexit is still on top of the issue. Let the UK leave, then proper leverage, discussion, and debate will emerge in negotiation for the good of both sides after Brexit. No deal is the way to go.

  16. BrExit referendum has won since Bremainers are not ready to give up on the idea of the superstate. If BrExiters have moderated their views and agreed to stay in a trade union then why don't Bremainers also compromise and give up on the idea of superstate? Only BrExiters should compromise???

    Bremainers want to move to the far end of the spectrum even though the BrExiters are willing to compromise and meet them at the middle (it is the same situation before and also after the 2016 referendum. As Angela Merkel said in Davos 2019, Compromise is not a bad word)

  17. People blaming other disabled people and foreigners for the problems in England when MP's have fancy cars, pay rises, second homes and free lunches of the tax payers money.. when are we going to open our eyes

  18. 9:03 I would stand with that guy. That's how I feel about being British. Putting ego to the side and carefully weighing decisions and doing what is right. Keep calm and carry on.

  19. You have to hand to the Tories. They are absolute masters at divide and conquer. They've imposed the most callous austerity measures in this country yet people still don't seem to realise who is to blame, instead they point the finger at others like them. Mad.

  20. "Nearer to how we were…" There are two kinds of people who supported the Brexit and I hate generalizing here but some were concerned mostly concerned about the refugee crisis. I could go into that, the reason for it and why I believe that they blame the EU for things it was not able to control but that's a different story.
    The other side of Ukip wanted control. But in a ruthless, undiplomatic way.
    Almost… Extreme. Radical.
    Is this not something I would usually say but this decison was a mistake.
    It was a reaction to a feeling of dislocation. It's a reaction of people from the countryside. From rural areas. Cities with a growing older population – but not with youth. The young leave… The old stay behind.
    People who think the EU is the issue but talk about lobbyism, about failed governments, about wanting to go back to the old days.
    This is false. In itself it is simply false.
    And it divides the country as much as the arrogance of people who don't even try to understand this reaction. Everyday we drift apart.
    This will end up destroying us, if nothing is done about it.

  21. The country miss lead it they know where is the fault since long time but they did not fixed they know where us the conurbation but the close there easy they know not all the polish or Romanian or refuges are bad

  22. Stay in EU & fix any problems. Do not run away & then realise what a mistake you made. United one stands. Divided one fails.
    And to those crude illiterates that now attack me on a personal basis – grow up and go back to school
    Robin Irwin
    Westcountry Liberal

  23. I live in Thailand. I teach. It's a struggle with two kids and a wife. But to see a Polish lady angry in Britain because the country's benefits aren't afforded to her, as if she's entitled to something for nothing….Brexit works if Ireland leaves with them. We're inextricably-linked. We produce almost everything that we need … and Asia provides the rest. We take our waters back from the EU, boot out the lot of them using the British Navy. All the fish, dairy, beef, poutltry, pork, potatoes, veggies … sorted. The EU can pay their tariff to buy our lovely food. We could survive together, then thrive.

  24. Wow! you go at the hospital and they ask you for pay slips… Maybe not instantly, but Karma will have lots of work to do

  25. If you want to rein in the power which multinational corporations have,
    or if you want to regulate international finance more,
    why would you attack the only institution that has the power to do that?

    For goodness sake. If you're upset with right-wing libertarianism, do not vote in favor of far-right populist movements.

  26. Great to see a remainer point of view and to go round and get the views of the lovely British people . Some changes needed and being out of the EU will be one of them

  27. With the Polish you are highlighting one of the issues, there are not enough jobs available now for even half of those born in the UK, factories have closed, mines closed, no typing polls anymore, computers are doing jobs that people used to do, so in areas like Boston there are a few shop jobs, office jobs, cleaning jobs, a few factories to work in and thats about it, its the same everywhere, 500 people going for each job available, whether its really 500 or 50 does not matter that much to those who dont get the jobs, so when they see people come over from eastern Europe taking many of those jobs they rightly get a bit pissed off, its not racist against Polish people its years of frustration applying for jobs and seeing non UK people getting the jobs. MPs lie when they say there is no excuse for people not to be working, there are enough jobs out there, those that are looking for work know damn well that is just not true.

  28. The woman at 4:00 is SO frustrating. She's terrified she won't get the care the needs and deserves, and she says it's the fault of OTHER POOR PEOPLE that that's the situation. I think the right-wing media definitely won the war in the UK.

  29. Since the Guardian's attitude to those who voted Brexit has contributed to that divide this is a little bit rich.

  30. Britain needs constitutional change to end poverty and inequality, end to austerity. The banks in Britain should be nationalized, money created by Parliament, not by private bankers. As for the EU – it won't exist in ten years from now. It was a wonderful idea, but run by the wrong people. It's also highly undemocratic. Tony Benn was absolutely right. The Euro has been a disaster for Southern Europe, they will soon revert to their own currencies. The European Commission claims they want to bring peace to Europe, yet they allow thousands of NATO troops on the Russian border. How long do you think the Russians will tolerate that? Any "peace in Europe" will have to include the Russians, and the Ukrainians. Why is this so difficult to understand? Putin wanted to join both the EU and NATO, but they turned their noses up at him. Leaving the EU now will be traumatic, but rather now, than when the EU itself collapses. Britain is a major trading nation, it will survive, and proper.

  31. As someone who has worked abroad mostly over the last 10 years I have found these videos scary and I don't recognise England like this. Has the country ever been this divided, pessimistic and angry?

  32. Why do people have to be obnoxiously rude when replying to a comment they disagree with?. Why call some person things I will not repeat?. You can make your point without being abusive. If I make a post, and have 50 likes, as soon as I get an abusive reply, it destroys the thread, and I erase the post!. Abusive replies are always certainly because somebody has mis-interpreted the post, but still wouldn't it be better to take Utube out of the gutter.

  33. Do people not realise that when we joined the EU, most of our businesses moved to other parts of Europe. We are paying to be a part of a corrupt system that wants to unify all of Europe's military thus taking control from the British government even more!

  34. Britain does seem to have more than its fair share of wizened, beetroot faced, frustrated, seething middle aged men.

  35. Your title echoes a nursery rhyme, Thats appropriate, Somewhere far off I hear a woman singing,,,Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clements, What do you think that means?

  36. Once we realise were not in EU. any longer, we can get down to getting parliament cleaned out , Make a decision on keeping it or scrapping it and running the country like a business, or changing the rules covering it. MPs do what their told, or get sacked etc. then we can get back to dealing with everyday business, because Mays had us only thinking about Brexit. When her and every govt. starting with Heath, knew we were never in EEC. HE LIED TO US and the QUEEN. and every Govt. since has hid it. Lord Kilmurs report from 1972 FCO 30/1048 WILL CONFIRM

  37. Billions will be saved each year, this will be done by putting the unemployed back to work, no excuses jobs for all, 7 pound an hour. no young person will be out of work, DHSS already making big plans, dont forget to thank the Oldies.

  38. Stop the comedy and leave with dignity, possibly without demagoguery without interfering with the rest of the continent.
    UK vote to leave, then leave!
    You can't pretend the bottle still full and your wife……. Drunk!

  39. No, I don't think so! You Oxford Cambridge lads and the Banksters have destroyed what was once a very beautiful and gracious country!

  40. just deliver the result of the referendum. it said in the government booklet that if we left, all uk and eu trading would stop and that we would have to make new ones, that is called a "no deal". we arent stupid or racist, just get us out!

  41. Journalism of the standard is so poor to say the least. Utterly ridiculous. Do a documentary and find both sides of the argument with no prejudices. Allow the people to speak their minds. Absorb yourself from it as much as possible being a journalist. The author of documentary failed miserably. He shdnt ever have a job the Guardian except that is their standard and if so then I now know. Will be careful anytime I read or watch their which frankly will be very minimal now

  42. As far as I can se we will never come back together again I will never forgive the remoners and the treasonas people in this country they have stolen my freedom and democrasy I hope they rot in hell for whot they have done to my country

  43. The criminal elite likes nothing but division, to divide and rule and stiffle and kill people, because they have no love of the populations of the world. Why do they want the Africans in Europe, because they know how White Supremacist feel about Black people, and how they feel in America, and Europe, so they want to create friction and harm.

  44. Notice how these people don't have much to give to society, no qualifications, no time spent on self improvement, no skills. They have no monetary value to society, yet they absolutely think that because they don't get free money, they are abandoned.

  45. Bread and circuses📚🏛🎪housing, job, healthcare, schools = global community meltdown into homelessness and food insecurity, going to court for dental care for children??🌋☕

  46. What is so sad about this is the fact that those who have voted Brexit seem to think that by leaving they can return to a past that does not exist any more

  47. So these marchers, think they know better than those who voted for Brexit and those who voted for Trump. These votes were Democratic.
    Their marches are rabble rousing, vile placard carrying, mobs.

  48. No we will never be put back together again and never forgive our goverments and the remainers who have done the dirtiest treasonas tricks the remainers have donr

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