Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?

Stated Clearly presents: Can science explain the origin of life? A full scientific explanation for the
origin of life does not currently exist, but research
groups around the globe are tackling the mystery. Here we’ll take a look at a few of their
discoveries. Darwin’s theory of biological evolution tells us that all life on Earth may have
originated from a single, relatively simple reproducing creature,
living in the distant past. This idea is based on many observations
one of which is that when living things reproduce children are often born with random new
traits. Those with negative new traits are less likely to survive and reproduce, those with positive new traits are more
likely to survive and pass those traits on to their
children. Over multiple generations positive traits build up allowing
relatively simple life forms to evolve into complex life forms and even split into multiple different
species. a careful look at the fossil record
overwhelmingly confirms Darwin’s theory, life forms get simpler and simpler as we
go back in time. The record suggests that all life on
Earth emerged from primitive cellular colonies which first appeared roughly three and a
half billion years ago. But how did those first reproducing
creatures come about? Even the simplest bacteria alive today are far too complex to have popped into
existence in a single step. Furthermore, the first reproducing
creature could not have developed through biological evolution, because biological evolution requires
reproduction in order to work. The origin of life
needs its own explanation. The most promising
idea right now, the one which is consistently leading
scientist to new discoveries, is the idea that life emerged from
chemistry! Chemistry is the study of matter. Particularly, how atoms interact and
combine to form molecules, and how those molecules interact and
combined to form larger systems and structures. Everything is made of chemicals, the air we breathe, the ground we
walk on, the shoes on our feet, even the feet inside our shoes. That said the chemistry and life is special in two
very important ways. First, the chemistry of life is
organized into metabolic pathways. If you look at
the cells of any living thing, even a plant which you wouldn’t normally
think of as being very lively, you discover a world activity! Chemical
reactions occur in continuous orderly paths, each reaction sparking the next.
Scientists call these strange reactions metabolic pathways. the second oddity of life’s chemistry, is
that living cells are made special molecules building blocks like amino acids and
sugars which we once thought could not be found
outside of life. These building blocks combine to form highly complex and orderly
structures like genes, proteins, and cell membranes. In the past, scientist had no idea what
powered the strange activities of life, and produced its unique chemicals. They
concluded that life must be fueled by a mysterious energy they called it: The Vital Force! In 1828 a chemist by the name of
Friedrich Wöhler accidentally produced urea in his lab.
Urea is one of the main components of urine One of many chemicals that the
scientists of his time thought could only be produced by the Vital Force, acting inside a living creature. The
artificial production and urea suggested that life might not be powered by a
mysterious force, but instead is powered by normal
chemical reactions, which could be studied and understood. Since that time, numerous molecules and
cellular activities have been recreated in the lab, clearly demonstrating a life is powered
by normal chemical reactions, and suggesting that life may have emerged from non-living chemistry. Researchers have recently discovered
that many of the building blocks of life, amino acids and sugars, exist inside of meteorites, rocks which have fallen to the earth from
outer space. This tells us that these special molecules are being produced
spontaneously all throughout our solar system and may
have been common on the ancient Earth. We’ve also discovered a process now
referred to as Chemical Evolution. When simple
molecules are left alone with an energy source, they interact with one another often
forming larger more complex molecules as time goes on. Experiments in the lab
have shown that chains of chemical reactions can develop, some of which resemble the metabolic
pathways of life! Surprisingly we’ve also found that
certain molecules have the remarkable ability to self-assemble into complex orderly
structures. Some self-assemble into hollow spheres almost identical to the membranes of
modern living cells. Others self-assemble into long columns remarkably similar to the strains of DNA
found in life. Scientists still have many questions to
answer about life’s origins: How did different types the molecules first start working together, eventually producing the genetic code? What were the original reproducing
creatures actually like? Were they similar to the cells we have today? Or were they something much simpler? And finally, possibly the most interesting
question of all, how likely is it the life has formed or is forming, in other regions are
galaxy? So… back to the original question, can
science explain the origin of life? Science has not explained the origin of life in full detail, but researchers are
building a theory intended to one day describe, start to finish, how basic chemistry can give rise to
living cells! I’m Jon Perry and that’s the origin of life, as we
understand it so far, Stated Clearly.

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100 thoughts on “Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?

  1. This is true! My mother-in-law proves fast evolution is right! She was born a boar, lived her life as a porcupine, and is now an old cow. By the time she kicks the bucket, she's gonna mutate into a buffalo. I can't explain how she had such a beautiful daughter (my wife, ) but my mom in law is definitely proving how a species changes over short time periods.

  2. Life cannot jump start itself, it is impossible, trying to figure this out is like asking what happened before the big bang. If life somehow could start on its own, then the universe would be teaming with life and life forms of every kind. They would be breathing and swimming in liquid methane, butane, or whatever else their planet's surface/atmoshphere consists of. Simply put, science does not have an answer and never will.

  3. Lol religion can still explain this better than your scientific mumbo jumbo "excuses". Yeah you don't know, you say science is working on an answer which it doesn't have. Well guess what religion already has more answers than science lol take that science. And you can spare me from your attacks on religion, Darwin's theory of evolution, in which you and many other closed minded scientists blindy believe in, offers no scientific evidence to prove its validity at all, like many experts also pointed out. Darwin's theory of evolution is just based on blind faith just like religion so don't try to patronize religion as you all bookworms know-it-alls usually do.

  4. Can someone please explain the topic of how a single cell got life,from all the way back to big bang theory,no one taught me this and I was so curious to know,please do reply

  5. “A full scientific explanation for the origin of life does not exist…” so….no. And by “full” you mean not even close. Enough said.

  6. The conclusion of this video: "We have no idea how life formed BUT WE SOON WILL I SWEAR"

    Its funny how they felt the need to have that baseless BUT at the end.

  7. A BIG NO amino acids are not life they are building blocks yes they are like bits of computers and blocks for a building but they need information(useful, actionable) and (divers chemical and physical environment like a lab for example just watch a lab apparatus which makes simple urea) to come together and form
    Rna dna and epigenetic life forming instruction codes and systems. Scientists have not gone a single step forward in this regard
    Since late 50s despite revolutionary advancements in other fields and don't keep your fingers crossed for a miracle in this field it's an alchemist's errand like changing iron into gold and finding the elixir of life.

  8. You have to believe by faith that non-living matter becomes living – What is the difference between believing this and believing in a Resurrection?

  9. If you're just a product of evolution, how can you know your thoughts are accurate and how did intelligence originate from a simple life form.

  10. The science of MATH clearly PRECLUDES the possibility that life came about by chance, either on Earth or anywhere else in the universe. For NASA to be involved in a video as deliberately misleading as this one is no less than scientific and ethical malpractice and clearly demonstrates the NASA of today is clearly receiving too much federal funding.

  11. We should try and prove this is what started life by creating a life form with chemicals, even if it’s just a ridiculously small cell then that’s still enough evidence as it is. As a cell starts life.

  12. Life from non life? Is life defined as a level of consciousness? If it isn't then surely it isn't life. So then is consciousness an emergent property of matter or matter an emergent property of consciousness?
    If matter is an expression of consciousness needed for meaningful interaction between separate consciousness's then the emergence of biological life ceases to be a question and the question should be what is the origin of consciousness.
    Klie Irwin and quantum gravity research team have a very plausible answer to that question.

  13. You have to completely overlook the complete LACK of the multitude of KIND change fossils that would HAVE to have ALSO been laid, to give any evidential weight to this possibility,.. IF evolution WERE true,.. the fossil record, we HAVE uncovered,.. would have to have been ALSO laced throughout with ALL the KIND CHANGE IN BETWEEN fossils of ALL the BILLIONS of creatures that would have ALSO have died,…

  14. Self-admitted- theories become 'discoveries'. Well, they got one thing correct. The rest is called wild conjecture, and would never stand up in a court of truth. Well, if you get tired of lying for 'science', you could always get a job at the DNC or CNN. THEORETICAL SCIENCES ARE 'FAKE SCIENCES'.

    No person can be convicted of murder on theories.

  15. Nobody on this planet has a clue how even an RNA could have formed on the early earth. The study of how life formed is getting harder and harder to discover as we study life and the early earth more. Winner of the (2013 scientist of the year said that “ whoever says we have any ideas of how life formed knows absolutely NOTHING about chemistry in any way.

  16. There is no such thing as "simple life". All life is extremely complex. There is no evidence that life emerged from chemistry. Biology and chemistry are in competition; biology is the science of life, chemistry is the science of death. You cannot get life from death. And you cannot get life from non life. And life can only reproduce life similar to itself; dogs can only reproduce dogs, cats can only reproduce cats, flowers can only reproduce flowers.

  17. Everytime Im staring into space I'm always like.
    "How did we get here?"
    "How are we humans?"
    "What is life?"

    I've been so confused, but now i know

  18. The amino acids are what created life. That’s why we can’t let ours get to high or low.

  19. Origin of life is chemistry. So go to the experts in chemical synthesis they will know. What's the answer? Impossible by nature! Panspermia? Astronomers have put that to bed! End of story……

    Oh but what does that mean? Supernatural miracle? Can't be true. So we'll believe that origin of life is probable if there is time (when there wasn't) and hope for a miracle that nobody will notice – given that the chance of nobody noticing is infinitely more likely than life by abiogenesis or panspermia. That pretty much sums up the debates on origin of life by 'specialists,.

  20. What I believe is that it was chance.
    Considering a newly born earth as the root stage and then just branching out possible outcomes, ending up where we are now is extremely fortunate or unfortunate, I can't say, there is no way to know other outcomes, atleast not in three dimensions anyway. But yeah it was pretty god damn rare but it did happen, and we are probably the only beings in the universe that got dealt the right cards (or the wrong cards) by extremely little chance.

  21. I don't have any real issue with people being atheist, yet in the comments atheists are always throwing some slight at the religious… Not sure why you all feel that's needed, when we typically don't insult you for your beliefs. Anyhow, it seems that the main motivation of atheists is that they want to do what they want and not feel guilty. Seems atheists don't like the idea of someone who knows everything you've been up to and all your deepest darkest fantasies. When you learn of God's existence though you simply begin to realize that it's human nature to have "bad" thoughts and desires, and that God knows this because he created us to be this way. You don't need to live your life like an angel and do nothing wrong because sin is unavoidable in life, rather God just wants you to humble yourself to him, admit you've done wrong and that you truly regret it, then ask for God's forgiveness. What do you have to lose by believing?

  22. I know the audience for this video is 8 to 12 year old children, but why make an entire seven minute video "Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?", when all along the answer is "No"?  That is simply wasting your time and the audience's time.

  23. Science can explain the origin of life but scientists don't have so much science
    Quran says u r not given so knowledge to understand soul

  24. You are only repeating all you learn in school's dogmas without critical thinking. Is impossible to reduce life to biochemistry!

  25. A bag of chemicals experiencing itself, studying itself and growing. This chemical bag has desires, it explores art, speaks about heart, entertains itself with stories. Amazing. 😉

  26. Biologists are running away from Darwin’s theory because it’s been essentially proven to be incorrect.

    Additionally, the more we study cells and their complexity the more ridiculous and impossible it is that life spawned out of accidental chemistry. Darwin himself believed in a creator.

  27. I'm amused by the closing statement, "science can't explain the origin of life in full detail…" This video should be published as evidence against the plausibility of abiogenesis.

  28. Very interesting topic. Thanks for the video.
    It's a shame how many creationists are in the comments. People should really keep up with science more.

    The best part is that creationists say that scientists are not able to explain how life originated yet creationists claim to know exactly this based on a book. At least science tries to test their ideas first.

  29. The irony is that the only way we've ever been able to recreate any of these vital stepping stone molecules (eg; a nucleotide or a ribosome) has been with very delicate, intelligent intervention by the most skilled synthetic chemists.

  30. Guys, god created the universe and life. Save yourselves some brain cells instead of coming up with a logical explanation. Humans do not know what logic even is. There was no cell that created life. Case closed

  31. If evolution theory actually has any validity, why do evolutionists go out of their way to hide the truth?:

  32. It is actually mathematic impossible, that life just starts random from nonliving chemicals. It needs 100000000000000000000000x more of the time since the bigbang to create randomly proteins from aminoacids and thats not a living cell.

  33. Even if you had all these complex molecules together it seems impossible they arranged themselves into a living cell.

  34. "Science Explain"??? What a terrible redundancy!!! What else science does if not explain? Who do you think who really does the explaining? The Human Being, Us; of course, those who accept reality.

  35. There is obviously an intelligent design even when you get to the core of your believe, the question to you should be who design this amazing order, that answer is so so simple the god of the holy bible

  36. Over 70 blatant lies in the text books about evolution, it all started in a tiny dot, even smaller than a proton, and there was a big bang without an explosion. This breaks the first law of thermodynamics, matter cannot be created or destroyed. What this means is if you believe this theory, your brain is smaller than a dot!

  37. Listen, it takes life to create life as we know it so its safe to say something or someone created us. Keep asking questions yes but remember, the answer we will eventually come to is that a form of consiousness created us.

  38. So I’m just a complex chemical reaction that came into being over a shit ton of time in the right conditions? Whoa.. also we’re related to mushrooms

  39. We're coming pretty close but those of you who are interested in this subject there is a great Channel called ibiology on YouTube.

  40. Allah is the Intelligent Designer. Even this basic animation in this YouTube containing absolutely no substance has to be developed, corrected and reviewed by brains.

    Having said that thank you for the effort of course and supporting a different and maybe correct point of you.

  41. if life emerges as a consequence of chemical interactions then the universe will without question be full of life .
    if it is not then the idea is DEFUNCT .

  42. "self-assembly" is a pre-context theory that is still to be proven – if one cannot prove "self-assembly", whole idea of evolution breaks down.

  43. Recently I saw some papers about stromatolites on Shelley Craton, AU.

    After a while, I have a theory about crystals being pre-organic compounds.
    When we take DMT or psylocibin, we see fractal shapes and self-assembled inorganic forms (what psychonauts call Machine Elves). Maybe we have records in our genetic ancestry that remembers where we come from.
    Some studies shows that fungi were the first organic terrestrial forms. They are not plants, not animals, but something between.

    Just curious about it 🙂

  44. What are the fucking chances…….i still cant believe we are unintended "byproducts" of random activities of universe.

  45. Someone says bacteria eaten archea and made it mitochondria,others say archea eaten bacteria and made it work like chroloplasts,first clear your confusion and explain us later😁

  46. Evolution is the modern-day creation myth of methodological materialism.
    I'm not a Creationist, nor a Christian, nor religious.

  47. " Combined To form highly complex and orderly structures" is an impossibility. 3:14 video. No way, no how that order is achieved out of chaos. Evolution = Self Assembling Atoms = Impossible.

  48. Considering the relevant scientists can't even agree whether the RNA world hypothesis is valid or not, then no, not at the current time.

  49. You don’t finish life until, you either pick a mansion or the other one sell ur kids. Sell houses. And get ur cards counted.

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