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Facebook launches Notify to fill your lock
screen with news, Apple might be working on a Venmo killer, Tinder’s got a new algorithm
to make your next date less of a nightmare, and more… It’s Wednesday, November 11th and this is
Crunch Report. Facebook just released Notify for iOS in the
US, which is an app for breaking news, info, and entertainment push notifications, but
designed to be read right on your lock screen. Notify lets you select from over 70 publishers
and customize your alerts to only send you news about specific companies, cities, sports
teams, music genres. etc. Each is sent as a push notification and shown in the Notify
app’s feed for 24 hours, and can be clicked through to read an associated story. TechCrunch’s
Josh Constine notes in his app review that the granularity of alerts you can get is important,
because while a brand’s Twitter account might feature a broad range of content that might
not all be interesting to you, Notify lets you subscribe only to the very specific sub-topics
that you care about. Which is great, because I don’t know about you but I really don’t
want any more push notifications that I don’t explicitly need. What’s also interesting is
that by acting as a push service, Notify is essentially an invisible app that you rarely
need to open. If you haven’t read Matthew Panzarino’s review
of the iPad Pro complete with video, please do that as soon as possible because it’s great.. it’s about as thorough as you can get. But one issue he raises is that the iPad itself is still
new enough as a product category to be unpredictable… especially when you think about replacement
cycles.. or how often the average person would upgrade. iPads don’t really have malware issues
and have no moving parts. When do they reasonably “die”? We don’t really know yet. Phones aren’t
really a model, and neither are traditional computers. Panz also says for a lot of folks,
the iPad Pro may be the perfect ‘enhanced’ component to their smartphone. In other Apple
news, the company mulling a mobile payments launch, that would compete with Venmo, according
to the Wall Street Journal. The platform could launch as soon as 2016 and would link bank
accounts with Apple devices. The report says that J.P. Morgan, Capital One, U.S. Bancorp
and Wells Fargo have all had conversations with Apple, but that a “launch isn’t imminent.”
Apple isn’t commenting, but PayPal, which owns Venmo, saw a 2% share price drop on the
news. Yesterday the New York Attorney General halted
bets on daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings in New York State, categorizing
them as “illegal gambling sites.” FanDuel is calling the move “state government stifling
innovation” and explains that “Fantasy sports is a game of skill and legal under New York
State law. This is a politician telling hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers they are not allowed
to play a game they love and share with friends, family, coworkers and players across the country.”
DraftKings gave us a statement that said more or less the same thing. As for how sports
organizations feel about this move, NBA spokesman Mike Bass provided TechCrunch with a statement
that reads: “We continue to monitor reports concerning daily fantasy sports. We expect
the industry to respond appropriately to the issues that have been raised and continue
to comply with all applicable laws.” In the ever-dramatic story surrounding the
accuracy of blood diagnostics startup Theranos, the company is now disputing a Wall Street
Journal report that Safeway grocery stores dropped a $350 million deal with Theranos.
A statement from Theranos didn’t dispel the claim but said simply “We were disappointed
to see yet another inaccurate WSJ article, entirely relying on anonymous sources. As
we relayed to the Journal, the information published in this piece is again inaccurate,
misleading and defamatory.” Here’s the claim in more detail – Safeway was building testing
clinics in more than 800 of its grocery stores to offer Theranos blood tests, but Theranos
missed the testing deadline, and some Safeway executives started feeling unsure about the
accuracy of the tests Theranos had administered to Safeway employees. Although Theranos founder
Elizabeth Holmes has has promised to release facts and data to refute these reports, she’s
also admitted to some of the claims made by the WSJ articles – an FDA investigation,
and Theranos not using its own nanotainer technology for most of its testing, for example. Tinder wants you to find that special someone
for whatever special thing you’re looking for, and is changing the way its app looks
with a new matching algorithm, new profiles, and messaging features. TechCrunch’s Jordan
Crook asked CEO Sean Rad if new data points added to the new algorithm include things
beyond some obvious new categories like employment or education status, like say, how many times
someone swipes through a particular profile, how long they spend looking at a picture,
if they click through to a user’s Instagram profile… But he didn’t say anything definitive.
On the subject of filtering by eye color, skin color, or hair color, Rad says “I can’t
reveal if we do this, but it’s something we think a lot about. I wouldn’t be surprised
if people thought we did that.” With responses like that, I’m not surprised either. Tinder
has seen almost 10 billion matches since the app launched, and now sees 26 million matches
made each day. That’s the report for me for this week,
but we are going to have a report tomorrow. I’m going on vacation and TechCrunch Reporter
Katie Roof is filling in for me, you are going to love her. Crunch Report airs every weekday
at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes and on YouTube
as well. See you tomorrow!

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19 thoughts on “Can iPad Pro Really Replace Laptops? | Crunch Report

  1. Laptops are on the way out the door now quicker than ever in another 7 to 10 years maybe sooner I think laptops will be obsolete for the most part

  2. Because this is an iPad, iOS is what makes me leery of getting one. iPad's seem die a slow death. I have a 1 year old iPad Mini 2 and iOS 9 has started it down the road of unusable. This seems to be the trend of Apple these days. My iPad 2 was trucking along until iOS 8 began to kill it and now with iOS 9, that device is a year from being dead.

  3. The iPad Pro is about as fast as a 2014 Mac mini with Dual core Intel-i5 CPU.

    Here are some geekbench mark comparisons.
    ( As you can see when it comes to performance, Apple computers are over priced junk, Over priced Art work ).

    Dell XPS 8700 with Intel-i7-4790 Haswell ( $700 )…………….( Single core 4823 , Multicore 19381 ).
    Apple iMac 2015 with Intel-i7 Skylake 4ghz.( $3000 base model )..( Single core 4150 , Multicore 15553 ).
    Mac Pro 2014 – 4-core Xeon, ( $3000 Base model )……………..( Single core 3274 , Multicore 13027 ).
    Lenovo TS140 with Intel Xeon E3-1225 Haswell , ( $300 )………..( Single core 3268 , Multicore 11952 ).
    iMac-27, 2014 -Intel i5-4690, 1tb Fusion Drive.( $2000 base model )..( Single core 3541 , Multicore 11350 ).
    Apple 2015 Macbook Pro – Intel-i7 .( $2000 )……………….( Single core – 3545 , Multi core – 7603 )
    Apple 2015 Macbook Pro – Intel-i5 ..( $1500 )………………..( Single core – 3326 , Multi core – 7061 )
    Microsoft Surface book with Intel i7-6600U ………………….( Single core 3396, Multicore – 6997 )
    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i7-6600U……………..( Single core – ????, Multi core – ???? )
    Lenovo TS140 with Intel i3 Haswell ( $199 ) …………………( Single core 2911, Multicore – 6334 ).
    Microsoft Surface book with Intel i5-6300U ………………….( Single core 3056, Multicore – 6321 )
    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i5-6300U……………..( Single core – 2918, Multi core – 6153 )
    Dell Inspiron 13 with Intel i7-5500U ……………………….( Single core – 2853 , Multicore – 5933 )
    Dell Inspiron 13 with Intel i5-5200U .( $500 )…………( Single core – 2816 , Multicore – 5638 )
    Apple iPad Pro……………………………………………( Single core – 3228 , Multi core – 5500 )
    Mac Mini 2014 – Intel i5, 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive…………..( Single core 2418 ) , Multicore 5142 ).
    Apple 2015 Macbook Air – Intel-i5 ………………………….( Single core – 2361 , Multi core – 4704 )
    Apple Macbook 12 …………………………………………( Single core – 2461 , Multi core – 4605 )
    Apple iPad Air-2………………………………………….( Single core – 1800 , Multi core – 4413 )
    Dell Inspiron 11 with Intel i3 .( $300 ) ……………….. ( Single core – 1541 , Multi core – 3306 )
    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i3-4020Y……………..( Single core – 1561, Multi core – 3237 )

  4. Thumbs down on this. Title says "Can iPad Pro Really Replace Laptops?" and it dives into a bunch of other random topics I'm not interested in…okay…

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