Campus Tech Highlight: E-Learning Experience

So, my name is Andy Borts and I’m the instructional
technology support specialist for the Office of Information Technology and basically I’m responsible for anything with lecture capture, web conferencing, and our iClicker devices in the classroom. So I know lecture capture is a huge deal because it gives a lot of flexibility to faculty and students. So essentially anything that involves recording
video in the classroom and posting it for students to view, or students recording their
own assignments to be graded by the instructor, it is done through that video suite known as Panopto. And also, even integrating iClicker registration
and iClicker testing results are going to be huge and our new Canvas LMS actually provides
those opportunities for us. Canvas is amazing. There’s a lot more flexibility with things
like embedding video that you want to use, making an assignment, making a quiz. From the student angle about things to expect
in Canvas, the experience is a lot more clean and I think that was a huge goal for migrating
to a brand new system for learning management. I think that right now the next step is getting
lecture capture implemented at UNLV to enhance the e-learning experience. It’s really nice to be able to have access to things that you may not remember right off the bat. When you have the ability to be able to go
back and review the material, having that benefit to be able to
to point to that area of a video is helpful for both the faculty member and students. We have resources available for both Panopto,
the lecture capture service, iClicker, and also, soon, for web conferencing. Going forward, I know the Office of Information
Technology is a hundred percent behind every thing that we are looking to put into place here, so I know that we’re going to be excited to support. We’re going to be excited to help guide. We’re going to be excited to train and every
thing involved with lecture capture and web conferencing and more use of the clickers, I know that’s going to be something that everybody is going to be looking forward to.

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