Camo Hidden Deck Fastener System

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Yes, one of our featured product this month is the camo hidden deck fastening system.
With this product you create a beautiful fastener free deck surface for composite, hardwood,
pvc, cedar and treated deck boards. This easy to use product is the lowest-cost hidden fastener
system on the market and is designed for pros and the do-it-yourselfer. The camo marksman
tool is used to guide the Camo’s screws group from the edge of the deck board into the structural
joist. This leaves you with a finished product where the screws are virtually invisible on
your deck surface. The camel marksman DIY and Pro Tools can be used on any nominal six-inch
deck board. The camo marksman pro-NB tool can be adjusted for use on any deck board
from 3 ¼ to 5 inches in width. The marksman tool provides quick and automatic 3/16 inch
spacing between Deck boards. The tools feet indicate whether the tool is flat against
the board for proper placement. No pre drilling is necessary. The Duel screw guide allow the
user to fasten both sides have the deck board with a single tool placement. Be sure to run
your drill at full speed when the shoulder of the camera driver bit reaches the screw
guide you know your screw is secure and properly fastened. Let the screw do the work you. Camo’s
patented star drive screw is designed to spin and auger out material within specially-designed
room for spread pattern this provides superior holding power and also helps prevent splitting
and mushrooming on any type of material. There are a ton up other hidden fastener systems
on the market most of the other products require specific fasteners for each kind of deck board
with camo you have one universal bath learned that works with all types of boards. Treated
wood, cedar, composite, pvc and hard work. Another benefit them using the camo system
is that if you need to replace a single backboard you can do so without removing an adjacent
boards. It’s simple to remove and replace a damaged board in a matter of minutes. No
more ugly screw heads sticking out at the surface of your deck. The camera hidden fastener
system discreetly hides any visibility screw heads giving you a flawless and smooth surface
on your finished product. The camera system is changing the face of decking with this
quick to use technology it is as easy as set, load and drive. offers all
the camo products you need to make installing your diet easier and faster all at a price
that is extremely affordable. Camo products are guaranteed in stock and available to ship
the same day order. Thanks again thank all back anytime we’ve
got expert support to answer any other questions you may have and be sure to check out our
web site to find more product that but all your decking meet only at DecksDirectcom Dexter
actor offers the complete Camo line in the following ways.

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15 thoughts on “Camo Hidden Deck Fastener System

  1. Brilliant.Exactly what I was looking for.A cheap no fuss,no spacers required,no grooved boards or biscuits way to get a stunning hidden nail deck.The past 3 hours of scouring the net has led me here and my search is over.Thank you.

  2. This is a great way to make sure nobody injures themselves while walking barefoot on a deck. Otherwise, a loose screw could gash someones foot. The video is effective.

  3. This is a great way to make sure nobody injures themselves while walking barefoot on a deck. Otherwise, a loose screw could gash someones foot. The video is effective.

  4. FAILS!

    Fails to show how to adjust it for the width of board. I can't adjust mine. The screw ends up half way or lower than the 25mm "hard" wood board I'm using. That make it unlikely to hold fast over time.

  5. The concept is great and probably the quickest hidden-fastener system, but does take a lot more time than surface nailing. My only issue is the the screws. I built a deck spring of 2014 using 5/4 PT deck boards and now the screws have come loose in areas which receive more direct sunlight (due to the more extreme expansion and contraction of the wood over time). These areas are now squeaking/creaking when walked on. I haven't removed a screw in these areas to see if its loose or just broken, so I guess the threads need to be more aggressive or the screw needs to be thicker. I may replace these loose screws with stainless steel trim screws down the road.

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