Cambridge Joy Fun – A Parkour documentary

Today we were at a spot that I know from a really oldschool-video.
I believe my first video I’ve seen from England. And there are
a lot of jumps I have looked at and where I thought: Ok, I could
do them today. But they have changed the spot. Now there are bars on the
walls. And first I thought like: That’s a shame, now I can’t
even make the Jumps, that I wanted to do. But then I
suddenly remembered: “Hey, Parkour is all about
adapting to the environment.” And that was just another challenge. So in the end, it wasn’t as bad as I thought in the beginning And I was just reminded
of such a basic principle of Parkour: “Adapt to to your surroundings
and not the other way around.” This architecture by itself everywhere, you can
not compare that with Germany. And I got the feeling that here in Cambridge, no matter
where you go, someone thinks: “There’s lack of railing. Let’s build some rails over there.”
Eventhough there is not even a drop or anything They’ll just build a railing there anyways.
And that’s why there are awesome training spots everywhere. It’s pretty interesting to see this spot
for the first time. If you have seen it in several videos, again and again
since 2007. Since I train. Since I’m doing Parkour. Just to be
there, like other people who visit Eiffel Tower for the first time. It’s the same community like ours.
Just as friendly. You talk english about the movement and
you understand each other, because you train the same things
and you’re in your own world. For me, Parkour is
connected to a feeling of freedom, because I’m able to express myself through the movement, which is not regulated or bound specifically to certain movement structures – like in gymnastics. And I think it’s cool
in Parkour, that no matter where you are you can always train and
that there are no real limits. Except that you respect private
property and other things of course. Since Parkour is not so well known yet,
or wasn’t so well known when we started, there were alot of situations where
people looked at you weird, when you jumped somewhere where that was
not normal. And that also resulted in an almost liberation
of social conventions. Because you are doing so many things because of your
sport that are not normal for society, that you generally start to question
what society wants from you. And this then almost leads to a generalization of the liberation of
social conventions and that also leads to an increase of freedom. When I move around in Parkour, there’s a certain feeling
of flow like it’s experienced in many other sports. When you perform a thoughtless,
fluid motion. In Parkour we do lots of individual runs
and it’s just beautiful to realize, that it works, it keeps going,
you get from one place to another and you do the movement you
want to do. Generally, when I really need to focus while training, it gives me a lot of freedom of thoughts above all. Because alot of times, you’re thinking
of so many things each day. But in Parkour you have to be so focused
on the movement, because the focus is simply necessary for safety,
that you automatically get rid of unnecessary thoughts Because of the videos nowerdays it’s easier to get into Parkour but at the same time, there’s a great risk of misunderstanding Parkour People who start, want to get
better as fast as possible. And that can lead to them giving up fast, because they
don’t recognize progress as fast as they’d like to. An upside to starting with Parkour today
of course is, that it is much more known. You won’t get kicked off of spots so often anymore, because people already know what you are doing. And there are gyms and coaches, who
have experience and can tell you how to land. We, for example, did not have that and just
tried to imitate the moves we saw online. Therefore, we maybe had some bad landings
or shitty technique and thus hurt our knees and stuff. But there are also disadvantages to starting today. Namely today’s video culture that sometimes
seems to be focused on hype and adrenalin only. This can distort the public image of Parkour and young kids who start today might think that risky and high jumps are the normal thing to do in every training. It can be dangerous if kids think that those kinds of jumps are the ones that need to be achieved. Often you only see the jump and don’t see all the prep that goes into it, checking surfaces for example Or trying this jump over and over again
until it’s completely safe and controlled. I think that also can create a distorted image of Parkour for beginners because they only see the success, but rarely the work and safety measures that go into it. So I think it’s important to also show your progress and preparation in your videos. This is also conveyed by videos of
professional athletes, because they are highly trained. But videos nowadays won’t show you how much time and work it actually takes. And Parkour is not just gifted to you.
You really have to train a lot and you have to put a lot of time and effort into it and you always have regressions too. This makes it quite similar to real life.
There are a lot of analogies that exist. Parkour can help you to get on in life,
because one thing that you’ll you learn from it is: “If it did not work now it’s no big deal,
just do it again and again.” And then you’ll someday get better at something

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