Calls for Govt to clamp down on under-reporting of fish

There are calls for the Govt
to do more about under reporting of commercial fish catch
and the dumping of unwanted stocks. This comes as a report was released
today claiming the number of fish caught in NZ waters is more than
twice what’s officially recorded. Maori have a significant stake
in commercial fishing quota and one Maori MP says a govt inquiry will give a clearer
understanding of the situation. Irena Smith reports. It’s an industry the country
prides itself on, but it’s the hidden things
that have been analysed. A report from the University
of Auckland today claims that commercial fishers
are under reporting their catch. Maori have a large stake
in the country’s fishing industry, and the company that looks after
Maori shares says they don’t agree with the numbers
the report is suggesting. Aotearoa Fisheries says the report doesn’t show an accurate
picture of fish stocks as it’s based on old data
and not on the current quota system. But they are still open
to discussions about strengthening
the fishing industry. Labour’s fishing spokesperson says the Govt needs to
review the situation. The Ministry of Primary
Industries says it’s already reviewing the law
around this issue and working on new systems to better monitor what is happening
on fishing vessels. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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