CALABRESE Coffin Skateboard Deck

[Bobby Calabrese] – Hey there Calabrese fans. BAM. I got five words for ya…. …mother fucker. And I’ll tell ya how…KABLAM…with this, this is the Calabrese Coffin Deck. Made by the originators of the coffin skateboard. This is the greatest piece of Calabrese merch…that needs to be in your collection. And I’ll tell you why… featuring a kick-ass concave. See that. Each one is differently colored. I got pumpkin orange. Ya got blue, ya got cherry red, ya got purple. Each one’s different. Some of them can be even signed for ya by the Calabrese brothers. And I’ll tell you what…. these will not be around forever. I don’t know how many….how many we have left? Not too many…but they’re going fast. You gotta get yours today because these are frickin’ awesome. And to be honest I know none of you guys will actually use this for a skateboard. No, no one’s gonna do it… because this is fucking kick-ass. This is what you are gonna do it for….and this is what you should do it for…. Follow me mother fucker…follow me….. BAM…..mother fucker. There ya go. Check that out. Get one today.

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7 thoughts on “CALABRESE Coffin Skateboard Deck

  1. Get a Calabrese Coffin Skateboard Deck while you still can!

    *(We have signed and unsigned decks available)

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