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24 thoughts on “BZfuture Autumn Deals Video – Get A Free Win 10 key

  1. Happy Friday All, If you need some ant Virus software the deals are happening right now and you can get a FREE Windows 10 Pro Key as a gift!!!

  2. It still amazes me that people don't know how to activate Windows 10 legally and without any cracks etc from the command line using slmgr (it's part of Windows 10). Still. I guess if you want a legit key then fine.

  3. I dont use anti virus programs. I havent for over 6 years. I found that I ended up getting more virus's and having issues when I did. It makes me wonder if those anti virus programs have backdoors for hackers or just straight up give you a virus so you pay more money to have it removed.

  4. Free Windows 10 key! All you need to do is pay for an overpriced product that nobody needs, from a dodgy looking 3rd party site…

  5. sounds great but were is avast premier and malwarebytes premium those are the only virusscaners i trust and combo avira would be decent but doesnt like malwarebytes

  6. thanks for the tips, just bought one year AV and a windows 10 pro key for 11 usd, makes a nice xmas gift to a friend of mine

  7. I don't want to be harsh on you Elric because of your medical condition and the fact your Youtube channel is already struggling as it is, but the fact you have to justify your own videos for not being clickbait when doing sponsored adds no-one cares about isn't any good. You might say just because you don't need this product doesn't mean it isn't any value for others isn't a good argument. Viewers as myself love to watch original content that comes from a creative person. I watched this channel for years and used to think it offered great content, but right now I just don't enjoy most of your content anymore. Even the layout of your benchmarking videos went downhill, it looks sloppy and messy. You're in a point of time where you opt for sponsored videos for financial reasons neglecting your viewers and alienating from your audience. You blame the Youtube algorithm for losing your viewers but the reality is that other tech channels are just flourishing when your channel is pretty much the only one decaying. You have to prioritize your viewers and not your sponsors even though your sponsors bring in most cash it harms your channel as a result of this.

  8. Don't need anti-virus. I've never used it and I never will use it. Anyway, I picked just a Windows 10 Pro key for $14 over at Thanks Elric!

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