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42 thoughts on “Buying A PC – Know What You Need And Save Money

  1. Hope this helps a few people out there as I work with many people and see the waste of money people spend or do not spend when its needed.

  2. Few years back I got a 750ti used in cex. Only now in this year has this card not able to keep up with games like ac odyssey, but that's fine since I play older titles, many of which were released at the same time as this card. If someone wanted a machine for even more older games (in taking early 2000s and before) their systems specs will be achieved with very cheap hardware.

  3. All we need is gaming on a 1080p monitor or working on big 1440p monitors. For now. 1660 Ti, 1060 Super, 5500 XT is enough for playing games smoothly. More than recommended for RDR2.

    In 2-3 years for the same amount of money as with the parts above you have a computer that will be as good as a 2070 Super now is.

    Used RX 570, RX 580, GTX 1060 are the bangers right now for gaming, for "little" money.

    We have 3 PC's at home. The oldest one an old Athlon from 2009, upgraded 8GB RAM DDR2 for 17$ from AliExpress, an SSD which dramatically increased the speed of our PC. It's for everything besides new games 🙂
    There are thousands of older great games your there.

  4. 12:39 Solid advice! In an emergency, even $1 spent for stuff you don't really need is much. Look at UFDTech and the trouble he has with his son's worsening health condition. Always get what you need, not what you want!

  5. It's why a 2400G or 3400G has a market- covers the bases and if you 'expand' you aren't really screwed on the platform. Then again you can get ex business PCs for very little…

  6. It's not about what you need. It's about what you want. I don't race, and I rarely exceed the speed limit, but that didn't stop me from buying $6k dollars worth of aftermarket high performance parts for my car.

  7. I remember convincing someone to pick a cheaper cpu, cause he was going after a server grade cpu and parts that are design to do server related stuff. And all the guy wants to do at the time is just play games at 720p (1080p 60hz monitor was $200 at the time at the lowest end, gives you an idea of how far back)

  8. honestly if you're only looking for gaming and you're on a budget just look at a console these new consoles are actually pretty powerful and offer better performance than pcs around the same price

  9. Elric man you right…i mean i still have an intel i7 6700 non k version and a gigabyte h170 gaming 3 mobo 16gb ram and evga 1080ti 500gb ssd and 3tb hdd.

    Obviously im a gamer all i do is play games 95% and the rest i surf the web emails etc etc.

    Cant believe my cpu is still going strong to this day with no signs of bottlenecking slowing down whatever i do on it and my mobo still has heaps of expansion like ram and 2 slots for m.2 ssds…i can upgrade my cpu which takes 6th gen to a more powerfull one but to this day i still dont need to.

    If you dont need to upgrade then dont save your money👌

  10. Most people would be fine with an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, the performance jump from the 2070 to the 2080 is only like 10-15 fps for $200+ more so it isnt worth the price hike for 15 extra fps at best.

  11. I want to build a PC just to play league and maybe Diablo 3 casually. That's about it what would people recommend. Also I am in Australia just FYI

  12. For me, I flipped PC parts and found really great upgrades. I had an EVGA GTX 980 FTW and now I have an Aorus RTX 2070 Xtreme videocard. I sold a couple 1660Tis, an RTX 2060, and a whole bunch of computer cases, peripherals, water coolers etc. until I had enough funds to buy more high-end parts to flip/upgrade my PC with. Just recently, I found a brand new 8700K for $220, an Aorus Gaming Wifi for $75 and a 2x8GB kit of Corsair RGB Pro 3200Mhz CL14 for $100. Yesterday I picked up an AMD RX 5700 for just $250 and plan to pair it up with the 8700K in a watercooled build.

  13. when i just wanna stream or browse stuff on the web i use my old optiplex 755 (E8400,8Gb DDR2,GTX560),which cost less than $100.That saves me from turning on my gaming dedicated machine.

  14. I am the future proof dude. I like to make sure I can game without needing to upgrade for 5 years. Yes I pay a killing in parts sometimes but I really do have to look and say do I REALLY need this? Thanks for the video Elric :D!!!

  15. A friend of mine just upgraded from a 750 Ti to an RX570 and got his wife a Sandy Bridge i5 machine for £150, stuck the 750 Ti in and she loves it. She does social media and entry level gaming, and an i5 2400 with that 750 Ti is easily enough for what she needs.

  16. Great video and good advice for the general consumer ! I build PC's on the side, one company wanted an office PC, just pure office, nothing more. I offered an 200GE on B450 with 8gb DDR4. The first response was "That will be way to slow, we need at least 4 cores and 16gb RAM"…. I said, let me build it, if you don't like it I take it back. They absolutely love it, modern 2 core CPU do not mean core 2 duo 2 core performance. paired with an SSD this think is really snappy, all in a mini ITX case with a 60W power adapter, can be vesa mounted, nothing more needed.

  17. Great video! Now i'm gonna talk to you about the mistakes people do when buying a console.
    Mistake # 1: Buying a console.
    Thank you and good night!

  18. I only but Norton anti-virus software since 1998. I blame Linus Tech Tips since he builds over the top computers people think you need those parts.

  19. Good review. 👍👍👍👍👍
    I always found I get a much better and more computer when I build it myself. It's' a whole lot cheaper and Linux is so much more fun. What a great family project.
    Can you do a video like this on buying a phone? I can't build that. 😁😁😁

  20. I've only ever gotten viruses from pirating games, which I don't do anymore since I have a job. Windows Defender actually saved our company by being on top of viruses 3 days before Webroot, Avast, and Malwarebytes updated their definitions.

  21. I need a 1080ti social media tablet with 53 ginger bites of Nvidia m.2 Facebook bytes so I can download more raming ram how else will I find out that Sally's second husband Bob is having an affair with the babysitter of a friend's baby mama?

  22. Unless said email came from verification if you signed up for an account which most games if you plan to play it online requires it or your account is never activated.

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