Buying $150 Worth Of Weird Amazon Tech…

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100 thoughts on “Buying $150 Worth Of Weird Amazon Tech…

  1. this is my birthday today and I want to know if I can have the backpack and the Smartwatch because it's my birthday and I really watch your videos every single day and I love you you are a good sport and if you want to send me the backpack and a smartwatch my address is 1145 St Louis

  2. Like i stick my hand thru meanwhile Blackhole appears hand disappears well that was something what I didn’t expected 😂😂

  3. One of my mates have had that backpack someone tried to pick pocket them once only as a tested but it was almost impossible

  4. This is the video I come back to after leaving the channel and it’s cringy and reminds me of Mathias with dope or nope

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