Buy a Video Card Without Getting SCREWED

Ahhh…. You know, I love this shelf. (We all do,Linus) But, come to think of it When was the last time I actually bought a GPU? I think it was I think it was during the last Scrapyard wars. You know… Maybe it’s finally time to expand the collection You know..I’m gonna go I’m gonna get caught up on street pricing here and get some new GPUs Wait, I’m sorry what? 1080s are going for 850 to 1150 bucks? 1070TI is at 730 TO 975 ? Vega 56s for just under to over a 1000$? Holy crap I mean There are cards out there Going for almost a thousand Canadian rubles that we declared Not a great value at about half of that when they were released.. *Exhales* So thankfully, I don’t actually need a GPU that badly that whole thing was just a setup for this video. Well No ****. But, there are a lot of folks out there who do, so for you We compiled a few tips and tricks to help you try and get a decent deal so you can get your game on Speaking of a decent deal, IFixIt. IFixIts protech toolkit gives you the tools you need to tackle any Electronics repair challenge. Visit at the link below and get yours today So this video is gonna be a little bit different from our standard fare. No performance graphs. No sexy b-roll I probably won’t even drop anything except some mad truths We’ll start our journey at the local level. This is memory Express whose website Even has a special notice on it about a GPU and power supply shortage because believe it or not retailers have been frustrated by the lack of supply too. With that said it’s not all bad news. There’s a very recent update on their site about restrictions being lifted on graphics card purchases so there may be some light at the end of the tunnel if that’s any indication and Did anyone actually realise that there was an ongoing power supply shortage? Anyway, this still doesn’t tell us when prices will actually stabilize, so if you don’t want to wait weeks or Potentially even months to upgrade your potato for a game of fortnite, We may need some other options. So if nothing else by looking at retail pricing we can get a baseline for what to look for When we compare the launch price with the lowest price available on PC Part picker, We see a couple of obvious patterns here The most expensive GPUs have the biggest markup, which we might expect but we also see something peculiar. The GeForce GTX 1080 is by far the closest to its MSRP And I’d even go as far as to say if you can find one at about this pricing Go ahead and buy retail if you can Another while you can tip by the way is that sometimes vendors will sell Directly at MSRP take Nvidia for example where you can buy Founders edition cards for way less as long as you are diligently monitoring their site and You’re quick on the draw. Next, We’ve got used sites like Craigslist which are currently overflowing with second-hand GPUs and Prices are trending downward overall Which You know what let me see that thing Actually forget it. This is ridiculous. You can get deals now Yeah But scalpers like this,are all over the place. Often asking close to or even more than retail for “Never used” or “lightly used” cards So, just make sure you keep your BS detectors cranked to 11 until this blows over but if buying directly at retail is expensive and Current-gen used cards are going to be a minefield for a while… What else can we do? Well some retailers are actually offering combo deals with steep discounts for graphics cards that are usually bundled with some other component that gamers would want. Like a headset, a high-end CPU or motherboard that kind of thing and While our luck at Newegg today wasn’t great with just 10 to $20 savings being typical, Some vendors like Microcenter are doing in store only discounts with limited quantities available With that said though, maybe we’re barking up the wrong tree Maybe what we want isn’t a specific graphics card, but rather a specific performance level And I think I know how we can achieve that. We’re gonna go where the miners aren’t going We know that the GTX 1080 is in most cases about 25 percent faster than the previous generation 980ti However, if we look at the price for the 980ti somewhere like eBay It’s cheaper then even the cheapest 1070 I mean, and compared to the 1080 I’m talking like just over half the price And The HBM equipped FURY X can be had for a similar price to – as long as 4 gigs is enough VRAM for you and you Have the power supply to run it. And so you know, Moving down in the pricing tiers a little bit if you were after an rx 580 or 570, the performance difference between the 480 and or 70 is so minimal that the price difference here makes that a no-brainer as well. And depending on your needs you can even go further back like a Maxwell Titan X or Titan black or even as far back as a GTX 680 or Radeon HD 7970 if your goal is 1080p gaming. Those things are around a hundred bucks today about half that of a 1050 TI with slightly better performance Do note though that older high-end cards like The Fury will draw more power and lack new features like HDMI 2.0 a HEVC, HDR, and they have no hope of playing back content protected by PlayReady 3.0 DRM and you also don’t get a warranty when you do this well, not usually anyway so buyer beware there, but Games don’t stop to wait for GPU prices to drop and if you need the horsepower this seems to be the best way to go until the whole industry regains its senses Unplug and play what does that even mean? I’ll tell you it’s Corsairs line up of wireless gaming peripherals including their dark core RGB Se Mouse which features one millisecond 2.4 gigahertz and low latency Bluetooth connectivity. Their K63 wireless gaming keyboard with the same low latency connection options and Cherry MX red switches with a blue Backlight and their mm. 1000. Which is a wireless charging mouse pad though, It should be noted that the wireless charging version of the mouse will work with any qi wireless charging pad Not just theirs which is pretty cool, and you can check out the whole lineup at the links below I made it! So thanks for watching guys if this video sucked You know what to do.. (Please don’t.. :c) But if it was awesome Get subscribed, Hit that like button or maybe check out where to buy the stuff we featured on eBay I guess at the link in the video description Also linked down there’s our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum, which you should totally join.

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100 thoughts on “Buy a Video Card Without Getting SCREWED

  1. Any tips on upgrading GPU it this age where everything is just… marginally better than cards 3 years ago.

    I have R7 370 4GB OC Strix that runs quite well in 1080p, but is struggling to keep up with new games… but. I recall that I paid 200€ for the 370 back in 2017 and looking at the new cards in same price range now, there is not much of an improvement. The heck I'm suppose to do? Going for 500€ range feels stupid, since the added value by performance just gets worse.

    Casual gaming at 1080p and steady 30-60fps is enough for me so buying a overkill vega 64 OC would just be too much.

    What happened? It's like gamers are forced to buy "flagships" and rest of the consumers are just completely ignored or scammed to get "next gen" that is actually same as before.

  2. Is Craigslist in Vancouver bigger than Kijiji in Toronto, or is this channel pandering to US viewers since they don't have Kijiji?

  3. A scammer tried to sell me a gou once. So I did the right thing.

    Wasted his time.

    That way they can't scam a Innocent person.

  4. Buying a 1080 is impossible now (FUCKING MINERS) and as for the 2080 it's full of scammers on amazon and ebay so buy at your own risk. All that's left is stores which sell the 2080 for around 1000€ with no sign of 1080's anywhere in stores…….guess ill wait for the 2180 or 3080 series to buy a new gpu at a decent price because when you're making around 14000€ a year spending 1000 on a gpu is not an option. Mining destroyed the gaming experience for me, good thing i bought a 1060 just before all that mining debacle started (like literally after 10 days that i bought that 1060 the price went up by 100 euro) so no gaming on ultra for me for a year or 2 until these prices start to make sense.

  5. I bought a 1080ti off of eBay for $600 while on amazon founders editions were going for $1000-1200 it works great and I’m so lucky I got this deal

  6. What GPU can i buy as an upgrade from my Radeon 6950 2GB. My budget is only £200 (260 USD, 360 CAD). Is upgrade at that price point even sensible?

  7. I have a ten year old kid that would like to be a gamer on PC but what I got for him for now- tell I find work are a way to get anything for him the pc is a Dell Intel Pentium "d.c" with window 7 what card would do for now anything u know would help he's a good kid A,b student so I'm trying to do what I can thanks for any info anything would help.thanks

  8. Almost a year after you called out GPU != graphics card in the misused technology terms video ( here you are equating the two. oh, the hypocrisy. 😛 How long did your techie credentials get suspended for over this faux pas?

  9. I hate it when this happens…

  10. 3:06 This made me sad. I'm currently looking for a decent GeForce GTX 1080, and the best new price I can find is now $730. And of course, its the only one that didn't have a price increase when this was released… Graphics Cards, love the performance, love the appearance, hate the price…

  11. I bought a laptop, but looking back on this, his strategy makes sense. The reason why miners weren’t buying older hardware is because of the power consumption.

  12. Some girls say they have no clothes with a filled walkin closet some guys say they have no shoes with 200 pairs of them but linus says none of these graphic cards will do with a entire warehouse full of expensive computer part while building 2000 dollar pcs every other day

  13. Was trying to upgrade my rig last year and nearly spit out my coffee when I saw USED 1080s going for $1000. Now I can get RTX 2060 (comparable performance to 1070) for $350, ppl taking crazy pills on this mining shit.

  14. It’s funny cause 1070’s and 1080’s cost that much all over again in 2019 due to the 2000 series taking centre stage and the 1000 series ending production. Last I checked, a 1080 new costs $900-$1200.

  15. I hope you to get graphics cards with the best price in the country! will be definitely cheaper than any websites. Visit and email me! [email protected] (we are a distributor)

  16. Linus PLEASE please I beg of you!! Help me get a new GPU or used mine just quit on me and now I am screwed!!!!!!

  17. Disclaimer: This video was made before the nVidia memory issues were discovered.
    Listening to Linus has become an act of the foolish.
    I wish that were't true.

  18. I’m so confused, why is the MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 (which is the one I have) $999.99??? I got it for $359.99!

  19. Not a single mention of the Ryzen 2200G or 2400G…

    Do not underestimate the value of an APU during a GPU pricing crisis.

  20. i understand what gpu to buy but then i get stuck on what brand and how many fans. anyone got any good vids on this

  21. 2019: It's really easy to buy a 1440p card for a reasonable price

    Early 2018: Mining is killing GPUs and we're all fucked!

  22. I was going to buy a 1070 when they launched, but due to pricing I ended up buying a used 980ti which I was very happy with for a couple of years until I got a deal for a used 1080ti for about $500 back in 2018 👍

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