Burton Custom Camber – 2019 Snowboard Review

hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the Burton custom. This is actually the cambered version. This is really bored I quite like to ride. I’ve ridden customs for years. I mean like back on my first season I had a custom. It has changed a lot over the years but ultimately it’s the perfect seasonnaire board. It just offers that upmost versatility that you need with such a good fun all round ride. and over the last couple of seasons they’v really changed the tip and tail shaping, they’ve modernised this. It’s still the iconic board to go anywhere but it has been updated and it’s a really surprising board. Each season you go and ride this and you get blown away by how fun this thing still is to ride and I just love the finish this year wood into matte black into a pop of color just a nice timeless peace from Burton. So in terms of tech that you’d expect to see in a Custom it’s all here. You’ve got Squeezebox down the edges so nice powerful derived shape that you can really push the power from underneath the bindings to the edges. It will deliver quick turns nice and reliable, but still nice softish flex not gonna say supersoft it still is upper intermedia onwards but a bit softer than a custom X so you can actually take this into the park if you want but it performs just as well everywhere that’s why it’s quite a key choice by the team just to ride anywhere so in terms of riding custom when I fill out a test card when I take this out and snow it always gets 8 or above out of 10, you just can’t fault it for how it rides whether it’s pop, edge response, fun, just how it sort of like drives through a turn, and how it floats. It’s just the best all-rounder I’ve come across I couldn’t think of a board that, if you’re unsure if the conditions that you’re gonna ride, anything that could actually step up and do it all as good as this. Yes I love the Deep thinker for really deep powder days, yes I can go for a Free Thinker if I want something a bit more park specific or if I want to know absolutely gun it I’d probably go for a custom X but they have drawbacks. This doesn’t and it just works for every condition that you can throw at it. that’s why the custom is still here but 20 years on it’s still the perfect all rounder and what most for brands would look to try to build their boards to so if you want the best upper intermediate to advance snowboard for any conditions go and grab a custom

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