Building a Strong Tech Stack for Sports Sales Starts Here

And then we talked about tech. I think that’s like a standing
conversation at all meetings now. Multiple partners and vendors were
brought up that other teams are using, whether that’s to qualify and quantify
their leads or video messaging – those are the big ones. The tech world integrating into sports is definitely
catering to the new generations that we’re bringing into the workforce. It is such a selling tool when we’re recruiting that they get to come in and use all
these different technologies. You’re hiring people out of college or
coming in that already have that appetite, and then, not trying to do everything
as quick as you possibly can. So we have 12 different tools that
we use, but we started with one. And we slowly built up credibility.
We slowly built up champions. And that’s how you really get your tech
deck into a strong place, but it really starts with who you’re hiring and them being
bought in at the beginning that they’re going to commit to using all these
tools through their process.

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