Build a Yu-Gi-Oh Different Dimension Deck : What is “Different Dimension” in Yu-Gi-Oh?

I’ll be talking about Yu-Gi-Oh today. This
clip is about the Different Dimension or DD. Different Dimension stands for remove from
game in this. Different Dimension is a set of monsters that have effects, that when they’re
removed from the game they get them. But, they have to be removed from game for them
to work. If they just go to the graveyard, there nothing special. Little below average
attack. Little below average defense. Sometimes, they’re shiny. Sometimes, they’re not. They
really shine when they get removed from game. Certain magic and trap cards, like Macros
Cosmos or Dimensional Fissure remove things from game when they’re sent to the graveyard.
This works as a bonus in that it affects all your cards who work from being removed from
game, while the opponents do not. Things like, Treeborn Frog. When you have Macros Cosmos
or Dimensional Fissure out, they won’t get Treeborn Frog back. He’s removed from game.
It may happen that he has something to get him back. But, it’s going to be harder than
normal and it might disrupt his game play. Different Dimension also works with Dark Magician
of Chaos. Dark Magician of Chaos is a above average seven-eight star monster, eight star
with twenty-nine hundred attack. His big thing is that whenever he destroys something, he
removes it from the game. He also returns one spell card from your graveyard to your
hand. Things like, Monster Reborn or maybe another Dimension Fissure. Whatever you need,
he’s there. You get him back by using several trap cards or by using Different Dimension

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3 thoughts on “Build a Yu-Gi-Oh Different Dimension Deck : What is “Different Dimension” in Yu-Gi-Oh?

  1. DMOC (dark magician of chaos) is banned and u use d.d scout plane inreplacement of treeborn frog so u can sacrifice it for other monster's preferably monarch's

  2. Why does he sound as if he's trying to make stuff up on the spot? Or struggling to read something off a screen?

    Just doesn't sound natural.

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