Build A Modern MTG Deck For Only $30? Go GOBLINS! Cheap Magic: The Gathering Budget Ideas

Do you want to play Modern at Friday Night Magic and other tournaments at your local game store? Do you feel it’s just too expensive? Modern is actually a very affordable format and while there are some high cost decks, there is also a possibility to create FNM competitive decks for about 30 bucks. One deck I’d like to show you today is Modern Goblins. This deck can be put together for about 30 bucks. Or probably even cheaper because, chances are you already own many of these cards, and considering most of them are commons and uncommons, you’re likely not going to have a hard time getting a hold of the rest. Will this deck win you a Pro Tour? Nope. But it is strong enough for Friday Night Magic, and if you don’t have any Modern decks, but are curious about the format, it is a great way to test the waters; without spending too much cash. Let’s take a look. Again, if you already play Modern or have a large and impressive collection, this deck isn’t for you. This deck is for someone who wants to play Modern at their LGS, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of cash upfront. For roughly the cost of an event deck, you can be playing Modern at your LGS or with your friends. And, obviously, you’ll need 20 Mountains. Again, you’re not going to win a Pro Tour with this deck. That’s not the point. The point is an affordable, Friday Night Magic competitive Modern deck for about 30 dollars.

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100 thoughts on “Build A Modern MTG Deck For Only $30? Go GOBLINS! Cheap Magic: The Gathering Budget Ideas

  1. It's too bad I just saw this video, the lightning bolts I see now are selling for 3.99 each! I really want to play modern but don't have a deck any suggestions? 

  2. Might of the Meek (boros homebrew)
    x4 Young Pyromancer
    x4 Krenko's Command
    x4 Dragon Fodder
    x4 Raise the Alarm
    x4 Midnight Haunting
    x2 Spectral Procession
    x4 Lightning Bolt
    x4 Lightning Helix
    x4 Path to Exile
    x2 Stoke the Flames
    x4 Raid Bombardment
    x4 Sacred Foundry
    x4 Clifftop Retreat
    x6 Mountains
    x6 Plains
    x4 Intangible Virtue
    x4 Boros Charm
    x2 Stoke the Flames

    the goal of the deck is to generate dozens of token creatures and slap the opponent relentlessly. Raid bombardment deals 1 damage every time a power 2 or lower creature attacks, potentially dealing lethal damage before blockers are even declared. And if that doesn't work, just side them out for Intangible Virtue, beefing your little ones to the size of bears, giants, Hellions, and Wurms.

  3. I would recommend Red Time bomb over going pure goblins in modern but I could be mistaken.
    here is the primer for it that I found very interesting and it can be built for $35 or less.

  4. Yeah I have a fairly decent $30 budget deck
    X 4-Black Lotus
    X 4-Juzam Dijinn 
    X 4-Mox Jet
    These dirt cheap cards in totall are only 5 dollars, and I am improving with this work in progress deck. It's Eldrazi btw, Juzam is in there for flavor. 

  5. I'm building a mono blue Modern deck centered around Jace, Memory Adept.  Main strategy is keeping myself alive with an alright board presence and some solid counters/removal (void snare, cancel, etc.) until turn 5 where I've hopefully used my 4 Divinations to have Jace in hand so I can mill to death quickly.  What early game creatures would you recommend to keep my head from exploding to aggro?  Thanks!

  6. You should do a vid on how to do a sideboard…as I've been playing for a good 4+ years and HAVE NO CLUE how to sideboard or how to put one together.

  7. a friend of mine payed this exact deck at local FNN and he finished 3-1 After loosing VS scapeshift.
    pretty fast deck ! 

  8. What about taking out the ember haulers and replacing them by dragón feders?, i think that it's años sorcery that puts 2 1/1 goblin tokens for 2 manas, and that's good advantage

  9. @Tolarian Community College I have a question regarding modern deck and I have a casual play deck and I would like to ask you a question regarding the cards I use because I want to do fir day night magic but I don't know if my deck has what it takes. Please get back to me and I will give you my deck list. Thank you so much for all the videos and I will continue to stay subscribed!

  10. Hey professor any ideas on some upgrades for this deck. I really enjoy playing it, yes better decks exist but I guess Im weird and would still like to play this even though I own much more competitive decks.
    Your loyal fan Chance

  11. Goblin Rabblemaster would be amazing in this but it's so expensive! Also, I would recommend a playset of Smoldering Spires it acts as a mountain but it enters tapped and target creature can't block. 🙂

  12. i actually had most of these cards 🙁 but i had left one of my storage containers open in the trunk of my car and well i live in FL so of course the one time i leave it open it rains and i had a broken seal on the trunk of my car and my cards got pretty much destroyed, bad luck on my part i guess

  13. If I post my slightly more advanced (I think lol, it's my first Modern deck) deck list of this goblin deck, will someone please tell me what you think. Thanks! 🙂

  14. Here are some more cards that might have a place in this deck:
    Goblin Wardriver
    Stingscourger (Pretty brutal with Goblin Chieftain)
    Stoke the Flames (maybe too pricy for this deck at the moment)
    Boggart Ram-Gang
    Mogg Sentry
    Tattermunge Maniac
    Mogg Fanatic

  15. I suggest a playset of Goblin Snowman. Your opponent would have to concede due to Goblin Snowmans awesome power.

  16. Here's my deck list, it's about $25 on tcgplayer and $50 including shipping. 2 Legion Loyalist
    2 Hammerhand
    2 Titan's Strength
    3 Krenko, Mob Boss
    3 Lightning Strike
    3 Lightning Bolt
    4 Goblin Wardriver
    4 Frenzied Goblin
    4 Shock
    4 Pillar of Flame
    4 Dynacharge
    4 Satyr Hoplite
    4 Satyr Firedancer
    17 Mountain

  17. dont even know if you will still read this comment due to how old the video id but would love to see a modern format deck list made to vs this deck, so abit like home made duel decks, be a nice way to intro my mates

  18. tfw, Piledriver reprint, so there is goblin guide, goblin rablemaster, piledriver, siege gang commander……. better start siding that pyroclasm now.

  19. Heres my expensive (even though it costs less than 3 Tarmogoyfs) Mono Red Modern Goblin deck that I might build but I NEED OPINIONS PLEASE!!! Thank you! 🙂
    Creatures (24):
    Goblin Lakcky x4
    Goblin Piledriver x4
    Goblin Chieftain x4
    Legion Loyalist x4
    Goblin King x4
    Catterwauling Boggart x4
    Spells (12)
    Lightning Bolt x4
    Goblin Grenade x4
    Hordeling Outburst x4
    Land (24)
    Mountain x24
    Sideboard (14)
    Dragons Claw x4
    Blood Moon x4
    Leyline of Punishment x4

  20. I live in Australia and I compared the different prices in Australia the price for this deck is $79.80 AU dollars

  21. On the off chance you do manage to read this comment, can you do an updated version of this, with Piledriver and/or rabblemaster? I just wanna hear your thoughts about it 🙂 Thanks!

  22. i think a playset of rabblemasters and piledrivers (origins) would make this deck extremely epic! or perhaps splash black for removal and pack rat which would go well with dynacharge.

  23. @Tolarian Community College Professor could you please check my new goblin list, i won a modern
    tournament with it at my local tcg store . I went 5/0 😀

  24. Piledriver and Rabblemaster show up and half of these cards are now over twice these prices, Warchiefs and Loyalists especially.

  25. well modern commonuties here are very tight , made from people who play magic for years and they all have like 2 decks worth hundrends and i went with this at modern fnm and i got crushed :/ got a win though ( not a round)

  26. I actually run a non-budget Modern Goblins list that is a ton of fun. My decklist is:
    4x Legion Loyalist
    4x Goblin Bushwhacker
    4x Mogg Fanatic
    4x Mogg War Marshal
    4x Goblin Piledriver
    1x Vexing Shusher
    4x Goblin Chieftain
    2x Goblin King
    2x Krenko, Mob Boss
    2x Siege-gang Commander
    4x Lightning Bolt
    4x Goblin Grenade

    4x Bloodstained Mire
    4x Cavern of Souls
    2x Mutavault
    10x Mountain

    3x Vexing Shusher
    3x Blood Moon
    2x Relic of Progenitus
    2x Shattering Spree
    3x Skullcrack
    2x Torpor Orb

    I've had enough luck running the deck to 3-1 a couple Modern FNMs, only losing to Twin each time. Managed to take a Soul Sisters deck from 86 to 0.

  27. I researched all day after my classes on the Unhinged and Unglued expansions, and now I always try to find the joke in each card…

  28. Thanks for the cheap modern goblin decks suggestions Professor! I do really enjoy goblins in both RPG and Magic the Gathering.

  29. Really the only offenders on this list are Goblin Chieftain and Legion Loyalist for making the price jump to high The majority of cards have actually decreased in price. Goblin piledriver and goblin rabblemaster makes reasonable replacements, although not as good.

    But I still expect a redo! Hordeling outburst and dragon fodder make a much more token oriented deck possible, and I would like to see that.

  30. Could you redo this video? It is rather old, and it would be awesome if upgrades for the deck were included.


  31. If you COULD still build this for $30, would you? No you cannot resell the parts, I wish to know if this is even worth taking to FNM if I had all the parts to say lend it to a friend or something. If you would upgrade it, how would you do it? (No Goblin Guides)

  32. Why not add 4 goblin warrens and 4 descent of the dragons. Turn your goblins into 4/4 dragon tokens w/ flying.

  33. i discovered your channel about 2 days ago and i spend the whole weekend watching your videos … i love them 😀 +1 on the sub score

  34. "You're not going to win a protour with this deck"
    Prof, I don't think anyone with ambitions to compete in a protour would click on a video called "30 dollar budget modern goblins"

  35. Modern Goblins have changed so much now that they are highly competitive in my lgs meta. I'm loving the future for Gobbos

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