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David I’m Stefan and today we’re going to be talking about a fun and effective
commander deck you can build without breaking the bank
we’re gonna talk about our aristocrats commander in the form Teysa Karlov, for 2 a white and a black we get a two four legendary creature human advisor and if a creature dying causes a triggered ability of a permanent you
control to trigger that ability triggers an additional time and creatures tokens you control have vigilance and lifelink yeah
so the strategy of this deck is basically going to be playing lots of
tokens we’re gonna be playing lots of sac outlets we are gonna be letting our
creatures died we’re gonna have stuff that wants to die we’re gonna get double
triggers we have lots of small guys are gonna be attacking for damage it’s gonna
be tons of fun so there’s three main things we want to do we want to
sacrifice creatures for double death triggers we want to produce lots of
tokens for offense and defense and we want to recur creatures from our
graveyard repeatedly to keep getting those effects over and over again and
don’t forget tokens also hit the grave which means they also have death
Twitter’s absolutely and it’s also pretty affordable this deck right yeah
the Koala is one dollar of 49 and the rest of the deck is 3193
which makes it a total of 33 42 now looks like now let’s look at the
decklist good right category so we divided the synergy cards into tokens
sack outlets and the payoff cards pair of cards are the cars that get some kind
of payoff when stuff dies so we’re gonna start off with pawn of ulla mag and
sister of skulls of both these cards have a look when another creature dies
then we’re gonna be getting some form of Eldrazi token which we can sacrifice for
colorless mana and then we have lightning course open the grate and
requiem angel which get tokens when something dies lightning cause you don’t
immediately but later on in the game open the case you get to two zombies and
become angels you get spirits but what’s cool about vacuum angel is that you get
spirits even if other non spirit stalkers die yeah that’s pretty cool
normally with all these effects only really we only really get the effect
when a non token creature dies and recommends is one of those exceptions
where it’s just tokens are fair game as long as they’re not spirits then we have
a dictate of hylia and ethereal absolution these are two in Chairman’s
that work really well with our tokens addictive Hali it has flash which is
really nice for blossom a pool attacking to thinking that you won’t be able to do
much and then also your one one flying spirits or three three flying spirits or
more which is really brutal and ethereal absolution has the added benefit of not
only does it pump our creatures a little bit but it also reduces the power and
toughness of our opponent’s creatures by one so anything that is one toughness
it’s just that that’s gone hits the table it’s is dead and a top of that to
added gravy on top of this port pie card I don’t know where I’m going with this
metaphor but it’s something tasty and that is the fact that we can also use it
as graveyard hate and be able to excel cars from our pawns graveyards and we’re
also going to be getting a 1/1 spirit for that but he’s pretty sweet yeah it’s
always nice and then with taste and flow of ghosts five white and a black a full
four legendary creature human adviser she is fitness protection from creatures
and whenever creature deals combat damage to you destroy the creature put a
1/1 white black spirit creature token with flying on the battlefield which
deters people and she’s also called a star boss he has a different name in
total which means you can have both of them on the table
yeah good to have Tessa and other tastes both they’re helping each other it’s not
to be underestimated the protection is great for blocking because of course you
can block any creatures and just it won’t die even it won’t be able to kill
them and of course when you’re attacking with taste up people can’t block with
their creatures because it has protection acacia mews it can’t be
blocked it’s actually it does so many things in this deck which is really nice
then we move on to the sack outlets we have cartel aristocrat maw of the
opposite and friction plague Lord you know sums we got creatures coming in and
they got they got an end to the battlefield
effect but mostly we got creatures that have died triggers because of course
with taste everyone have multiple die triggers but we do need to die we don’t
always want to wait until their opponent kills their creatures for us so we got
our nice little sack outlet so we can just sack them for free these are the
three examples that allows the second for three important – for free sorry
allows the sack them for free I part remember also that friction plague Lord
can also sack itself to make it a target creature – for – for you know so in a
pinch we can use it as more powerful removal if we don’t have a lot of tokens
we usually have enough talent tokens yeah it’s just free sacrifice outlet
it’s just really nice never frumpy White’s hidden stockpile highly eternal
pilgrim and ghost console oh so far it’s all have them pretty cheaply sacrificing
things and they have added bonuses which is just really nice just gaining life
getting creatures to UM cause all things you want to do yeah exactly
then we move on to the payoff courses in the cards that care about when stuff
dies we’ve got Sula port cutthroat pious Evangel and falkenroth Noble all these
cards essentially do the same when stuff dies when non token creatures die or
when they they die we’re gonna be draining our opponents either all of
them simultaneously or one targeted opponent and we’re gonna be gaining that
much life which is pretty sweet really keeps us in the game in the long
term it’s also really nice to just have that reach sometimes because sometimes
you can can’t get in with combat yeah scavenger Drake and treasure keeper and
skies means you guys just gets really big and it is flying so it has the
deflation it special keeper is just really nice because you can get more
things from your deck for free yeah you get of course when you want to have this
die when tastes on the battlefield so we’re gonna be getting you know 2 cards
for the price of one in essence and it what’s cool about scavenger Drake of
course is that it also it doesn’t care if it’s it doesn’t have to be non token
creature either so just when all our tokens died that’s also caring increases
and gets insanely fast it’s really big insanely fast that is it for the synergy
cards have a look at Protection cards the only category you
have of protection is targeted protection west lead watchdog and spirit
bonds and its really nice spared bonds can also give you token stage cassette
to give protection to something and Wesley watchdogs just protects yeah
exactly make sure that both cases use the term indestructible to protect which
means that you know the role we don’t use to make us board wipes to make sure
that our commander for example doesn’t die but it’s important to remember that
yes it doesn’t protect against excel effects or stuffs that gives the
creature minus X minus X reducing it to zero or less toughness then we have dark
privilege and fanatical devotion both of these enchantments give
regenerate to the creature dark privilege we pop it on a creature and
for jump our commander what’s really nice is that it also functions as a way
to regenerate our commander in this case if we enchanted but it also is a sac out
but a free sac out there’s an extra one on top of the ones we already have I’m
fanatical devotion exactly the same also a free Sakura that also allows us to
regenerate but this one can just it’s just a regular enchantment so we don’t
have to put it on top of the creature we just put it on the table and use it to
protect everybody all right which means and and then both wipe you have half
your bullets still left yeah that’s actually super super handy that is it
for the protection cards let’s have a look at the control cards we divided the
control spells into those that remove creatures those that remove non
creatures and those that are just board wise which remove all the creatures we
start with the creature removal and that is swords to plowshares of mortify utter
end and flesh allergy now sorcerer plowshares and under end allow us to
exile a creature and of course nutter end actually also hits non creatures it
hits anything you want mortify gives us a little bit of
flexibility by allowing us to hit either target or enchantment so this is not
just strictly limited to creatures and flesh allergy is limited only to
creatures but the beauty of it is that not only is it also sac outlet which is
nice for us to make sure that we can sack something but also we’re gonna be
making our opponent lose life equal to the number of creatures that die this
turn and remember that does include token so this is wonderful to do after
we just sacked our entire board with lots of bonus for lots of extras value
from stings we drew cars we scribe we did all those cool stuff a lot of
trigger here trigger there and we said 20 creatures died and then
we say BAM and now we sack this one creature I get another trigger and your
best thing dies plus you take 20 damage that’s just hilarious and it’s happened
to me safe on detection me so that’s that’s why I know that so yeah possible
you don’t need to kill the best thing you just die yeah
that’s also very possible yeah and the next one’s a sure shot um whenever
Christian said that feels another quick as minus 1 minus 1 which is not
something sacrificing what we normally do but we get a lot of stalkers on the
table so this is really nice yeah it’s absolutely brutal and in the end when
somebody doesn’t have a blockers being able to swing in 4/4 is also nothing
nothing that’s in effect then we have a Bissell gatekeeper plague crafter and
butcher of Malachor these are all the ones that make our opponents sacrifice
stuff abyssal k-keep or what it dies remember that of course cool with the
with the death trigger it’s gonna have two triggers with taste on the
battlefield but it says each player not each opponent so remember that you also
have to have make sure you got enough tokens because otherwise you may have to
sacrifice taste as well which would be kind of bad play crafter doesn’t really
matter you can sacrifice itself when it comes in and butcher of malok here the
beauty of it is it also it does look at your token so that means whenever you
are going to be sacrificing your tokens or your insignificant creatures or all
our opponents have to sacrifice something and that’s only our opponents
have to do that so put your mallet here it’s just it’s just beautiful what some
yeah and it’s a big creature with flying amazing yeah and then the non creature
removal is the velcro among a token of justice radically monk destroys target
artifact of a chocolate and all kind of justice excels target permanent and that
is so nasty yeah especially when you keep on recurring it that is what I did
the safe on the other time but its actually brutal good thing of course
these are die triggers which means with taste I’m going to be doing it two times
and that is really not to be underestimated
they’ll move on to the board place you got Marshall COO slaughter the strong
and pestilence Marshall COO is just a sorcery board wipe you know you pump a
lot of mana into it and if you put in five or more mana next to the two white
that’s required we’re also going to be getting some
the other way one you get tokens and when it’s fine for more then you also
destroy all the other creatures it in the end
you’ve killed stuff you got yes thank you thank you for for planning comes
down to the same thing but yes the order is important and slaughter the strong
we’re gonna make sure that we’ve got power
everybody can only have creatures powerful or less and then the rest they
have to sacrifice of course this greatest that taste on a lot of other
utility creatures that we have some of us a catalyst so they’re very low power
so we can keep a lot of stuff people playing big fatties they’re gonna have a
problem keeping anything on the board and lastly pestilence this is really
nice always have something we can use to kind
of use as a sacrifice outlet for the summer it’s a smaller stuff if you want
to and otherwise just keep the board clear taste has got high toughness so we
almost will rarely after ever hit our with pestilence
so guaranteed that pestilence will stay on the battlefield yeah it’s really nice
to just kill all smaller creatures and you have to have a preacher on the
battlefield unless you else you have to sacrifice pestilence so that for
toughness and taste is really important yeah then Fugate weld flexion V but and
playing a cleansing and fumigate you got some life well you can pay some more
together instant speed virtually rebirth you get a big creature and playing a
glass install cleansing destroy all known that permanence sometimes you just
need to get rid of all your artifacts and chant months you could you get a wet
yourself a bit but it’s not as bad in this thing now and run with fresh and
rebirth you first get the token and then you destroy now you first destroy stuff
and they you get to token yeah alright okay that is it for the board wives
let’s move on to the card advantage cards for the card advantage cards we
have two categories 12 and recursion and then we caustic plunder and with the
bones these are one-off and das caustic
plunder you can sacrifice something which is really nice because that’s what
you want to do and we do both you can dig further with describe to yeah I read
the boss is not particularly a card that’s super synergistic with the deck
which is a really solid one-off card to to draw cards and we have
dark prophecy grim horror specs and harvester of souls all three of these
cards like it when other creatures die and we like to draw cards every time
creature die and they deal damage to us except for harvest their souls which
doesn’t take any damage and what’s important to remember the dark prophecy
counts the tokens as well so if we lose so you still get cards and it’s
important for the harvester souls also counts our opponents creatures non token
creatures so not only our own creatures which you would grim horror specs does
very very nice to have any of these cards in your opening hand enough Joff
eyeballs whenever could you come to dice you got
to eyeball contest which means you got full of them but taste on a battlefield
and you can just move them to look at the top X cards and that goes really
fast so you can look for specific cards yeah that’s pretty much it just allows
you to dig every time and get best card in your hands so it’s for three mana
draw card but it’s the best card of like a whole bunch that you’re looking down
so I always give him a love cause yeah gives you really really good card
selection actually good card avenge for just three man every time then we move
on to the recursion cards because of course we would like to kill stuff we
like to get it back so we kill it again so cool first we have blood so blood so
champion and reassembling skeleton both these cards kam returned back from the
grave over to the battlefield for a 1 and a black but there is a caveat with
blood-soaked champion is that you have to have attack
this turn with some day yeah tokens doesn’t matter just send it that way
Keith Simpkins itself or even with blood-soaked champion itself and
reassembling skeleton doesn’t have the caveat you just pop it back on the only
thing is that it does come intact you know so you can’t use it to block but
that’s so tempting can block either so next one apprentice Nokomis dutiful
attendant and ref lock all get creatures from graveyard to the battlefield or
dude for tenant to your hand where flock is really nice because you get multiple
ones with power 2 or less that’s important but a lot of things we have
are small so it’s not really that bad yeah a very large beautiful with taste
on the benefit getting four things back that it’s just crazy and then of course
had a situation where you also had dutiful attendant so you could use
beautiful tenant to get rebel are back that all some of justice oh yeah I was
wrong that was roughly in Lyon then we have a champion of stray Souls at a car
Valkyrie and demon of dark schemes solid cards champion stray Souls allows us to
is a sac outlet that also allows us to return creatures from the grave back
directly to the battlefield so we sack you know our tokens we sack the stuff
that we want to kill we get stuff that gives us value you know our card draw
our engines all that stuff add a curved l3 just sits there waiting with
vigilance attacking every turn soon as something dies goes mine
it’s only guys up tap mine and then it just takes it which is just super
annoying and demon of dark schemes comes in BAM I am a board wife you know I’m
killing everything is but I thought you were recursion he’s like I do that too I
do everything I do board web I do recursion I do model modeling on the
side he does everything this one so solid card yeah I mean maybe that was a
bit of a tangent but it’s a good card then if you have belly the ancestors
Palace siege and Dawn of the Dead where they access you can get a lot of cards
back you have to excel them at the end of the
next upkeep but if you sacrifice them you don’t have to excel them important
distinction yeah Palace each you just get something back every single turn and
don’t have that same thing yeah it’s poor palace each goes back to your hand
it’s merely safe you know just every time you get something back to your hand
Dawn of the Dead brings it back to the battlefield but we do have to exile it
after that but that’s only at the end of the term you can also sack it just the
same stories around with the ancestors so we can do it every single turn so
this was a sac outlet kind of nasty yeah and we can also animate second lit so it
is absolutely beautiful that is nice those are the card vantage cards let’s
have a look at the ramp cards okay we have a few ramp cards mostly based on
artifacts we have or soft signet dark steel ingot alcatraz monument and
pitiless plunder which does not affect which is not an artifact which makes
artifacts they weave or soft signet dark steel ingot that’s just basic our basic
manor ram and o kette rose monument makes all our white stuff cheap oh nice
you got a lot of spells these are only creature spells
though would like to be able to play revel artful flourish is pretty nice and
also whenever we cast a creature spell we’re also going to be creating a token
which is nice to have the toklas this does a lot of good stuff for us I’m
pleading pitiless plunder not to forget this creates treasures where you can
sack for a man of any color so when taste is on the battlefield whenever we
kill something we’re getting two treasures which a statement has
previously pointed out to me can go infinite with the champion exactly which
is you know and don’t do that when you’ve got one of your drainers on the
battlefield because that’s basically you instantly win and why would you not do
that infinite combos are not fun stay fun how many does it tell you no great
combos are not fun no don’t do that anyway so those are the ramp cards let’s
have a look at the lands we define our lands in 13 Plains 14 swamps and 10 non
basics also gilt gate scoured bands and forsaken sanctuary textfield Kasich or
loss and loss of Basilica alt f4 and white or black and also Basilica tips
for both then we have memorial to Folly mortuary mile Meyer temple of the false
god and rogues passage memorial to folly mortal mile time workers can recursion
get us creatures back to our hand or on top of the library and temple of the
false god just gives us a little bit extra mana later on the game robes patch
is nice when we got a big fat beer people on a block we don’t like that BAM
making a waffle always always solid rose passage in pretty much any deck that is
it for the lands let’s have a look at some examples starting hands here we
have two starting hands the first one is more token oriented and the second one
is more sacrificing we enter the training the first one has spirit bones
opening grace it’s a tradition to get that engine running and with a recursion
like with blood such a champion you can really get a lot of tokens it’s only
missing a sec outlet but this is a good start hand
next one you have the also signal to just captain to your taste I will fast
same skeleton with sack outlet and then the support cut fold you just get the
manner and just sacrifice keep on sacrifice you just keep on training and
now let’s look at some non budget upgrades and here we have some examples
of some non budget upgrades now we have some examples of cars that you can put
in which are very powerful but we’re also showing you some good cars you can
take out to make space for these non-budget upgrades they kind of do
similar that similar function so you won’t sacrifice the effectiveness of the
deck by upgrading it to these stronger and more expensive cards that is it
thank you very much for watching I’m David I’m Stefan this was budget MTG Dex
find all the cars discussed in this video in the description below also show
your fan of channel by rockin this awesome budget MTG Dex merchandise this
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19 thoughts on “Budget Teysa Karlov – EDH/Commander ARISTOCRATS

  1. "You're more useful to me dead than alive!" Today we are going to be creating tokens, playing creatures with death triggers, sacrificing creatures and reanimating creatures. It is remarkable the value Teysa can generate when she's on the battlefield. Which non-budget upgrades would you include in this deck? And which deck would you like to see in the future?

  2. Nice video! I am currently building Teysa myself. Luckily I have some upgrades like Dictate of Erebos already. As I have played Aristocrats also on MTGA, I am a huge fan of Priest of forgotton Gods. and here in the EU you can grab it for 0,75 € at the moment so its a must include for me 🙂 You even can get political with it, as you can choose which opponent to hit.
    Additionally, I would add Krav, the unredeemed & Regna the Redeemer. Really looking forward to trying this deck out!

  3. Divine Visitation, is expensive, but with this budget as I opened one in a draft it's a Amazing fit 4×4 angel flyers converted.


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  6. Building this and playing tonight at FNM! So excited! Adding Priest of the Forgotten Gods and Elenda (non-budget but I have her from before her cost went up!) and my new favorite – Vindictive Vampire! Thanks again guys!

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