Budget Odd Face Hunter: New Tier 1 Hunter Deck

Don’t mind me just playing a little bit of Odd
hunter here so sit back relax and enjoy the show and if you happen to enjoy the
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of a well meet and I know everybody wants more of that this deck is
absolutely absurd I’m gonna probably clickbait this video and say something
about how this deck is insane because I really want people to know that this
deck is insane and okay I know some of you probably clicked away as soon as I
said that and I probably won’t but before you do leave if this is your
first time just at least watch a couple of these games like the amount of
pressure that this deck can provide is absurd this guy’s already down to 25
health in two turns he’s gonna use his own health as a resource next turn we’re
gonna pump up its attack hit face and hero power again we’re gonna save the
wolf rider potentially do more damage in a bit but I wanted maximize damage and
turn three the way I’m absolutely maximized damage is by doing this for
one and then hero powering for three rather than just doing three with the
wolf rider so is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna pump up one but an entire
other minion that he’s gonna have to deal with him for 6 more damage now tell
me that this deck isn’t busted it’s turned 3 and he’s at half health I have
killed command and arcane shop for direct damage in hand I have constant
hero powers at the ballista shot that does three damage to his face every
single turn and he’s going to defile but that’s fine
he’s been forced to use one of his removals
what he’s doing now though probably like a beetle oh no oh no what’s he gonna get
rid of a ridiculously good card no it’s just an emerald Weaver doesn’t actually
end up mattering still have a stealth here we’re gonna and he concedes like
look at that it’s turning 4 and he knows he already lost cuz there’s nothing he
can do play this as gonna arcane shot hit him for face you’d be at 12 so
before and if you click away from this video just watch how broken this deck is
that’s just one of three games he about to see yes now playing against a hunter
my old nemesis he probably think I know this guy’s playing the same deck as me
it’s gonna be a mere match it’s gonna be secret or spell hunter something like
that but no little does he know it’s not gonna be that so into this the three
drops that you don’t want to keep our blackwald pixie it you don’t want to keep
that but these three drops are okay to keep you don’t want to keep more than
one because your ideal goal is to get one drops and since I have none I’m
gonna hard Mulligan for some 1 drops drops because that’s really the name of
the game here hunters mark in kill command these are two cards I don’t
necessarily want right now but I did get a one drop that I can play followed by a
hero power next turn and then ideally I draw one drop again soon or I’ll just
use bear shark turn three this deck is probably one of the
fastest decks if not the fastest deck in the game what you gonna do now probably
nothing perfect next turn this turn we hit hero
power next turn I don’t know if I want a bear shark or glacial shard I guess it
depends on if he plays a secret and what that secret is I’m going to test it out
with my dire mole if it’s wandering monster I’ll probably freeze it and hero
power if it’s like an explosive or freeze I’ll probably just play bear
shark I really hope it’s not snipe if it’s
this is a no and it’s snipe that’s fine I do lose a lot of damage potential off
of that but it’s fine um it’s actually fine like it doesn’t actually matter
that much I missed out on a little bit of damage actually kind of a big deal I’m losing
out on some tempo like that can actually hurt this deck quite a bit
but the fact of the matter is I need to do start hero powering his
face even if he gets a ton of Wolves out I don’t think it’s that big of a deal
I’ll be able to I’ll be able to close this game out perfect not going to use
that yet though do i ah this is a rough one this is a
hard decision I’m tempted to just not even hit him to just hero power and pass
but I know that doesn’t actually get me anywhere so we’re gonna have to hit him
with this it’s gonna be freeze and explosives or wandering maybe let him
for three with this and just to keep up consistency to keep putting out damage
we will freeze his face that way if he’s able to get a weapon you can’t actually
attack with said weapon next turn it’s gonna be probably Dire Mole again into
hero power and ideally I get to a point where I can kill him into space and just
use everything at his face that’s really how this deck operates this deck arrives
on the fact that people aren’t able to do anything to deal with it immediately
that snipe was a bit of a little bit of a setback you should be a 19 right now
but he’s not so we’re gonna hit with this 2-1 first see what it is ideally it’s
explosive and it just dies not wandering it is wandering though have to health Oh
beautiful oh my goodness pounding indeed Oh venom strike trapped
though I’m gonna play this minion shoot him go faced with this gotten down to 16
so I’m gonna spell ston this term and if he does I probably lose the game and I
think I lose the game all off of that snipe play with the bear shark not being
able to capitalize on it I mean he’s been holding that since turn zero it’s
gotta be oh no it’s actually subject 9 interesting so he actually uses the
poisonous there I’m fine with that animal companion is probably my best bet
hopefully tougher and then we shoot him what is it
leoch ah that’s a bad one that’s a bad when he’s probably gonna hit the
poisonous into it and that’s fine hopefully I draw an unleash in the near
future and I’m able to capitalize on this he didn’t actually have a spell
stone he’s gonna kill command it may be our flanking strike okay interesting
followed by what what are you gonna do to kill it and then Candle shot that’s
fine that’s absolutely fine by me hopefully
and unleash the hounds I’m not actually in death range yet but now that I double
kill command his face he is a one hero power within death he could have Rexxar
but I don’t think it’s super likely he’s in holding that since turns deer though
so he could very well have it is it well played does he win
hi director okay that’s that’s that’s pretty bad for me however he’s probably
gonna trade the two into that no he’s not he’s gonna hear with Candle shot
how much health do I have left okay so unleash the hounds would help me
here Baku is not the card that I would need
hero power Pixy hero power very close to winning this game and as I said these
hunter games are very very close only like barely losing a lot of these games
and it’s only because he had reksai he hadn’t had Rex art I would have won the
game and we’ll also just hunters work that for no reason
barely lost this game because he had Rex are because I misread one of his secrets I
should have assumed that after I had attacked it would be snipe I was like as
either snipe or venom strike trap it’s like a 50/50
I chose poorly I should have just played the fries just because you know it would
have been better value anyway but I didn’t and that led to a loss and that’s
probably the biggest problem with this deck is that if you do somehow lose
tempo like that or you commit to a plane and falls flat on its face you
will probably lose but clearly this deck is still able to compete with the best
while only having one legendary and obviously if I could I’d also run Lyrae
in this deck but anyway moving on to the next game I played a game it didn’t
actually record it was stuck on 262 bytes but as you can see this deck is at
63% and I won my last game so that’s fantastic this deck I think we keep only
stands I think we don’t keep kill command I think that killed Command is better
to draw later on to finish him off but I think that having more beasts and things
to directly go face and things that he has to immediately deal with his better
worgen infiltrator is probably the best thing to play to him one especially
considering he has the daggers he is playing odd he doesn’t have a turn
one though so what might be the play is actually do
this and then shard his face so he can’t actually make anything to kill us 2/1
this 2/1 will hit him in the face he has to weapon up that’s just the best
play and I’ll get some free damage and then I’ll hero power so ideally if I get
another one drop I’ll play that oh are you serious he drew that
we find he’ll probably kill stuff with um his minions and then his dagger
wouldn’t leave some stuff up so and unleash the hounds will pop off probably
should have just hero powered there that was a miss play I wanted to get more
minions on the board pressure but I think a hero power just straight-up was
a better play for more damage and he hasn’t even weaponed up a single time
yet emerald Weaver they’re a useful very good pickup do that hero power
definitely should have just hero power that turned before cuz then unturned for
my turns can be super awkward I might just wolf right her to hit him
for three and give him something that he has to deal with which is honestly
pretty it’s still pretty solid but kind of think you’re the only thing that I
could actually use on turn 4 would be a tracking and hopefully get like a one
drop like a glacial shard or something but I have multiple minions on the board
zat 3 3 I’m pretty sure I can ignore now the question is do I want to right into his minions of not will
freeze that will shoot him we’ll make him make the trades as usual
that’s what you want to do with this deck you never actually want to trade
unless you absolutely have to so I think this is just gonna be a go face kind of
game he has a secret oh if that’s explosive I am screwed are you serious
don’t be explosive please ah so it’s wandering monster that’s good
to know I’m gonna hit him it’s gonna be wandering monster oh boy how did I know
that because he left something up so I would hit it oh my god are you serious
nuts for me wait a minute that actually could be nuts for me because then I get
to unleash the hounds holy moly wait that actually could have
won me the game holy moly that they gave him the fact that he got that
wandering monster rather than explosive but I actually 100% knew that it was
wandering on stick as he will have either a
killed it traded into its for the explosive trap
would kill it off but I knew for a fact that it wasn’t so he
kills that off that’s fine trying to think do I have the damage to
win the game no how could you have that dude how could you have that unleash the
hounds trade these two in hit him in the face for oh no what looks
like a damaged short of game Oh God hero power and then we dropped that
emerald river and we just we slashed him for that one extra damage catapulting to
about a 64 percent win rate with this deck and if any of you still disagree
with me on the fact that this is probably one of the best decks in the
meta we should chat in the comments section because this deck has a winning
match up into every mainstream class except paladin it loses to shaman who
cares druid who cares and warrior the three least played classes in the game
and it has a slightly above 50% when we against most of the hunters I think it’s
around a 57% win rate against hunter which is pretty solid so and it has a
60% winery or above and to pretty much every other class like let’s let’s just
let’s take a quick look-see here I know that you guys are probably upset by this
by the fact that I’m dragging this out but just just so you guys understand the
absolute like power of this deck 10 and 7 in hunter 5 and OH into mage 7 and 2
and a priest 7 and 1 into rope 5 and 1 into warlock and like look at this the
three least played classes Arts only losing matchup and paladin which
actually is more popular than these classes according to a um like fishes syndicate but still like
only one mainstream class is a bad against it beats every other class then
you go to show percentages like 59% win rates is its lowest winning win rate and
then it loses a couple like this deck is actually insane and I would 100%
recommend it to everybody spread the word show them these videos
show them how effective and fast these decks are I’ve won on turn one before
this deck is just the best economic

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