Budget Odd Face Hunter: Deck Guide

hello everybody it is that time of the
week where I give you guides and this time it’s going to be on that young odd
hunter in my opinion and this is why I’m click baiting the most underrated deck
in the game so I will get into that in a second just a quick rundown of how this
works basically the gameplays will be I cards in the top right corner if you
want to check that out and the guide will be broken up into three parts
basically it will have an overview of the deck changes you can make to the
deck to make it better or more budget depending on what you want and the third
one being matchups and general tips on how to play the game so without further
ado I’ll just jump right into it so an overview of this deck just some smorc just
go face as hard as you can every single turn to hit that hero power as much as
you can and you’ll probably win like a lot of the decks right now our mid-range
decks that can’t actually compete with your super hard early game aggression
I’ve won games on turn one like people will concede on turn one because they
have no actual response and the way I did that was by doing I think it was
nine damage in two turns where I played basically the Emerald what’s it called
the one oh my goodness I can’t believe I forgot the name the Emerald Reaver it
does it’s a 2-1 deal one damage coined out an argent veteran I was playing
against a rogue and they weaponed killed one thing and then I hear Howard hit
with the veteran and that was a total of nine damage and it was turned to he got
to his turn three and he just conceded I’ve done this multiple times or one by
turn like two or three against multiple different classes this deck does well
into Hunter actually I’ll get in the matchups in a second but point is it’s super
underrated I climbed with this deck from rank 9 to rank I think 4 or at least
almost 4 with a 62% Winry a total of 34 and 21 so that’s just as it stands
ridiculously good in my opinion like the fact that this is a budget deck with a
singular legendary and I think not a single other actual rare card in this
deck nothing but Commons and basic cards this actually no eaglehorn bow I think
is a rare so one other rare in this deck and this deck stomps in the meta so 100%
would recommend this decks so far and if you want to keep knowing how to make
this guy even better and increase this win rate by in my opinion a good 3%
probably maybe only like 2 or 3 but at this point when you’re at 62 every
percent matters keep watching because that’s what’s coming up next
ok so I’m gonna be honest I may have baited you a little bit the only change
I would really make to this deck actually is changing out the black bald
pixie who one of them you still want one of them because a turn seven play where
you can do six damage is still good putting in a Leroy Jenkins if there are
other cars that I’m not thinking of that are legendary or epic that I’m just
nothing of a rare that have charge or amazing early damage potential feel free
to tell me I do not run the 1 mana 2 3 the Sarah and I do that spawns a 0 3
taunt because that actually hurts this deck because that taunt is actually hard
to get over with your two attack minions because a lot of them are to attack
worgen glacial start emerald river Arceus veteran all of them have to
attack so I actually don’t run it because it’s actually more
artful than anything else but if you want to run it you can I feel like has
potential a 2/3 in turn one is something that this that could definitely use an
abuse but other than like small changes like
that the only real difference that I could find is by putting in Leroy for a
Blackwell pixie it would be an absolute monster in this deck it would be an
extra play to do five more damage it’s just it’s just objectively good like so
the reason why it’s better than Blackwell pixie but I would keep a black
hole pixie in just in cases because you can do nine damage on trend seven if you
play Leroy hero power whereas you can only do six with the pixie however if
the Pixies still useful because if they have a taunt in front of you the pixie
can still do direct damage using your hero power but yeah that that’s really
those are only the only changes I would make to this deck this deck overall as
it stands is pretty solid the ironbeak owl does silence taunts is
really its only use and if you want to run another one potentially take out
like a bear shark forward or something or a tracking I’d actually not take out
a pair chuck I take out a tracking for it because tracking although it is
useful for cycling through the deck it isn’t as useful as in some other
mid-range decks that rely heavily on like combos this one’s just go as face
as possible and really tracking only comes in handy on turns for
I knew either a play a three-drop and tracking or B play one drop here power
and tracking it just helps make the awkward turn for a little less awkward
and it makes your late game more consistent a little bit because you can
like oh I need a kill command Oh kill command I would have drawn in three
turns but by picking now I win the game so and the tracking is still useful but
if you want to run another silence because that’s also ridiculously good in
this deck to get over tons feel free to take out a tracking for an iron big owl
so yeah Leroy is definitely top tier but put that in and maybe another silence or
the two-three saronite dude okay so going into matchups real quick I’m using
mostly my own stats because not a lot of people actually um run this deck just in
general so I’m gonna be using my own stats so I hope you guys enjoy because
that’s that’s just what you guys are gonna be getting so basically this deck
does really really well into most of the classes it does exceptionally well into
warlock because it uses his health as a resource it does well into rogue because
rogue also uses health as a resource to clear minions or they ignore your
minions and you hit them in the face and if they’re not playing odd they’re
playing like a miracle or a slower deathrattle which you can take advantage
of if they’re playing odd you can generally outrace them because it takes
them a little bit to build up a board at first and if you have minions on the
board that he has to kill with his weapon he’s a not doing damage to you
and be taking damage himself so you can actually do a lot of damage and
consistently close out games priests another good matchup for you because of
the fact that uh scream doesn’t hurt you that badly
because he never actually have that many minions in the board cuz your hero
powering so often same with Massa serie those don’t really affect you you do
more damage than they could ever possibly heal spirit lash does hurt you
a little bit and a good spirit lash could definitely lose you the game but
still this matchup is an insane like 6 & 2 into priests 6 and 1 into rogue 4 and
1 into warlock 5 and o into mage mages in a weird spot right now just in
general but the fact that they’re only removal is four minions on the board
means that if you just continually hero power them you’re gonna end up just
winning the game as is how it is also if unlike turn
three or on turn to you coin out like a one dropper three drop and their folks
forced to ping it turn three which wastes their turn three not only do you
gain value but they lose value which is way more important for you like your
your whole point is for them to not get a ton of value from those control decks
and that’s why the armorer based control looks like druid and warrior are both 0
and 2 those are definitely our worst matchups in the game but it’s different
from age because mage doesn’t rely on armor and slow controlling the game
using taunts and removal mage simply has removal so if you don’t have a ton of
minions on the board you just blow them out with hero powers and direct damage
spells and charge minions and obviously turn one if you able to get out of
minion they can’t necessarily deal with it immediately or if you do that and
they coin out the hero power they’re down there coin which it leaves
you open to do stuff later on and just overall a very very good matchup
undefeated 5a now into it never actually felt threatened and it’s good and Hunter
it is 9 and 6 in the hunter which isn’t necessarily like amazing but it’s still
a 60% win rate over the course of 15 games which is a pretty decent sample
size not you know huge but it’s decent and most of the games that I’ve played
against hunter have been pretty solid and Atlee and the games that I’ve lost
have been closed for I just fall short of damage and the games that I win are
pretty dominant performances there is some times where I’m like close to gnome
and really the only times that you lose is if they get wrecks are so if they
don’t get wrecks are you’re probably gonna win and even if they do if you’re
in a really good spot you’ll probably win as well sorry
the worst mattress off or you Archer Dan warrior has already said and then some
other ones that are like 40% win rates are paladin and shaman shaman because of
even shaman like I said they’re able to control the board pretty easily and as I
said in my other guide if you run the corpse taker it gives them some extra
life steel which makes them harder to kill if you play against the control
Shawn and they have healing reign which is makes them difficult to deal with as
well and it’s just a little bit rough especially considering their removal is
earlier so they’re able to deal with your early pressure faster like getting
the lightning storm out to kill of your one-drop minions is why on turn three is
why it’s better than mage because they only can deal with your minions by
turned five with actual removal and like warlock by turn four and it deals damage
to themselves but shaman be able to get out the removal a little bit earlier
which is actually really helpful and gives you or makes you as the hunter
lose a lot of tempo so basically that shaman in general is not that guy if you
paladin is not that great view because of the fact that they have many taunts
they have heal control paladin’s otk paladin odd paladin which can kill your
two ones with his 1/1 so he just gets more value because for two men he makes
two of them and you can only place so many of them before you run out of cards
but even despite that it’s still like a 40 percent memory so definitely would
recommend this deck I think it’s the most underrated deck of them all and I
haven’t even gotten to the Mulligan’s yet so hold up mulligan wise keep pretty
much any one drop you possibly can except maybe arcane shot I don’t think
you need the direct damage immediately I think it’s more useful at the end of the
game keep every single one drop you can accept like I’m talking minion not
necessarily Hunter’s marker tracking those are better late-game to hopefully
grab you the card you need to close out the game or Tracking’s good on that
awkward turn for not only that but if you keep like two one drops it’s safe to
keep a three drop as well literally anything except the Blackwell pixie
because again that’s useful in turn seven doesn’t have as much immediate
benefit so bear shark or animal companion ideally are the two that you
would play on turn three those are the three jobs you would like to keep
eaglehorn bow is still fine in its own right I wouldn’t keep silence or kill
command or blackhole pixie though also unleash the hounds in wolf rider
absolutely insane basically as long as you keep things that can be aggressive
as fast as possible and are hard to deal with go for it like unleash the hounds
can abuse wider boards so that’s how you outrace aggro decks wolf writer a media
pressure and turn 3 that they have to deal with or they take more damage
eaglehorn bow that’s basically six damage as long as it over talent bears
shark can’t be targeted by things so it’ll probably say on the board animal
companion super high value minions like minions that are far better than three
mana and then all of the one drops are like two ones except dire wall which is
really in there for beasts energy with the kill command as well as a very
healthy target to put a Arceus veteran +1 attack on because if you’re able to
do that you have a 2/3 which isn’t as much damage as a three one just by the
nature of three being bigger than two but the fact that has three health makes
it its dreamily it makes it a lot more
versatile it means that if you have to it can more effectively trade into a
minion because it’ll probably live and if they have removal like if it’s a
major rogue they can’t just ping immediately and kill it they have to
commit more to it so pretty much keep all minions that you can from one to
three except the black wold pixie and don’t really keep any of the spells I
except unleash the hounds also don’t keep ironbeak owl that’s another minion
I knew I was forgetting something anyway you guys enjoy this is probably the most
underrated deck in the game if you agree with me show me some love like come and
subscribe tell me what you think the best deck or the most underrated deck is
in my opinion it’s either even shaman odd paladin or odd hunter like not many
people are playing these decks but they’re still ridiculously strong and go
ahead and feel free to look at my heart bone guys because they’re always helpful
from what I hear so yeah hope you guys enjoyed and see ya

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7 thoughts on “Budget Odd Face Hunter: Deck Guide

  1. I've been playing with this deck (with leroy) and it's good. Very fast. You know pretty quickly if you are going to win or lose. This is so different for me, I am usually a control player. So going face is weird. Do you ever trade? I think I have made mistakes trading….Thanks for your videos!

  2. Hey, thanks for these videos – I've been working with Baku Hunter since Boomsday and I enjoy playing the deck – your vids have been very helpful. In other versions of this desk you run Bittertide Hydra – did you drop from this one merely because its a budget version, or is there another reason? Used to think Pixie was a must-have for direct damage, but lately that three slot's been feeling pretty crowded and the Hydras (+Leerory) seem to close things before I'd get real value from the Pixie (though I love having the option and the 3/4 body is very nice). If I were to slot a Pixie back in, what would you replace?

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