Budget MTG Esper Zombies Modern/Kitchen Table Deck Tech

what’s going on everybody and in today’s
video we’re gonna be talking about some zombies that’s right
good old-fashioned zombies and I’m just going to go over real quick that the
land base if you were to take out that monetarily speaking that say if you have
these lands already and you don’t have to acquire them or if you’re just not in
the market form currently because you just don’t have the means to acquire and
you just want to substitute for basic lands or you know gate cards or
something like that this deck will actually only run just over 31 dollars
just to acquire your main board and Sideboard so without further ado let’s just
run through here and see what we got going on so we got three drawn catacomb
and then we got four revolving wild one island three isolate chapel one plane
three swamps and three temple of enlightenment three temple of silence
for butcher ghoul four deer graft captain three Lord of the curse three
skirt Ridge Exuma one or four rather spiteful return to tight hollow scholar
and for wayward servants for our creature base and then for sorceries we
got four blue collars chant then we have one macabre waltz and then obviously
those are in there to get our zombies back and do two sacrificing with our
card draw which is we’re using three altars reap and then three costly
plunders and then the final payment is just for creature removal
and then for our side board we have castigate which is strictly just her you
know if you want to have some hand control in there and then get rid of
something yes it’s a – drop foot I mean it’s not too shabby for a common card in
my opinion and then we have three copies of counter squall and the reason I put
these in was because it’s a 2 drop and then if you’re going up against you know
somebody who’s got planeswalkers you know you can always use this and then
you know counter it and it’d be a nice card to have going into turn three and
that’s more or less kind of what I was looking at using this card and then also
it pings them for two which isn’t a bad thing either and then you have for
hero’s downfall to again get rid of either a creature or a planeswalker and
then we have two tragic slips for those creatures that may have indestructible
or you know creatures that are just you know pretty big and say you just have
you know one mana available you throw that out there and then you get rid of
it and then we have three dicks lid jailers and then this is just for the
obvious just cards in graveyards lose all abilities that way if you’re going
up against the deck that is very graveyard dependent you can you know
throw this in there and you don’t have to worry about flashback or them
bringing stuff back from the graveyard to the battlefield or to their hand by
activated abilities and stuff like that and then for our maybe board this is
more or less just for the upgrades I guess you could say these are the
upgrades that I would prefer to use in this deck so we got one I just put crypt
breaker and I just put one that doesn’t mean that it’s just one copy just these
are the cards in general you can decide how many you would like to put in here
but crit breaker I think it’s an awesome card dear grab Colossus another another
awesome card at you know it’s got listed here that TCG player has it for 314
which I feel is honestly a steal because this card is very very good
in my opinion especially for zombie tribal and then yet Jarrell’s messenger
grave crawler which is like a zombie all-star just sack that thing and bring
it back for days Lich Lord of Punk’s or unk’s however you pronounce that I think
that’s a very solid card you could have as well the price tag is pretty high on
it but I think from what I was remembering this had to do with EDH
Liliana’s River I felt it’s very good as you can ramp into it midnight Reaper I’d
like to put in there just for additional card draw when you’re sacking stuff and
you know all that good stuff so then you got plague Belcher I think plague
Belcher is pretty solid as well for a janky card prized oh gosh how you
pronounce that prize at gamble amalgam I felt that this card was very very good
as well and then for lent was dead we got is another awesome card and you know
it is currently sitting at 794 price tag for the average but it is a very very
good card to have so if you have any trade that you can get rid of to acquire
this or if you’re wanting it I would definitely do it because this card I
feel is going to be a staple in zombies period going forward so as you can see
here that it’s 86 85 for the deck and that’s entirely with the lands but if
you take those lands out that I was mentioning earlier you’ll be able to
acquire all these cards for just over 30 bucks so not a bad gig whatsoever so
that is all I have on this if you guys have any questions or comments you’d
like to add in regards to this please feel free to post them up below hit the
sub button if you have not already done so I greatly appreciate it and make sure
to ring the bells that way you are all future uploads and streams thanks
again for watching everybody and then I will see you guys next time you

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