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Today I am going to show you deck for black Broly leader. This card was a giveaway during Broly movies in the USA. In Europe it was as participation reward in European celebrations on December and January. This card is not very popular. It’s effects are very harmfull for the owner as well. When this card attacks a Leader, you can put 1 life card and top 3 cards of your deck in your Drop Area. Then opponent chooses 1 card from his hand and puts it in his Drop Area. It looks very self-destructive, because you loose cards from your life and deck. However, this way you will be able to use cards with Sparking or Over Realm sooner. Moreover, you erase opponent’s cards from the very beginning so it will be more difficult to defend for him. You can awaken when you have 4 HP or less and then draw 2 cards.
Moreover, you erase opponent’s cards from the very beginning so it will be more difficult to defend for him. You can awaken when you have 4 HP or less and then draw 2 cards. Awakened side has two effects. When this card attacks, draw 1 card. Then you may choose non token and non black Battle Card and place it in Drop Area. Then your opponent chooses 1 card from his hand and puts it in Drop Area. Activate:Main allows you once per turn to put 1 card from your hand to your Drop, and then KO 1 of opponent’s cards. This one is not great since there are so many cards with Barrier. However it is very helpful to erase problematic cards stopping our strategy or so. Additionally it combos great with cards in this deck. You will need here Sparking cards, so here’s four Super Combo “Temporal Rescue Trunks”. Regular Super Combo and you can draw 1 card if you have 5 cards in Drop Area. Black negate “Power Burst”. It’s quite weak negate comparing to other ones. However it allows you to take 1 black Battle Card with energy cost 1 from your Drop Area. If you have 5 cards in Drop Area, you can activate this card by paying by taking 1 life. I use 3 copies, I don’t think I need more in this deck. You want to finish with this deck very fast, the longer you play it’s getting worse. “Black Power Masket Saiyan” which you can take from your drop with “Power Burst”. It allows yo remove opponent’ Battle cards. And it stops opponent from spamming cards with non-keyword skills. Otherwise your opponent has to put 2 cards from hand on the Drop Area. Playaing against this deck, your opponent probably will have very little cards and won’t want to play them. It’s very useful battling with red decks and decks with Shugesh Super Combo. And yet another 1-cost card, “Newfound Power Son Gohan”. Typical self-awaken. If this card attack, you may take 1 life card and then this card gets +10000 power and Critical. There’s 6 self-awaken cards in this deck in total. It’s very important to awaken here very fast. If you will be able to awaken in second turn, it would be very helpful. When you are near death, you are going to use these cards as energy cards and combo. Essential card in this deck is “Frieza Army Healing Pod” from Clash of Fates. It costs 1 energy and if you take any card from your Drop Area, draw 1 card. Paying 4 energy, you can put this card in Drop and play 1 card with energy cost of 4 or less from Drop Area. It’s a great skill, you can return to your Battle Area some troublesome cards. Or just cards that guarantee your win in 4th or 5th turn. But the main benefit of this card is that you can play “Overflowing Bio Warrior Army” all the time. It’s a common from first set. It’s not somewhat great card, it doesn’t have any additional skills like Critical or Double Strike. It has 15000 power. 2 energy cost. But it’s Auto skill is very unique. When this card is placed in Drop Area in any way, you can place 1 card from your hand in Drop Area, and play this one on Battle Area again. Thanks to “Frieza Army Healing Pod”, you draw 1 card doing this, so your hand is not effected that much. And still this card returns to the game in Active Mode. Ready to fight again. “Cheelai, the Beautiful” works great in this deck. It’s Feature Rare card from Clash of Fates. Thanks to it when your opponent’s Battle Card is KO’d, your opponent chooses 1 card from his hand and places in Drop Area. Disadvantage of this card is that it has no Barrier, so your opponent will want to get rid of it very fast. It’s helpful quite a lot and combos with your Leader very well, so you are going to play this quite often. I have only 1, but highly recommend using 2-3 in this deck. 2 copies of Shenron from Starter Deck. Great card. I play this depending on situation, basically want to play some aggro in 4th turn, not this. Still you need to adjust yourself to the current situation of the game. This card is also works great with “Frieza Army Healing Pod”. It can return to your Battle Area card of cost 2 or less and then you can draw a card. Works out great in this deck, and if in any way all of your Bio Warrior Army cards are in Drop, return 1 of them using this. Saying this, 2 copies per deck at least are recommended. Another great card, “Surprise Attack Frieza”. It’s possible to play it in second turn and put some pressure on your opponent. Thanks to it’s Auto skill, when any opponent’s cards is KO’d, you can play this one for free, if there’s no other “Surprise Attack Frieza”. 15000 power Critical, so the sooner it is in the game, your opponent will have more trouble getting rid of it. As you noticed, we have here a lot of cards erasing cards from opponent’s hand. Very helpful card which you can get on Budokai Card Club meetings. You can get this for free once per week just coming to the meeting. These cards are not being used a lot from some time. “Evil Psyche, Zamasu”, Blocker which basically your opponent can’t remove from your Battle Area. Blocker, Barrier and Indestructible. Your opponen’t won’t be able to remove this one by choosing or in battle. So, why do I use this card? Only opponent’s skills can’t remove this card. As you may remember Leader from the beginning, if you want to destroy opponent’s hand you need to put 1 card on Drop. So you play “Evil Psyche, Zamasu”, use this one as Blocker in 4th or 5th turn when your opponent is going to have some finishers on the table, and then this one stays on the Battle Area. Then you attack with your Leader and put Zamasu on Drop, and then play it again. You can have only 1 “Evil Psyche, Zamasu” on your Battle Area, but with this Leader you can play it all the time. You can return it with Shenron either and it’s helpful to make longer of you can’t finish your opponent just yet. 2 copies should be enough in this deck. Another unpopular card “Terror Scythe Goku Black”. I think it’s great and find every card playing tokens underestimated. It’s like this probably because of “Kami, Global Unifier” or “Dark Power Masked Saiyan”. Still, they are great played in specific way and can put pressure on opponent. 15000 power card with energy cost of 3, and playing this allows you to play 2 Shadow Tokens with 10000 power and 5 combo each. But if your opponent has “Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan” on Battle Area, you would have to discard 4 cards. But then, you can remove it at first place quite easly with Leader’s skill. Moreover, this card allows you to look for “Evil Psyche, Zamasu” in your deck and add it to your hand, and then discard 1 card from your hand. Thus you will have Blocker in your hand. Still, paying 3 energy you have 3 attacking cards on your Battle Area putting pressure on your opponent. Eventually maybe you will be able to finish your opponent just by Goku Black adding tokens to combo. Except playing many low-cost cards or playing free cards, I foucs here on so called Broly Engine. Essentially, 1 cost Broly allowing you to look for another Broly in your deck. Very simple, 2 copies should be enough. Usually I use it in combo, because it’s better to play Black Masked Saiyan or Son Gohan in first turn to self awaken sooner. Three copies of “Endless Evolution Broly”. It decreases evolve cost from this Broly to another one by 2 green energy. Additionally, when you play it, your opponent KO’s 1 of his Battle Cards. It works good with “Surprise Attack Frieza”, because you play it for free. 4 copies of “Deathless Warrior Broly”. It’s from Ultimate Box and has evolve cost of 3. But if you evolve this on “Endless Evolution Broly, you pay only 1 energy. When you play this card and your Leader is Broly, your opponent KO’s 1 of his Battle Cards. If he doesn’t do this, he has to choose 2 cards from hand and place them on Drop Area. What’s more, if there are Battle Cards in play with Barrier, your opponent can’t choose them and has to choose cards from hand. Due to Set 6 is not available in Poland yet, I use two copies of “Rampaging Lifeform Bio-Broly”. If you evolve into this card, your opponent puts 2 cards from his hand on Drop Area. 20000 power and Double Strike here. Although it’s not a very good card, because it’s quite expensive and not too strong. It’s just another pressure on opponent’s hand. You want to replace this one with 7-drop Broly from Destroyer Kings, but we will talk about this another time. One of temporary cards here until release of Set 6 is also “Black Masked Saiyan, the Devastator”. If your Leader is black an there are 15 or more Saiyans on your and your opponent’s Drop Areas in total, your opponent has to send 1 life to the Warp after this card’s attack, even if it didn’t do any damage. It can guarantee your win. It doesn’t matter if your opponent defends or not. Especially when it’s really end of the game with only 1 life card left. Very great card with energy cost of 4 “Super 17, the Infernal Machine”. 20000 power and Double Strike, and your opponent can’t negate this card’s attack. When you play this card you can discard 2 cards from your hand and if you do this, your opponent has to do the same. It has 4 energy cost, so you can retrieve it thanks to “Frieza Army Healing Pod”. One of the best new cards and it’s Counter:Play, “Preemptive Strike”. If your opponent plays a card with energy cost of 4 or less, you can play this one and your opponent’s card goes to the Drop instead of being played. It means there are no “when you play this card” effects, because basically it wasn’t played. I use only 1 copy, because usually I don’t have any energy to play it. It’s a card “just in case”. Only one Over Realm card to another pressure on hand “Relentless Destruction Mira”. You need to have at least 3 cards in Drop Area to use it. When you play it, your opponent puts 1 card from hand on Drop. And it’s 15000 power. I like this card, it keeps pressure and card removal. Rarely being used card because of it’s cost, “To Save the Hopeful Future”. Still, thanks to it you can choose 1 card from Drop with energy cost of 5 or less and play it. And remember that playing cards from Drop, you can draw 1 card thanks to “Frieza Army Healing Pod”. And the last card is “Kami, Global Unifier”. You can include more of these in Side Deck. It’s very popular card against spamming cards decks and has deflect, so Counter:Play won’t work here. When you play it, draw 1 card, and Activate:Main costs 2 energy of any color. When your opponent has 4 or more cards, you choose all of your and opponent’s Battle Cards ignoring Barrier and KO them. Great way to clear the table. And if you have “Surprise Attack Frieza” on your hand, you can have advantage over the opponent very fast. Generally, this deck is fun to play, so let’s look at the strategy. You want to play “Frieza Army Healing Pod” as fast as possible. It’s essential to keep comings fueling our hand. Also it allows you to play Bio Warrior Army all the time. The best option is to have this card in hand from the beginning. Especially when you can’t attack during your turn, you just want to play this. It’s very important to awaken as fast as possible. It’s because to make our combo successfull, you need skills on awakened side. If your feel so confident, you can play Bio Warrior Army on 2nd turn. Thus there’s probability of 3 attacks in this turn. If you are awakened on second turn, attack with Bio Warrior Army, attack with your Leader, draw 1 card, use skill to remove Bio Warrior Army, Activate “Frieza Army Healing Pod”, draw 1 card and attack with Bio Warrior Army once again. And it’s third attack in this turn. If it’s second turn you can leave your opponent with only 4 HP. This combo will be greatly supported by 1 cost Paragus from Broly packs. Due to his Activate:Main you can place 1 your card in Drop Area. With this card since the beginning you would be able to deal 4 attacks in one turn. Two from Bio Warrior Army, Leader, and Paragus. “Terror Scythe Goku Black” playing Shadow Tokens is great support here. If you think you won’t be able to survive until 4th turn, play this Blocker. Actually these cards are essential for first 3 or 4 turns. Overall it’s very fun deck. And first of all it’s budget friendly. You can build it with 30-40 dollars. Without Broly Chain it will be even cheaper. Core cards of this deck are common and uncommon cards. Simple and fun deck. I recommend it. I was having a lot of fun with it and was winning with many types of decks: red or yellow swap, Clash of fates decks and so on. If you have any questions leave them in comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe for more. Thanks!

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