Brella networking | Interview with Bo Brustkern

So the partnership with Brella is super important
to us because it adds life to the show floor. When we bring Brella into our floor, there’s
immediately this lift and this buzz that we feel. So we’re extremely strategic about where we
put Brella, and we’ve never been disappointed. It’s always full, it’s always hopping and
it adds this great energy to our experience on the exhibition floor. Networking is, in fact, one of the only reasons
why we have events. We can do a lot of learning. We put a lot of our content online, so if
somebody wanted to skip the LendIt fintech conference, they could technically do that
and see, or listen to, almost all the content we produce. But they would miss the magic. And the magic is the meetings. So Brella’s concept is special because it
actually allows users to opt in, in a way that identifies who they are, and what they
can offer. And in similar ways, what they’re looking
for. That is unique in our industry, and it allows
our delegates to more efficiently connect. So when you have that double opt-in feature,
you get much richer meetings. And those rich meetings equate to a higher
net promoter score and we measure that, and in fact what we found is the more people use
Brella, the higher the net promoter score. And that is a fact. That is super powerful for us. So today it’s day one of LendIt Fintech USA
2019. It’s 2:20 in the afternoon. And we’ve already booked 5,000 meetings confirmed. We’ve had tens of thousands of interactions
on the app. It is just popping. We’re super excited about what’s going on,
and again Brella has just exceeded our expectations. We chose Brella first because it put networking
first. And for a long time we did two apps. Brella was for networking, and then we had
this other app that did agenda and all this other stuff. But the team at Brella has been developing
and developing and developing and listening to our feedback and building an app that is
robust enough so now we’re not only choosing Brella, we’re choosing only Brella. And that’s a big deal for us, that we can
have a single app that really does do everything for us, but puts networking first.

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