Brella networking experiences at TechCrunch Disrupt

I think networking is the most important thing at the tech conference. Really you come to expand your network, to meet new people, to find investors and different partnerships. Meeting other founders and expanding your technology is truly invaluable – and having a service to facilitate natural organic networking is incredible. I’ve been doing number of events like this – and a lot of time can be wasted talking to people who are not relevant for your company. So the Brella app helps you to kind of zip through a lot of that noice to focus your time. It allowed me to essentially to coordinate all these meetings on a very short period of time, – where I was able to schedule access that and pretty much move forward, – which would normally take me multiple hours and days. I actually have already lined up all my meetings before I came to day one. Its helped me to optimize my experience here and make great connections. As a founder – the Brella networking software has been the most amazing thing about TechCrunch Disrupt this year. To be able to connect with the right people, to be able to know where I can meet them – and taking reschedule during the day when things changes has been completely awesome. I love Brella, it’s a great software.

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