Brella networking experience

My main reason for going to an event is the networking and meeting people in a specific space. So the key added value that Brella brings to our attendees – is really just that very rapid succession, structured match made meetings. The Brella functionality that was set up for this year is fantastic, we have over 3300 meetings. Today I had 24 meetings all back-to-back, – so it’s been a great experience. Actually it’s a second time that I have used it and this is speed-dating on steroids for business people. I haven’t had time to rest. My feet are hurting. I get like 30 meetings, like these are the result of all the networking. If I were doing this manually I would be lucky if I have one a tenth of the meetings. It’s just a very efficient way to organize a day. The app made networking much easier. The contacting was there which sometimes you see – but actually setting and scheduling the meetings as well was really useful. We had 10 to 12 meetings yesterday which was fantastic. This was great investment for us and it far exceeded our expectations and we had high expectations.

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