brand-new top 25 TECH news updates and
YOUR watching TECH SINGH URS number 1 fresh works turns unicorn with its latest $100
MN funding from Sequoia fix own number 2 Facebook confirms discovery of new and
authentic social media campaigns of have us midterm elections number 3 Harley
Davidson to expand applying up may include stirs bicycles number 4 Google
bans Android phones from having three or more notches number 5 whatsapp now
allows group voice and video calls between up to four people number six
is forth iOS 12 rows 12 and Markos Mojave public faders number 7 on
Facebook takes down suspected Russian network of pages official with massive six top 95 inch
display gaming focus Iko nerves twenty four point seven
million dollars to create me where that challenges baseball rule
number ten Google is preparing to cave to Chinese
surge censorship number 11 poor tries to beat the enemy
productivity number 12 Facebook food Instagram now
show how many minutes you Lenovo in tough partner would pay more
for SMB laptop right number 14 you’ll soon be able to use your iPhone to pay
for CVS prescriptions with Apple pay number 15
Flipkart launches loyalty program to take on Amazon drive number 16 Google
adds new Singapore data center is Southeast Asia reaches 330 and Internet
users number 17 chase Carlos Apple pay support now live
on nearly 16,000 ATMs nationwide number 18 what’s app launches Facebook and
absent it’s a pipe or automated messaging the
customers amending other details leaked after try
chief throws great challenge number eight holy Pepsi Sue’s Facebook
hc’ orders posts to be taken down that alleged poker contains
number 21 and a to launch electric SUV in India next year
Aidan of bars by 2020 number 22 the new report claims that the next nightmare
crows might shrink them lose their headphone jacks
number 23 Twitter says it will start suspending periscope accounts that make
repeated abusive moments number 24 official lineage OS nightly swill pixel
and pixel XL will launch soon number 25 blackberry evolve and evolve X
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