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Ahoy Everyone, and thanks for tuning in. Today I’m bringing you a brand new Brawl
deck tech, with Tajic, Legion’s Edge as the commander. Before we get started, a bit of upkeep. Please
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order! With that said, let’s get going! Tajic is an awesome 3-drop Legendary from
Guilds of Ravnica. For that cost we get a 3/2 with Haste, Mentor, and the ability to
prevent all non combat damage to our other creatures. Unfortunately he doesn’t protect
himself, so can be pone to being shocked! We can also pay a Boros to give him First
strike. In my experience with standard, mentor is an awesome mechanic, so I’ve packed a
few creatures in with the mechanic, and they all happen to be soldiers, so Tajic’s soldier
army was formed. Swiftblade Vindicator is a really nifty card.
Three awesome keywords, and can really start piling on the damage, but you need to get
that 1 toughness out of danger quickly. Boros Challenger is Mentoring ⅔ soldier
who can pump himself up, great if you need him to mentor someone else. Sunhome Stalwart swaps a point of toughness
and the self-pump ability for some first-striking action. Militia Bugler is our first non-guild card.
He digs four deep into our pile for a creature with 2 cmc or less, and we get that into our
hand. Plenty of targets for sure. Baird is a personal favourite of mine. His
tax on our opponents will maybe make them attack each other before heading our way. Bounty Agent does serious business in Brawl,
unless our opponent is using a Planeswalker as their commander. Tocatli Honor Guard has been a surprise in
the past month. Doing next to nothing in the past year it’s been around, it’s now getting
it’s moment in the sun, halting so many decks in their tracks, especially the Golgari
and all their exploring! Mentor of the Meek is such much needed card
draw in colours that traditionally lack it. Every single one of our creatures so far trigger
him, except for the boss! Now some of the fun in this deck comes from
creating even more creatures, welcome to the token segment! Leonin Warleader is a beast. Well he’s a
cat, but who’s counting. Your opponents will be when he attacks and they end up having
three cats coming at them. Haazda Marshal has an old school battalion
feel, needing to be amongst two other attackers to get one 1/1 lifelinking soldier out of
him. Sworn Companions is a 3 mana sorcery for another
two Soldier tokens. Heroic Reinforcements is a really fun card.
We get two soldiers, and then all creatures get +1+1 and haste for the turn. If you’ve
got a few soldiers already out, this could make for a decisive turn indeed. So I was thinking about how much I miss my
cat deck, and looking at currently legal cats, and Ajani’s Pridemate was a stand-out, part
soldier, part kitty, full on threat. Now to put in some ways to #trigger him. Ajani’s Welcome is a cool little 1-drop
which bumps our life up whenever we get a creature on the field. Fountain of Renewal also dishes out life one
at a time, and can be sacced for a card should we need it. Dawn of Hope can turn our lifegain into card
advantage, and increses the amount of soldier token generating we can do. Time for some removal! Cleansing Nova, Settle
the Wreckage, and Citywide Bust alongside Deafening Clarion are our boardwipes, And Seal Away, Conclave Tribunal, Ixalan’s
Binding and Baffling End are our enchantment based removal. I know Ixalan’s Binding loses
a lot of it’s power in a singleton format, but is still handy in a tight spot to pin
down something nasty. Lava Coil, Lightning Strike, Banefire and
new boy Justice Strike form our burn suite. And as it’s me and it’s tribal, we need
Vanquisher’s Banner. The card draw is powerful, and the anthem is great.
Speaking of anthems, of course I’m going to include Radiant Destiny. The immortal Sun isn’t tribal but does give
us a +1+1 boost, an extra card a turn, and shuts down all Planeswalkers. However, I couldn’t resist including a Planeswalker
of my own. Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants is fantastic. We either get +1+1 counters, graveyard
recursion, or 3 more kittys! Finally the best of the rest. Ashes of the
Abhorrent shuts Izzet jump-starts down, and gives us even more incremental lifegain. Resplendent Angel is a powerhouse, but can
be subbed out for Aurelia if the price tag is a bit too high. Response is more burn, and the other half,
Resurgence gives us another combat phase! Risk Factor finishes us off with either burn
or card-draw. I still can’t figure out which is the best option when I’m on the receiving
end! Manabase time, and it’s fairly standard
at the moment for two colour decks I feel. We have four dual lands at our disposal currently.
Sacred Foundry, Clifftop Retreat, Boros Guildgate, and Stone Quarry. Plenty of utility lands in here too. Detection
Tower helps with Hexproof, Arch of Orazca is even more card draw, Field of Ruin takes
care of those Pesky Search for Azcantas, and Evolving Wilds is our fetch. Finally there’s Memorial to Glory which
we can sac for two soldiers, then seven Plains, and seven Mountains. And there you have it, my Tajic, Boros Soldier
tribal Brawl deck tech. If you haven’t already, please remember to
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Catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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  1. I'm really happy to see someone support Brawl! There's next to no support from my LGS (or any in the area). If I'm lucky I can talk a buddy of mine into using one of my extra decks, but that gets old after a bit.

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