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hey everyone. Today i’m bringing you a brand
new brawl deck tech. This is Slimefoot the stowaway
so expect plenty of saprolings and fungi! welcome, and thanks for tuning in! before we get started please take a second
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when new videos come out, its free and really means a lot. with that said, lets get going! so this is another deck tech for brawl, and
if you’re unsure what that is, check the card in the top right
for my video explaining the format! Slimefoot the Stowaway is a brand new legendary
creature from Dominaria, hes a 2/3 fungus for 3 mana, and
whenever a saproling you control dies you deal one damage to each opponent and gain
1 life. It’s not quite extort but still powerful. you can also pay 4 to create a saproling.
That’s a bit pricey so we’ve got plenty more ways to make those tokens! starting with some fun guys to have around deathbloom thallid is a 3/2 fungus and gives
you a saproling when it dies and yavimaya sapherd flips it round giving us
a token when it comes into play thallid soothsayer gives us some useful card
draw for saccing a creature. Thallid omnivore doesnt create saprolings
but if you sac one to it and pay 1 you get 2 life and it gets +2/+2. then we’ve got a couple of lord effects sporecrown thallid pumps all our fungus and
saps by +1/+1 tendershoot dyrad is possibly my favourite
card in standard right now! every single upkeep it gives you a token,
and if you’ve got the city’s blessing, which should be no problem,
they’ll all get +2/+2 which is cray cray. ovegrown armasaur is a saproling loving dino
that poops one out every time its damaged. verdant force is on the pricey side, we’ve
got some ramp coming later to help out getting there.
for all 8 mana you get a sap token every upkeep, and a 7/7 body. now we’re on to some spells, and you’ve guessed
it, we’re pumping it more saprolings. saproling migration is 2 mana for 2, or 6
mana for 4. kicker is so scaleable from early to late game. spore swarm gives us 3 more creatures for
4 mana. and fungal plots allows us to use our dead
creatures to make even more. there’s also built in life gain and
card draw. we’re interuptting all this fungus based fun
to bring in some rad cards with game changer written all over them. Josu Vess is a 4 mana 4/5 with menace, but
if you can afford to pay an extra 6 mana for his kicker, you get 8 2/2 zombie knights.
you can swing in with them or give you more fodder for slimefoot! torgaar is a big old 7/6 for 8, but we can
sac tokens to make him so much cheaper. and when he does hit your playmat your opponent
drops to 15 life straight away. razaketh is another super splashy card. 8
mana again, but he’s got tutoring down to a tee. so we’re going to need a lot of ramp for all
these mana intensive spells. i’m testing out adventurous impulse. It digs
for a creature or a land. and the awesome thing is its
not restricted to basics, so you can hopefully get a dual land out of it. llanowar elves is a staple of green ramp and song of freyalise is a brand new powerhouse.
all our creatures turn into birds of paradise for two turns, and then turn into an indestructible
army on turn 3. lifecrafter’s bestiary is another of my favourite
cards. scrying every turn, and paying a green to draw a card
when you cast a creature is rad! bontus and rhonas’s monuments reduce our costs,
and give us a couple of sweet perks too! So our little saprolings aren’t be able to
take out many threats on their own so i’m running a fair
amount of removal fatal push is a given cast down wont take out their commander but
is cheap removal for almost everything else vraska’s contempt is on the pricey side, so
you could use walk the plank if you’re on a budget. it wont
hit planeswalkers but is a huge reduction in price. we’ve got board wipes, super good if we have
one of our sac outlets on board bontus last reckoning and golden demise both
come at it from different directions but give big results never return gives us more targeted destruction
and then a bonus token too fungal infection is a neat combat trick, to
maybe even up a block, and nets us yet another token. from dominaria we’ve got broken bond to take
care of an artifact or enchantment and a bit of ramp if we have a
spare land in hand with saccing so many creatures, and each one
is valuble, ive included some graveyard recursion in here soul salvage gives us 2 creatures back to
our hand and raise dead from the intro decks gets us
one creature for 1 mana! finally we’ve got some other ways to deal
some damage to our opponent. Twilight prophet works when you have the citys
blessing. you get to draw the top card of your library in your upkeep
then deal that cards cmc in damage, and also gain that much life, double whammy! gruesome fate rewards us for having a sprawling
board state. If we’ve still got a lot of creatures on the table
this could be a big chunk of damage. of course im throwing in blossoming defense
to protect something once from being removed. finally i’ve got both vraska’s in here.
relic seeker helps with the token strategy, and if we can ultimate the scheming gorgon
then one of our tokens is bound to connect for the win! into the manabase now and we’ve got 3 duals, woodland cememtery,
blooming marsh and foul orchard. memorial to folly is more graveyard recurrsion and the memorial to unity allows us to dig
for a creature from our deck. im playing 10 swamps, and 9 forests, and the
art on these new basics from dominaria are off the hook! and there you have it, my slimefoot the stowaway
brawl deck tech you can find more brawl content by clicking
on the card in the top right corner, and the decklist for slimefoot is down in the description
here. if you havent already, remember to tap those
like and subscribe buttons. and check out some of my other videos and
playlists. thanks so much for watching, catch you all
on the next one, cheers!

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  2. Will you do some gameplay with those Brawl Decks? It could be fun see how is the behavior of those lists on the game!

  3. I was brewing around this but went into different direction a little bit. Thanks for video I will make some changes thanks to you probably

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