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Ahoy everyone, thanks for tuning in, i’m tim
here at dijital llama and today i’m bringing you a new brawl deck tech and this week it’s
the turn of Raff Capashen, Ship’s Mage. welcome everyone!! before we get started, if you want to see
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perks! with that said, lets get going! Raff Capashen, Ship’s mage is a legendary
creature from the Dominaria set. He’s a 3/3 human wizard for two, a white and
a blue. For that 4 mana he has flash, so can be played
at any time an instant could. He also has flying, and then his super exciting
ability is that he bestows flash on to all of our historic spells!
Historic refers to three card types – artifacts, legendaries, and Sagas.
This is even more exciting with the reclassification of planeswalkers to legendary planeswalkers! As you’d expect, I’ll be taking full advantage
of this ability, and going blue/white superfriends! Teferi, hero of dominaria leads the way. Card
draw, kinda bounce, and eventually board clearing, powerful stuff. He’s joined by his alter ego, teferi timebender
from the planeswalker deck. Untap, card draw, and an extra turn! Gideon of the trials shows his face, doing
his usual gideon thing, becoming indestructible. the protection is also really handy, and the
emblem is tough to use, but its there. Planeswalker deck Martial Paragon Gideonis
even hencher than set Gideon, and his -10 is really interesting if you can ever get
there! we couldn’t have a blue superfriends deck
without male model Jace. I haven’t built around his abilities, it’s just good draw and utility. jace the mind mage has a +1 to draw a card,
which is nuts. untapping all your creatures, great. Steal 3 creatures, yes please! Dovin Baan is an underratted Vedalken, and
if you can get to the emblem it really shuts down your opponent. And finally, big shiny Karn, Scion of Urza.
starting on 5 loyalty for 4 mana, Drawing cards, drawing more cards,and then popping
out a sweet looking robit! So, that’s been quite a pricey section of
the deck, but things do get easier on the wallet here on out! I’ve got a few spells that interact nicely
with our superfriends. Heart of Kiran has flash, vigilance, and can
be crewed by any of our walkers instead of the usual crew 3. Niambi is a personal tutor for teferi timebender,
and can also pull him back from the graveyard. Djeru, from Hour of Devastation, allows us
to tutor to hand any planeswalker we want, and gives a tiny damage reduction effect too. And i bet you wondered when this was coming! Oath of teferi is a legendary enchantment,
so it has flash, helpful with the first blink efeect.
Where it really starts doing work though is allowing planeswalkers to activate twice a
turn. That means you can +1 karn to draw a card,
and then either +1 for another, or -1 to get the other card your opponent didn’t give you!
It piles on the loyalty counters so it’s less of a hardship crewing the heart with any of
the gang too. now we’re got a whole load of fun legendary
cards to flash in! Azor, the lawbringer stops own turn instants
and sorceries for a turn, and sphix’s revelation is a body is rad! Danitha capashen, possibly Raff’s sister gives
cost reductions to some card types, but I haven’t really built around that. She’s just
a flavour include with 3 great keywords. Kefnet is even more card draw, and this deck
will benefit so much from reliquary tower in Core set 19. There’s acouple of spells that’ll draw us
a card off of Sram, senior edificer. Teshar, aka big bird, is a sun titan-ish cleric
whenever you cast a historic spell The Weatherlight is our second vehicle in
the deck. 4/5 flying is nothing to be sniffed at, and searching the top 5 of your deck for
a historic when it connects will net you a card almost all of the time! Thran temporal gateway can then put the card
we just searched for straight on to the battlefield. or any other one we were already holding of
course. Mishra’s self replicator is a nice bit of
fun. for an extra 1 each time we cast a historic, so doesn’t work with the gateway, we create
another 2/2, tokens galore! cataclysmic gearhulk gives us a sort-of board
wipe but allows us to keep a planeswalker and a few other cards, and is a 4/5 vigilant
dude which is great in itself. bladeblade reforged pumps it’s bearer fro
each land we control, and only costs 3 to equip to a legendary. There’s1 saga in here, the antiquities war.
on the first two turns we get to search for an artifact to go in our hand.
then on turn 3 all our artifacts become 5/5 creatures! Finally for the historic spells there’s Urza’s
ruinous blast. You can only cast it if you control a legendary creature or planeswalker,
not an issue here, and it clears the board of anything that isn’t legendary! Kicking off this section is the second bird
of the deck. This magpie gives us a scry when we play any of our historic spells. The third bird is Jhoira’s familiar giving
us a tasty cost reduction. Board the weatherlight is just the same effect
as the vehicle itself, without the actual vehicle. curator’s ward has plenty of targets. it’ll
draw us 2 cards when the opponent eventually deals with it, and our commander Capashen
is a nice target for it. disallow is great countering, negate has beautiful art, and is useful too, syncopate is another hot looking counterspell and opt gives us that well-known scry and
draw. we couldn’t play white without settle the
wreckage, and it’s cost reflects this. i’m loving seal away a lot, even over cast
out at the moment. finally, mox amber gives us some mana ramp
and could’ve been included earlier in the deck tech! so for the manabase, I’m running Glacial fortress,
and in this deck I just prefer the old core set art. irrigated farmland can be cycled away late
game if we don’t need it. meandering river came in the teferi planeswalker
deck so is very on theme, and field of ruin is an auto-include. I’m running 10 plains and 10 islands, split right down the middle. and there you have it, my Raff Capashen, Ship’s
Mage Brawl deck tech. you can find more brawl content by clicking
on the card in the top right corner, and the decklist is down in the description
below and also on my tapped out. if you havent already, remember to share this
video with your friends, take a look at my patreon, and check out some
of my other videos and playlists. thanks so much for watching, catch you all
on the next one, cheers!

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6 thoughts on “BRAWL | Raff Capashen, Ship’s Mage | DECK TECH | MtG

  1. I believe raff is danitha's brother, jhoira tried to recruit her but she wanted to protect her home, new benalia, then raff showed up like "im a capashen take me" jhoira didnt seem to picky lol. Sweet deck tech, i wouldnt have thought to build it this way, a lot of the walkers have untap abilities, wonder if there is a way to abuse that x)

  2. Really want build this deck for my first Brawl event. I have a majority of them. Any gameplay videos by chance?

  3. Nice take on Raff. I started my build (1v1, worth noting) playing a reasonable amount of cards that were supposed to be played with the flash from Raff but already with much less than your list. I ran much more counters and removal.

    I played Walking Ballista, Cataclysmic Gearhulk, Lyra Dawnbringer, Azor, the Lawbringer, Torrential Gearhulk, Nezahal, Primal Tide, Gideon of the Trials, Dovin, Karn and Gideon, as well as some cards that wouldn't even benefit from Raff such as As Foretold, and other enchantment based removals.

    Then I started playtesting it exaustively online and gradually changed my build. I ended up with pratically a draw-go build. The only creatures I run now are Lyra and Torrential Gearhulk, the only walker is Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, which along with Approach of the Second Sun or people conceding are my only win cons.

    It was a very good experience as I was surprised by how much cards can play out completely different in practice as opposed to what you imagine beforehand. For instance, when I first started building the deck if someone were to told me Karn wouldn't be on my final list I would've considered them crazy. Turns out he just isn't nearly as good for this particular deck as I presumed he would be. The thing is you can hardly count on Raff to play all your stuff at instant speed, actually the overwhelming majority of the times you won't be able to, so you end up having to play Karn (or any other sorcery speed card for that matter) on your own turn. With Karn that is specifically problematic, as being a deck that pratically doesn't creature board presence you won't be able to protect him and he won't advance your game plan in a significant way.

    The funny thing is, after so many changes and how the deck looks now, the fact that I run Raff as my commander is pratically irrelevant as the only cards that I play that wouldn't already be able to be played instant speed without him are Lyra, Teferi, Azor's Gateway and Search for Azcanta. So I was even considering making Teferi my commander, and more recently, considering adding black to the deck to play the unbelievably good control finisher that's coming in M19, Chromium, as my general. The problem with that being that the mana base's consistency would have to go down, so I'm waiting to see if we get something as good as painlands as a rare land cycle in M19 so I can test how that goes.

  4. hi DL! is there any possible way that you could feature some pvp gameplays in the future? i know it would be too much time on editing. thanks

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