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Ahoy Everyone, and thanks for tuning in. Today I’m bringing you a brand new Brawl
deck tech, with Emmara, Soul of the Accord as the commander. Before we get started, a bit of upkeep. Please
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order! With that said, let’s get going! Emmara is a super cheap commander. 2 mana
for a 2/2 who pops out a 1/1 token every time she becomes tapped, so hopefully that’ll
give us a fantastic Selesnya token army. Starting out with some more token generators,
Conclave Cavalier is a vigilant 4/4 who brings a 2/2 knight along for the ride when it dies. Leonin Warleader creates 2 lifelinking cats
each time it attacks. I couldn’t help but put Golden Guardian in
the deck. I love this card, and we just need to pit it against another 4 power creature
and it flips. Hopefully there will be a few of those later in the deck. When it does flip
into Gold-Forge Garrison we can pay 4 for a 4/4 golem token. Legion’s Landing is the quintessential standard
token generator. You get a 1/1 vamp when it enters, and after it’s flipped we can pay
3 for more! We now come into Saproling territory. Tendershoot
Dryad is another favourite of mine. With all these tokens around, Ascend shouldn’t be
hard to acheive, and when it happens, we get a 3/3 army. Overgrown Armasaur is great against weenie
decks, blocking smaller creatures gives us even more saprolings. Finally there’s Saproling Migration for
either two or four Saps. The pivotal parts of the deck are next. A
lot of our tokens have lifegain, so we should be able to consistently draw cards with Dawn
of Hope. And the mana sink of making Soldiers is great too. Divine Visitation is a huge part of the deck.
All of these tokens we’re producing get instantly upgraded to 4/4 angels! So we want
to get this enchantment out, and not lose it! Since we’re creating Angel tokens, why not
throw in a few non-token ones too. Resplendent Angel can also make it’s own
angel tokens. Lyra Dawnbringer buffs all our angel tokens
up to 5/5 and gives them lifelink to boot! Shalai, Voice of Plenty helps to protect the
army we’ve amassed by giving them all Hexproof, but remains vulnerable itself. There’s some big pay-offs included for having
so many creatures on the table. Ghalta should cost next to nothing to cast. Impervious Greatwurm goes even bigger. It’s
a 16/16 with convoke, and is indestructible! Worldsoul Colossus also has convoke, but has
a more flexible approach to it’s power and toughness. Then there’s Trostani Discordant, providing
an anthem effect and fighting against the evil pirates and red Elder dinos of the world. March of Multitudes has shot up in value since
it was spoiled, and rightly so. Creating a crazy amount of tokens in one go is powerful
stuff. Camaraderie is a massive hand refiller, and
keeps the old life total topped up too. Join Shields is a neat party trick, hexproof
and indestructible is a potent combo. History of Benalia continues to be a really
strong card, and alongside the Assemble half of Assure // Assemble we could have some very
hench knights running around. Shanna doesn’t help advance our token strat
but does get pretty huge. Bounty Agent is just too good at sniping out
commanders not to include. So we have a number of splashy cards that’ll
draw the heat from our opponents around the table, and some of them we’d prefer to stick
around, so here’s a trio of green recursion spells. Gaea’s Blessing, Nature’s Spiral
and Vivid Revival are all top drawer. As we’re in white it’s boardwipe galore.
Cleansing Nova, Settle, and Citywide Bust are all here as last resorts, as it’ll be
a shame to wipe our board. A couple of lock down enchantments are in
here for good measure, seal away and conclave Tribunal, and then broken bond is thrown in
for pesky artifacts or enchantments. Planeswalker time! Vivien is a powerhouse
of a walker. If we can hit that emblem, then all our tokens become that much more deadly.
Huatli Radiant Champion is massive amounts of card draw. Imagine having her emblem out
and then casting a massive March of the Multitudes. Finally, for even more draw there’s Shapers’
Sanctuary, just in case we weren’t drawing enough cards! Manabase next, and we start of with dual lands.
There’s four available to us in Selesnya colours currently. Temple Garden, Sunpetal
Grove, Tranquil Expanse, and Selesnya Guildgate. A touch of utility to our lands next. Detection
Tower, Field of ruin for those pesky flip lands, Arch of Orazca, and then Evolving Wilds. Memorial to Glory gives us even more token
generation, and we round it all off with eight Plains, and seven Forests. And there you have it, my Emmara Selesnya
tokens Brawl deck tech. If you haven’t already, please remember to
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Catch you all on the next one, Cheers!

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