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Hillary Clinton wants to know if UFO’s are
real, There are some New Emoji’s Coming out, The Skimm raises an 8 million series B and
more It’s Thursday June 2nd and this is Crunch
Report Ladies Gentelman and intergalactic beings
welcome to Crunch Report. Hope your enjoying this show on whatever planet you’re on. You
know who is interested in aliens? Presumptive Presidential Nomineee Hillary Clinton. According
to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta at code conference today he said he helped
Mrs. Clinton use the freedom of information act to request transparency on an issue she’s
interested in — UFOs. It’s ironic becasue FOIA is involved in the whole makeing her
emails public scandal thats been hanging over her campaign. Sweet irony – Also Sweet UFO’s
– We’ll keep you updated if we get any hard evidence that shows aliens actually exist. Instacart this morning announced a new partnership
with The Food Network, which will see the grocery delivery service’s technology integrated
across and, which today include over half a million recipes.
This will allow users who are browsing recipes online to click a button and then add ingredients
they need to their Instacart shopping cart. — So here’s how it works — After adding
the ingredients to your Instacart cart, wherever you’re shopping online, you can select a delivery
time, and then the Instacart shopper does all the shopping that you dont have time for,
then boom you’ve got frosted tips and cooking like Guy Fieri And now for the news you’ve all been waiting
for. New Emojis are coming! The organization that approves new emoji before they hit your
keyboard has just announced 72 more emoji which will be added to the Unicode standard
(Unicode 9.0) later this month. You can look forward to someday soon being able to drop
a clown face, or shrug, or nauseated face on your friends and family. Despite your excitement,
and the fact that the Unicode Consortium will approve these new emoji on June 21st, you’ll
still need to wait for smartphone makers like Apple, Google and Microsoft to add the new
emoji into their own software. So since we have time before users are able to get their
stuffed flatbread or man dancing emoji on, I have a few suggestions for the next Unicode
Consortium. As someone that spends a lot of time out and about in the SoMa, I’d love
to see a man avoiding colliding with bicyclist in the crosswalk emoji. What about angry poop?
Not all poop is smiley. Just a thought. Newsletter startup TheSkimm with a largely
millennial female readership just raised an 8 million dollar series B led by 21st Century
Fox and joined by earlier backers RRE Ventures, Homebrew and Greycroft Partners. At our disrupt
event that just happened in New York the founders told the audience that they had 3.5 million
subscribers to their newsletter. TheSkimm wrote in a blog post how they plan to use
the new funds – – “With these funds, we are going to do a few things. 1. Introduce Skimm
Studios — AKA we are going into video. 2. Introduce more Skimm products and premium
services that fit into the routines of our audience. 3. Continue to expand our team with
a specific focus on tech, data, and product hires.” theSkimm has now raised roughly $18
million altogether. Natural and human disasters happen all over
the world and god forbid when it does happen it’s horrible. Thats why Facebook’s safety
check is such a valued feature that lets people check in when a disaster has happened in their
area —and now facebook wants to enable a community activated Safety check. Here is
how that would work Facebook’s Safety Check will be triggered by a combination of a certain
number of people posting about a particular crisis plus an alert from one of Facebook’s
third-party sources. Once the threshold of people posting about a crisis reaches a certain
point, and is confirmed by one of the third-party sources, Facebook will ask them if they want
to mark themselves safe. Those people will also be able to request the safety status
of their friends. That’s a pretty cool and useful feature. That’s the report for today. I’m Tito
Hamze Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. See you

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