BOX FORT TOY STORE CHALLENGE!! Nerf, Iron Man, Slime & More!

you can do this Jake you can convince
them you practiced Logan wake up I’m coming in oh good you’re awake her cheek
what are you doing if Papa Jake’s breaking into my room at night he’s
probably got some sort of crazy idea I’ve been doing a little bit of research
okay and I came across these things called massage chairs Logan I don’t know
if you ever heard about these things they are great for your well-being your
health your mental mind state Logan okay these things are amazing and I have
prepared a 40 page PowerPoint presentation which I will be giving to
you in bed about why this house needs a massage chair now it’s gonna be about
two hours long so if you need to use the bathroom feel free to do it right now
but trust me buddy by the end of this you’re gonna want one and we’re gonna
get one you can’t just break into my room and give some kind of two-hour
presentation Jake I’m going to bed good night but
Logan I haven’t even gotten to the first page Jake I don’t care what’s in the
presentation we’re not getting a massage chair they’re just way too expensive
do you say that and that’s why I came up with a beautiful solution we’ll just use
your credit card like we do with everything else no we are not using my
credit card Jake look I don’t even want a massage chair if you want when you’re
paying for it by myself gets called the job a job okay all right
you know what fine I’ll get a job then I’ll make enough money to afford a
massage chair and then you won’t even be allowed to use it just gotta come up
with a way to make some money okay now if I’m gonna be able to afford that
massage chair I need to get a job I’m an eighth stand don’t like lemon so that’s
out pro for tonight player I have too much work
paper route and nobody reads paper anymore toy store
I can open up my own toy store I could make my own box for a toy store and sell
toys in it and then I’d have enough money to buy my massage chair Logan said
I couldn’t use this credit card to buy on the massage chair but what about the
toys I know I can ask him hey Logan I know you said I couldn’t use your credit
card to buy a massage chair but can I use your credit card to open up my very
own box for toy store I’ll just need to buy a couple thousand dollars worth of
toys so I can resell them and make the money back okay
blink if I can’t use your credit card if I can’t use your credit card then just
keep the same face Paulo Logan I knew you’d be up to it all right
I’ll order the toys and start building the toy store Jake here and we are back
with a brand new video and guys I did it is officially done Papa Jake’s toy store
is ready and almost open for business check this out guys I went ahead and
built this entire thing all by myself just to prove to Logan that I could sell
my own toys and of course afford a really awesome massage chair which I’m
excited about getting because we are gonna be selling a full line of toys
guys check design like Christmas here we’ve got all sorts of different toys to
load up inside the toy store for our customers we still gotta add some stuff
to it but I thought we should grab Logan and show him how awesome this toy store
is and if you guys think it’s awesome be sure let’s try and get 50,000 likes on
this video and maybe when you wake up in the middle of the night there’ll be a
toy under your pillow like there probably won’t be but you know you might
as well like and find out so let’s call Logan down a few moments later what you did it’s
the toy store come take a look I built the whole thing myself you would be so
proud of me and I got all the toys do we all ready to start rolling in the dough
what do you mean you made a toy store yeah you got the red ribbon here you can
cut it I mean it’s not done yet we still god I like do some interior work but we
already we got all the toys here dude check this out these toys must have cost
a lot of money yeah they cost a lot of money but Logan
the number one rule in business is you got to spend a lot of money if you want
to make a lot of money I read that on the wiki page where did you get all the
money for this I may have used a tiny little sliver of your credit card to
purchase this but that is a free investment those the one thing I said no
using my credit card once this things up and running Logan it will not matter all
right we are gonna be selling toys why don’t you do the honors cutting the
ribbon okay guys it looks like Jake went off the rails and made a toy store all
right Jake I don’t need no scissors to open this okay I open a karate style
Jake okay all right well guys welcome to the grand opening a Papa Jake’s toy
store why don’t you guys come in check it out it’s a little bit empty right now
dude look at this okay serving desk over here lots of shelf
space to put our amazing toys even got a back room here look what’s in the back
room Harvey keep the extra toys when the customers come and ask for them it’s
just really empty right now guys it’s just it’s just an open room but okay so
Logan if we’re gonna turn this into a toy start and start making money we need
to get the toys in here and we need to get a proper point-of-sale so go get the
toys Logan come on chop chop all right we got customers coming
whoo all right you can go here guys we might have more toys whose shelf space
that’s true all right get these things to the back room that’s all the toys
check this out it’s a fully stocked box for Toy Story the only thing we need to
make our point-of-sale system here because you know obviously we’re gonna
mean like a cash register so I got some stuff for it hold on all
right so we’re at the front entrance of the store and today we’re going to go in
and buy our first toy all right coming in looks like we have the front desk
here toys and toys a terraeum of toys and fun house of toys mimin progress
well I’d like to buy a toy all right we got lots of toys to choose from what can
I help you with um I want woo the for tonight thing perfect choice one of my
favorites I’ll bring that up for you here at the cash register I’m just gonna
scan it and deactivate the security because we’ve got maximum security all
right there are definitely 100% security scares at the front door so don’t try
and steal anything I’m gonna do the math here call that in to corporate yep we’re
selling a fortnight uh-huh okay yeah I’ll let them know
all right that’ll be $400 what do you think we’re gonna afford a chair all
right I gotta markup these things up a couple hundred dollars no four hundred
buckaroos and it I’ll take all of it there you go you got yourself a
fortnight toy it was a bit of a ripoff this is sweet I love my own toy store
all right put this in the cash register down here Logan I don’t know about you
but I think that this toy store is ready to open for business I think it’s time
we get some real customers in here and start selling some of this stuff yeah
Jake I agree this toy sort is looking pretty sweet and it is definitely ready
to see some customers after play with this toy play with that
without me Jake this this toy store was all your idea and I think you can have
the responsibility of taking care of the customers you can’t just leave me in
your Logan we got because we got to run the toy store together I got a man the
cash you got a man the toys Logan I’m going into the back you got a deal with
the front alright once again Jake has left me in some kind of crazy situation
what’s up what’s he doing what are you doing he just told me to deal with the
customers and then you get to fly a drone just come on we’re running the toy
store all right we can’t sell that drone in my
Dubrow this is so sweet running our very own toy so it’s like my
dream come true mainly because you can just open up any toy you want and start
playing with it you didn’t have to pay for any of these toys so maybe it’s your
dream look its back man whoa I really I guess we shouldn’t open them cuz then we
can’t really exactly sell them but we do need to start selling some of this stuff
so why don’t we officially put the store open sign up and wait for some customers
to come whoa give me a first customer buddy
huh you take the cash I’ll get in the back and get him any toy he wants come
on whoa wait the establishment you boys have here a weird serving sir I’m right
here Oh my name is slimy ball and I’m a
connoisseur slime I love all types of slime green slop red slime slimy slop
slow sound – Alam I just love slaw you wouldn’t happen to have any slime from
me would you oh well of course I have some slime I know exactly what you’re
looking for that does look like some good salon well have a slime sample
before I purchase well slimy Bob we have lots to sample which would you like hold
on now this does look like good slime mmm consistency is very good rip ability
is nice sound is amazing let me see this one
see-through seems see-through this clear in a long time while this lime is could
fix it with the green and hey hey whoa hold on hold on you’re the sampling you
can’t make sense sampling I might be but well take oh no no no no no no hold up
I know exactly what this guy needs alright and it is not slime it’s tech
deck a really dull I’m slimy ball Jake you literally just
asked your slide don’t blow the sale no no okay I think you’re gonna want tech
deck after I give you a little demonstration here won’t we open the top
you were gonna want it over that lousy slime check this out so what do you say sold whoa
I don’t want that at all in fact I don’t want anything anymore
I’m taking my sample and leaving good day to you sirs cheek that was probably
the easiest sale we’re gonna get and you ruined it
let’s not my fault he doesn’t like tech tech dude it’s fine all right there’s
gonna be tons more customers just wait and see wait where we speaking of that
Logan I think someone else is coming okay quickly quickly get in position
we’re not gonna lose the sale trust me oh I saw your toy store in polite
fancy look all right and when iron man fanatic I love Iron Man anything you
have that’s Iron Man related I will buy yeah actually we have an Iron Man helmet
a real Iron Man helmet can I see it one Iron Man I’ll be coming right oh wow
let’s take a look at this piece of art first pay the money how much is it it’s
$200 oh okay here take all of it man oh no no no no no no no no no no no no okay
this guy doesn’t want Iron Man this is so cool it’s like a real we literally
just went over this he wants the Iron Man he’s getting the Iron Man I know
exactly what you want different universe but it’s also an awesome helmet I think
you would much rather give us that Iron Man helmet back and take a Star Wars
helmet check this thing out are you saying that Star Wars is better than
Marvel chic stop opening the toys look I’m not saying Star Wars is better than
Marvel I’m just saying yeah yeah that doesn’t tickle your fancy I don’t know
what does JQ we’re probably beware salesmen I have ever seen oh no Logan
okay look we got bigger problems right now they’re toward pirates outside what
I’m in position I see the Toy Story getting ready to attack
we wonder what a toy pirates logan every toy store owner knows about toy pirates
they come to steal your toys quickly defensive measures get the door shut
what defensive measures will be come on we’re gonna get our toys
here take the Black Panther shoot please the carbine carbines loaded got my Black
Panther launcher and my Captain America shield
alright let’s teach these pirates not to mess with Papa Jake’s toy store come on I’m out I gotta reload I only have one
shot here we go Jake I think I got them all what they’re
gone – good job hi we’ll remember this scare easily but
they’ll be back in greater numbers Jake no offense but this toy store was a
terrible idea you didn’t make any sales yeah but nuts played as a bunch of cool
toys and I get my massage chair Jake you were not getting your massage
chair okay all right Logan Bob about this did we get 50,000 likes on this
video then you have to give me a massage mm

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