Box Boarders : Tony Hawk Skaters Collection and Kidney Bowl Skate Park || Keith’s Toy Box

Keith’s Toy Box Hey Sean! Look what we got from Box Boarders! Wow! Check this thing out! So, should we open it? Yes! Cool!!! Whoa!!! What’s under here? Whoa! It’s a skate park! Oh, this is like the exact one that was on the box! It’s the same! It’s the same! It’s same, Daddy! Tony Hawk! Oooh! This one looks cool with his shades. Whoa!!! That’s so much! Then you can get all of these Box Boarders. You can get all of these. Check out all these different kinds! And it has a ball at the bottom so it can slide! See! You can push it. Okay, let’s put the ramp. Got some tape! Cool! Try it, Sean! Hey, let’s try the Kidney Bowl. Put the camera over here. And, try it! Then you pick it up! WHOAH!!! Thanks for sending these, Box Boarders! It’s a lot of fun! Thanks for sending… Box Boarders!!! And don’t forget to subscribe! Bye!!! Bye! Don’t forget to subscribe! Bye!

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